With its colorful colonial architecture and charm, city walls, and old churches, Cartagena is certainly photogenic!  If you want to have some lasting memories of Cartagena, consider having a professional photography session.  We did one recently with Marina Maldonado, aka Your Local Photographer in Cartagena.  We had a great time and also got some great photos we can look back on years from now.  Read on to learn more about our experience in our Cartagena photo session with Marina.

Disclosure:  Marina gave us a complementary session and digital copies of our photos in exchange of sharing our experience and impressions.  Regardless, the views expressed here are my own honest opinions and I have no hesitation recommending Marina if you are interested in a professional photo session here in Cartagena.  See my disclosure policy here.

Photo of Adam and Susana in the street during their photo session in Cartagena.
Read on to learn about our experience doing a Cartagena photo session with Marina Maldonado.

Why a Professional Photo Session in Cartagena is Worth It

I’m going to be honest.  I’ve never liked taking pictures all that much.  I’m pretty sure when I was about 10 years old my mother was probably ready to leave me on the side of the road somewhere after I refused to smile for a photo session we did once as a family.

I’m pretty sure Susana has been ready to do the same a few times when we are traveling and I just want to go and see the sites and not stop for pictures.  This is, by the way, something I regret a bit now that I’ve realized I can actually make a little bit of money on the side with a website about our experiences.

All that being said, we had a great time doing our Cartagena photo session with Marina Maldonado.  It is out on the streets and with the prettiest sites in Cartagena.  She had us running and jumping and twirling each other and generally having fun.

Photo fo Adam and Susana dancing during their photo session in Cartagena
We had a great time dancing and posing on the lovely streets of Cartagena.


The photos also turned out great!

We actually had this discussion with Marina as well, but it’s interesting that while taking photos of ourselves has become so ubiquitous with everyone carrying around a tiny, semi-decent camera in our pockets, that almost makes the eye and talent of a professional that much more a differentiator for great photos.

This really struck me when Marina got excited about a cart left on a corner.  While I might have thought taking a photo of that would be a neat little photo for the blog or Instagram, she was able to get a gorgeous photo of us with it in the frame in a way I know I couldn’t even imagine.

Photo of Adam and Susana with the cart in front of them and colorful umbrellas hanging above the street behind.
Marina’s great eye makes for some really neat pictures like this one!


So whether you want to get some special photos you’ll be able to cherish forever on the wall or in a photo album with your special someone or your family, or just have a stock of photos to impress your friends with on Instagram for the next 6 months, or simply you know have some great memories to look back on later in life of your time in Cartagena (or some combination thereof), you really should consider getting a a professional photo session in Cartagena done.

What to Expect During the Session

We met Marina in Getsemaní early.  It was an early morning, but it really is best to start early as there are fewer people out an about.  This not only allows you to get some great photos with the streets all to yourself but also beat the heat.

We were able to get some great shots done in the colonial doorways and with the overhanging flags and umbrellas in Getsemaní all to ourselves.

Photo of Adam and Susana walking down a street in Getsemaní during their photo session with Marina Maldonado

We then proceeded to the Walled City where we got some more great photos with Cartagena’s iconic Clocktower.

Photo of Adam and Susana with the clocktower in the background from their session with Your Local Photographer in Cartagena.

Something I really thought was cool, is that we made a quick pit stop for some juice where we were able to change clothes so we got a more classy look as well as a more casual look all in the same session.

We then went around Centro and got some more great photos in the doorway of the Cathedral, in Parque Bolívar, and in the charming colonial streets of Centro.

Susana and Adam sitting on a park bench during their photo session with Marina Maldonado in Cartagena.

We then finished by getting some photos around and atop the wall, certainly a must have memory of Cartagena!

All in all, the session took about 2 hours.

Like I said before, it was also genuinely fun.  Marina is lovely and laid back, and she had us pretend dancing, twirling and dipping, running across streets, jumping, and smiling the whole time.

Photo of us walking atop the wall during our professional photography session in Cartagena

Want to Plan Your Own Photo Session in Cartagena?

Given what I just said above, I really can’t recommend Marina enough to do it!

While I’m not so sure my 10 year old still wouldn’t have been difficult, I had a much better time than I have had doing in studio sessions.  Never did it feel cheesy or boring.

In addition to offering sessions for couples, Marina offers solo sessions or sessions for families.

She generally follows a route similar to ours, but she does also offer an afternoon session.  While you might have to navigate some more crowds, you will also end up with some great photos at sunset time.

Marina can also tailor a session just for you according to your needs and desires that will surely highlight the beauty of Cartagena and the memories you make here as well as do special events like birthdays or showers.

Marina’s Contact Information:

A Few More of Our Favorite Shots

Photo of Susana and I on the street

Photo of Susana and I with umbrellas overhanging the street above us.

Photo of us with a guy on a bike passing in front.

Overall, we had a great time during our photo session with Your Local Photographer in Cartagena Marina Maldonado and would definitely recommend her if you want to get some great photos as keepsakes of your time in Cartagena!

Again here is her contact info:

Cheers and Happy Posing!

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      Hi KK. Marina actually gave us the session complementary in exchange for sharing our experience. It’s best to reach out to her and find out her current prices. She was really good and the photos even compressed for sharing on the site speak for themselves. We had a fun time doing it too.

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