The Cartagena Museum of Modern Art, or Museo de Arte Moderno de Cartagena, has a nice collection of modern art from local, national, and international artists.  It’s also located in a beautiful, old, stone colonial building.  For art enthusiasts, it is definitely worth a visit.  With a cheap entry fee, it’s worth dropping in for others as well.  Read on for a complete visitors guide to Cartagena’s Modern Art Museum.

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Photo fo the entrance of the Cartagena Modern Art Museum
The Museum of Modern Art in Cartagena is certainly worth a visit. Read on to learn why and all you need to know to plan your visit.

Why Visit the Cartagena Modern Art Museum?

Although the collection isn’t the largest, there are some neat pieces on display in the museum.  Art lovers will certainly not want to miss it.  It’s also worth a stop in for others since it can be seen relatively quickly and has a pretty cheap entry fee.

The museum is also located in a gorgeous, old, stone building.  The building actually housed a pair of galleys that patrolled the Colombian Caribbean coast in colonial times.  They slid right out the backside of the building into the bay (the water once came all the way up to the city walls).  The building’s tall stone walls and the ceiling’s wooden rafters are beautiful pieces of art themselves.

Overall, the Cartagena Museum of Modern Art is worth dropping in for a visit during your tour of Cartagena.

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Photo of the interior of the Cartagena Art Museum.
The architecture of the beautiful, vaulted stone building that houses the museum is a piece of art itself.

What to See at the Modern Art Museum of Cartagena?

There are several sections of the museum.

Downstairs, you can see an exhibit featuring modern Colombian artists.  There are several works by Colombian artist Alejandro Obregón, including a “Condor.”  The three paintings by Enrique Grau of Cartagena are also neat.  There are also a number of small sculptures from Obregón and others.

There is also an exhibit dedicated to historical photos of the city documenting its transformation to modernity.  I liked this part quite a bit as a history buff.  It’s fascinating how different Cartagena looks today from even a hundred years ago.

Also downstairs, there is an exhibit dedicated to the art of Cartagena native and feminist painter Cecilia Porras.  My favorite was the gorgeous mural dedicated to the history of Cartagena from the arrival of the Europeans to independence.

Porras left a hidden feminist message on the right hand side of the painting by inserting a self-portrait of herself alongside the city’s republican leaders with a soldier taking aiming at her.  Painting in the mid-20th century, Porras was commenting on the continued exclusion of women in public life.

Collage of some photos from some of the works in the museum of modern art in Cartagena.
Some of the works on display in the Museo de Arte Moderno de Cartagena.

Finally, you can also see a small exhibit featuring artists from elsewhere in Latin America.  Upstairs, there are a few more exhibits, mostly consisting of smaller works.

Visitor Information

  • How to Get There:
  • Cost of Admission (last updated July 2019):
    • 8,000 pesos general
    • 4,000 pesos students with their ID (may or may not work for international students)
  • Hours:
    • Monday to Friday:  9 am-12 noon and 3-7 pm
    • Saturday:  9 am-1 pm
    • Sunday:  4-9 pm
  • Estimated Time to Visit:
    • 30 to 45 minutes

See the museum’s website (Spanish only) for more information and confirm latest prices and hours.

There you have it.  A complete visitors guide to Cartagena’s Museum of Modern Art.  I hope it was useful and helped you plan your visit if you decide to go.

Cheers and Happy Exploring!

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