Will Smith’s newest film Gemini Man is set to hit theaters this week.  The film has ground breaking effects of including a digitally created, younger double version of Smith as the main antagonist.  The two Smiths square off as they pursue each other around the world.  One of the locations that will feature prominently is our beautiful Cartagena, Colombia.  Read on to learn more about Gemini Man and its filming on location in Cartagena.

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Photo of an older and younger Will Smith facing each other.
Gemini Man will not only feature 2 Will Smiths, but also scenes shot here in Cartagena.

Gemini Man

According to its Wikipedia page, Gemini Man had floated around Hollywood as a concept since 1997.  In 2016, it was finally picked and green lit for shooting by Skydance Media.  The film tells the story of a master hitman who is cloned and then targeted by his younger self.

The film was shot on location in Georgia, in Budapest, and in Cartagena.  The film shoot caused quite a stir in Cartagena, and Will Smith had nothing but great things to say about the city!

You can check out a video he released on his YouTube channel below praising Cartagena and highlighting his time in the city.  Besides showing off some great shots of the city, you can even see Smith learn to dance Champeta!

Smith’s son, Jaden also filmed a music video remix for the song “Icon” with the Colombian artist Nicky Jam on the streets of Cartagena.  See it on YouTube here.

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What Scenes Were Filmed in Cartagena?

In the film’s trailer, there is a motorcycle chase that runs through the streets of Cartagena, presumably with the younger and older Smith pursuing each other.  In the trailer, the chase goes by the Clocktower, down the Callejón de la Ronda next to San Pedro Claver Church where one of the motorcyles crashes into a gun in front of the Naval Museum, atop the wall, and in front of the Teatro Mejía.

There’s also a lovely shot of the the Castillo San Felipe overlooking the historic city center.  Finally there appears to be a scene where Smith is trying to get a clear shot at someone through waving Cartagena flags at the Plaza Trinidad in Getsemaní, perhaps just before the motorcycle chase kicks off.

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Besides their encounter and motorcycle chase, it’s not clear how much time Smith and his clone spend in Cartagena.  Regardless, the film is a great chance for the city to show itself off and get some much deserved international attention.

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See the full trailer below:

Are You Planning to Go See Gemini Man?

Gemini Man opens this Thursday October 10 in Colombia and the USA.  Reviews of the film have been mixed, but the effects of creating the young version of Smith has been lauded as groundbreaking.  The action set pieces, like the motorcycle chase through the streets of Cartagena have also been praised.

In Cartagena, Gemini Man will be shown under its Spanish name Proyecto Geminis.  You can check the times at the three Cine Colombia theaters here (the other theaters haven’t published showtimes yet but they will assuredly be showing it).

Are you planning to go see Gemini Man or already seen it?  Let us know when and what you thought in the comments below.

Cheers and Happy Movie Going!

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