I recently got a pair of RAWWOOD Bamboos sunglasses after recommending them on several posts here on the site.  After trying them out myself, I totally stand by that recommendation.  These are some stylish shades.  Read on for a complete review of my RAWWOOD Bamboo Sunglasses.

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Photo of three people overlooking the bay, on the right side a man wears the RAWWOOD Bamboo Sunglasses
My mom, Susana, and I. I’m sporting my Rawwood shades. Read on for my review of them.

RAWWOOD Bamboo Sunglasses Review

I remember shortly before coming to Colombia, I invested in a pair of prescription Ray Ban Aviators to complement a pair of Smiths I had gotten a year or two earlier.  Both were great pairs of shades.  Both of them cost around 100 bucks.  Both of them I lost before the year was over.

Since then, I hadn’t bough any sunglasses other than knockoffs sold on the street.  Most of them I have managed to lose (or break) as well.  I was pretty happy with this arrangement though, spending 10 bucks once or twice a year.

However, in writing my Packing List for Cartagena post, I knew I had to include sunglasses.  While I do suggest the option of cheap street ones, I also included the RAWWOOD Bamboo Sunglasses.  With the bamboo frames and green lenses, I thought they looked cool and fit the Caribbean vibe.  I also have them recommended to pack for the beach town of Palomino.

Running under 50 bucks, I decided I had to get a pair of these snazzy looking shades for myself.  Below I’ll give you my rundown on how I like my pair of RAWWOOD bamboo shades.

Photo of people sitting on a boat, the man on the right wearing the RAWWOOD Bamboo sunglasses
It is hard not to look cool on a boat, but these RAWWOOD bamboo shades might make you look even better.

Overview – Cool Looking Shades for Around Town and the Beach

My mom brought these down when she came to visit recently.  After taking them on our trip to the Colombian Amazon and wearing them around town, I’m very happy with them!

They do in fact look very stylish, are light and comfortable, and do a solid job dimming the sun.  They also are undoubtedly unisex and look good on Susana too.

What I Like About My RAWWOOD Bamboo Sunglasses

The first thing I noticed unpacking them is the included wooden case, soft pouch, and microfiber cleaning cloth.  They all look great, and are a nice touch for shades that are moderately priced.

I also love how lightweight my RAWWOOD shades are.  They’re hardly noticeable on my face.  Despite how light they are, they also feel pretty sturdy.  I certainly wouldn’t want to sit on them, but they feel like they will hold up well to normal use.

These sunglasses also reportedly float!  I actually haven’t tested this yet, but that makes them pretty nifty for wearing on a boat or to the pool.

Finally, they do look cool.  The light colored frames and green lenses give them a stylish and hip look perfect for casual use.  They probably wouldn’t look so good paired with a suit, but for wearing around town or to the beach, they are perfect!

Photo showing the box, hard case, soft case, and cleaning cloth that comes with the Rawwood bamboo sunglasses
The inclusion of a nice wooden hard case, a soft case, and cleaning cloth is a nice touch on RAWWOOD’s part.

Any Drawbacks?

The only real drawback is when the sun is at its brightest, it can still be noticeable.  The lighter green tint will keep you from squinting but doesn’t dim it completely.  Darker lenses I imagine would do better here.  So, while great and stylish for casual wear, these may not be the best option for sunglasses to use if you work outside or to go fishing for example.

One other thing to note, the lenses themselves are green, but they give a sort of purplish tint when looking through them.  It isn’t that noticeable during the day, but around sunset it becomes a bit more pronounced.  This doesn’t really bother me, and, in fact, I think its neat as it makes clouds look pretty cool, but it may bother some people.

Collage showing the sunset with the RAWWOOD Bamboo Sunglasses.
The outside green tint gives a purplish tint when wearing the RAWWOOD bamboo shades, a feature that makes the clouds at sunset a bit trippy.

Conclusion – Great Pair of Stylish Shades

In conclusion, I would recommend a pair of the RAWWOOD bamboo shades to anyone looking for a pair of cool looking sunglasses for casual use.  The included case makes them easy to travel with, and the green lenses definitely give off a cool vibe, perfect for exploring Colombia’s Caribbean or rocking at the beach or on a boat.

If you feel that the lighter and purple tinged tint of the green lenses will bother you, or you are looking for a more traditional, formal look, RAWWOOD also offers darker, black lenses with natural wood frames, or dark brown wood frames.

Want to get your own pair of RAWWOOD bamboo shades?

Check them out on Amazon.

There you have it, a complete review of the RAWWOOD Bamboo Sunglasses.  If you’re thinking of getting a pair, I hope it helped you make your decision.

Cheers and Happy Exploring!

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