Make Your Own Chocolate at the ChocoMuseo in Cartagena

The ChocoMuseo in Cartagena is a unique experience.  There are tons of creative chocolate products for sale, an explanation of the history and process of chocolate production, and workshops for making your own chocolate.  Read on for a guide to the ChocoMuseo in Cartagena, Colombia.

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A child wearing an apron and hat smiling with her chocolate mold at the ChocoMuseo in Cartagena.
Our niece Lyan loved the make your own chocolate workshop at the ChocoMuseo in Cartagena. Read on to learn more.

A Chocolate Museum?

The ChocoMuseo is really more store than museum.  However, there are a couple rooms with exhibits.  The exhibits include an artificial cacao tree, an explanation of each step in the process from bean to chocolate, and the history of chocolate.

The exhibits are informative and interesting.  I, for example, didn’t know that white chocolate is made strictly from cocoa butter, the fat content left after cocoa beans are ground.  Nor did I have any idea that the beans grow in big, American football shaped and sized pods.

Entrance to the exhibits is free, and a guided tour and explanation is included with the make your own chocolate workshops.

Make Your Own Chocolate Workshops

There are two workshops offered.  The first is a 2 hour full bean to bar experience.  In it, you will go through each step of the process.  You will also prepare chocolate drinks.  Finally, you will make your own chocolates with the toppings of your choice.  You’ll make 120 g of dark or milk chocolate that you can take home and enjoy gift to others.

We took our niece, who is only 3, so we opted to do the 45 minute mini-workshop.  It started with her making 100 g of her own chocolates.  Afterwards, we got a quick tour of the museum and explanation of the process.  Meanwhile, they put Lyan’s chocolates in the refrigerator to harden.

Lyan really enjoyed making the chocolates.  They gave her a bowl of the melted chocolate to fill the molds.  There are a number of ingredients you can add as filling, including sprinkles, oreos, peanuts, coconut, and coffee beans.  She went all out with the sprinkles.

A photo of a child making her own chocolate at the ChocoMuseo, one of the places where to take children in Cartagena, Colombia.
Our niece making her own chocolates at the ChocoMuseo, another one of the great activities for children in Cartagena.

One word of warning:  the chocolates did melt pretty quick, even in the evening.  So you might want to get them in a fridge not long after leaving, or ask if they will hold them for you until you are ready to head back to where you are staying.

The Cafe

There’s also a small cafe onsite.  There’s breakfast as well as some other food options.  And of course there’s chocolate!

I tried a “Maya drink.”  It was like a hot chocolate with chili flakes.  The best part is they bring it out for you to mix yourself.  You mix the chili flakes and honey in with hot milk and add the chocolate at the end.

There’s also a drink called the “Conquistador” that includes cinnamon and cloves.  Additionally, there are milkshakes and Irish hot cocoa.

The Store

One of the added bonuses of doing the workshop is they offered us 10% off on purchases in the store.  There’s tons of interesting products in the store.  Obviously there’s chocolate bars, cocoa, and other sweets.  But there’s tons of other chocolate derivatives including shampoo, chapstick, tea, coffee, candles, and cigars.  There’s even chocolate pasta!

I picked up several Christmas presents for people when we were there.  I also got some great peanut butter with cocoa nibs, bits of the roasted beans.  Everything in the store is really good, and the unique products make for some good gifts to take back to family and friends.

A child in the store at the ChocoMuseo in Cartagena.
Lyan exploring the store after her workshop.

There you have it, a quick guide to the ChocoMuseo in Cartagena.  It certainly makes for a unique experience, and is an activity children are sure to love (*check out the other activities that made our 10 best activities for children in Cartagena here).  I imagine the 2 hour workshop is super informative as well.

Visitor Information and Tips

  • There are two ChocoMuseo locations in Cartagena, one at the Parque Fernadez de Madrid and one near Plaza Bolívar across from Hotel Movich.
  • The ChocoMuseo is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm.
  • The 2 hour bean to bar workshop is offered at 11, 2, and 5 everyday.
  • The mini-workshop is offered on demand throughout the day.
  • According to their website, the cost of the bean to bar workshop is $25 USD for adults and $20 for children under 12.
  • For the mini-workshop the website says it is $15 USD.  We paid 35,000 pesos which is actually a bit less, so it sounds like you are better off paying in pesos than dollars.
  • You should confirm the prices and times at the ChocoMuseo’s website here.

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