With case counts back on the rise in Cartagena and the rest of Colombia, curfew in Cartagena has been reimplemented along with other restrictions. If you are planning a trip and curious about the current Covid restrictions in Cartagena such as measures like curfew in Cartagena, read on. *(Last update: May 2, includes restrictions effective until May 9)

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Read on to learn about the current Covid restrictions in Cartagena, Colombia.

Current Covid Restrictions in Cartagena – Colombia

*Disclaimer: Please note, I am not an official source, only passing along here current published coronavirus restrictions in Cartagena. These restrictions are subject to change, and while I will do my best to update, I suggest checking the Mayor’s Facebook or Instagram Page to confirm if it has been more than a week or so since I last updated.

*Last update: May 5, 2021 (Includes extension of curfew with slight modifications to be in effect until May 9 and also added a note on current protests)

What are the current restrictions in Cartagena, Colombia?

Is there currently a curfew in Cartagena?

Yes. The current curfew is from 8 pm to 5 am on weeknights. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday), it is from 2 pm noon to 5 am. The Saturday and Sunday curfew was extended by 2 hours in the changes to the Cartagena curfew announced May 2. The only exceptions are those with special work permission.

Beaches are also only open from 8 am to 2 pm on weekdays. Beaches are closed on weekends.

There was a later curfew in Cartagena, but with ICU occupancy over 80%, new measures were announced on April 26. The curfew in Cartagena rules were extended, and are in effect through midnight of May 10.

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With reported cases now exceeding 500 a day and Colombia now in a new peak with infections and deaths at the highest point than any time during the pandemic, I suspect there will likely be at least some curfew in Cartagena measures extended beyond May 9.

Perhaps if case numbers go down, weekends will be extended to 8 pm or even later or beaches could open. It’s hard to say for sure though, and I doubt anything will be announced before May 9 itself.

There have also been protests around the country in the last week. While they have not turned violent in Cartagena, they have in other parts of the country. Thus far, it does not appear likely they will disrupt tourism or be a danger to tourists, but it is worth monitoring.

Is there Pico y Cedula in Cartagena?

Yes. There are restrictions on the entry to banks, supermarkets, malls, the Bazurto market and other large stores. These restrictions are based on the last number of your ID.

Those that have ID numbers that end on even numbers can go to those places on even days, and those with IDs that end in odd numbers can go to those places on odd days.

Photo of yellow tape blocking a street.
There is a current curfew in effect in Cartagena.

When will current coronavirus restrictions in Cartagena end?

The restrictions announced above are set to expire at midnight on May 10. Given how things have gone, I would not expect an announcement on whether there will be further restrictions or if these will be continued until the afternoon of May 9.

It is also always possible more stringent measures could be implemented if case counts continue to go up. I honestly did not expect them to implement any stricter measures but with them doing so and ICU occupancy high, it’s always possible they will go to full stay at home orders. It’s also worth noting that other major cities in Colombia are currently experiencing surges, and the country has had several of its deadliest days in the last week.

Other Cartagena Covid Restrictions FAQs

Do I need a Covid test to travel to Cartagena?

Yes. All foreign citizens entering Colombia must show results of a negative PCR test. Colombian citizens may enter without a test and either complete a test in country or complete a 14 day quarantine. Read more about entry requirements here.

Where can I get a Covid test in Cartagena?

See a list of places to get a Covid test in Cartagena here.

What if my flight arrives after the curfew time? (Or what if I have a flight that departs after the curfew time?)

You are allowed to break the curfew to go to and from the airport. Just be sure to have proof of your flight, such as your boarding pass.

Photo of a doctor holding a covid test tube.
You do need a Covid test to enter Colombia currently.

Are restaurants in Cartagena open?

Yes. Restaurants are open for indoor and outdoor seating. Restaurants are expected to maintain distance between customers, provide anti-bacterial gel or spray, and have capacity limits.

Do I need to make a reservation for restaurants?

No. However, it is recommended. Restaurants are allowed to take walk ups, but give capacity limits, many more popular restaurants may fill up, especially on weekends.

Can restaurants serve alcohol in Cartagena?

Yes. At this time there are no active dry laws in Cartagena.

Are bars in Cartagena open?

Yes. Bars in Cartagena are allowed to open, but must close by the curfew. They also have to maintain lower capacity, social distancing, and are dancing is not allowed. So, you can drink in a bar bar, but nightclubs in Cartagena remain closed.

The consumption of alcohol in smaller tienda and estanco style establishments is technically prohibited as is drinking in public.

The new measures announced on May 2 do allow Chiva party buses to operate on a limited fashion during the day time (from 9 am to 6 pm weekdays, 9 am to noon on weekends).

Photo of people cheersing drinks.
Restaurants and bars are open and allowed to serve alcohol currently in Cartagena.

Are beaches in Cartagena open?

Yes. Beaches in Cartagena are open, although you are expected to make a reservation. Beaches are currently open from 8 am to 2 pm on weekdays only. Read about the beaches open in town here.

Are the islands in Cartagena open?

Yes. The Rosario Islands, Playa Blanca, Barú, and Tierra Bomba are all open. If you are going for a day trip, the beaches do close at 2 pm. If you reserve at hotels at the beach, you may be able to use the beach until later, it is a bit of a gray area. I’d recommend confirming before making any reservations, just to be on the safe side.

Do note that for the Saturday and Sunday of May 1 and 2, boats were prohibited from taking people to hotels in the islands to “escape” the curfew.

*See a complete guide to the Rosario Islands here and Playa Blanca here.

Do I have to wear a mask in Cartagena?

Yes, you do.

Need some masks? Consider getting some KN95sFFP2s, or medical grade masks.

Current Cartagena Covid Restrictions – Conclusion

There you have it, a simple and practical guide to the current restrictions in Cartagena, Colombia due to Covid. Please remember that you risk putting yourself at risk of being fined if you do not comply with these restrictions.

Cheers and Safe Exploring!

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    1. Hi Mark. I am in Cartagena. The truth is Colombia continues to hit record death tolls and Cartagena’s ICU occupancy is at 84% as of today April 29, so I feel pretty confident now that there will be restrictions beyond May 3. If they will be stricter it’s hard to say.

  2. Mark

    Thanks you for your reply and all the invaluable information you have posted. Are the curfews strictly enforced at restaurants? My girlfriend and I are both vaccinated so we were planning on trying to experience the city to the fullest extent, but obviously if restaurants are closed so early (especially on weekends) getting food would be a huge problem.

    1. Hi Mark. Yes, in the tourist areas of the city, they are being enforced. At this point there is no difference in restrictions for people vaccinated or not vaccinated. We will see what happens this weekend.

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