I recently got to try out my new Roam packable backpack.  This daypack folds up and packs into one of its own pockets, making it super convenient for travel.  I thought it held up great, and was well worth the purchase.  Read on for a complete review of the Roam Packable Backpack.

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Photo of a person with the Roam Packable Backpack on with the sunset in the background.
Watching the sunset after a day exploring. Read on for a complete review of the Roam Packable Backpack.

Roam Backpack Overview – A Great Travel Day Pack

To be short about it, I love my Roam backpack after taking it on two trips.  My wife and I went to the San Bernardo Islands and then my mom joined us on a trip to Colombia’s Amazon and Bogotá.  The Roam packable backpack was perfect for throwing into a bigger bag and using as a daypack.

For a fairly cheap price and the awesome convenience, the pack is also quite spacious and even comes with a few bells and whistles.

Specs of the Roam Packable Backpack

  • Capacity – 25 L
  • Water Resistant
  • Tear Resistant Nylon Weave
  • Lightweight  – 10 ounces (0.63 pounds/0.3 kg)
  • Storage Compartments/Pockets:
    • Main pocket with laptop sleeve
    • Top front pocket
    • Mini front pocket easy access pocket
    • Bottom front large pocket
    • Mesh side water bottle pockets
    • Tiny mesh pockets on straps
  • Breathable Mesh Straps
  • Side Compression Straps
  • Colors Available:  Black, Navy, Ocean Blue, Purple, Red
  • Lifetime Warranty
Photo showing a hand holding the folded up Roam Packable Backpack
The Roam Backpack folded and packed up fits easily into any bag.

What I Like About the Roam Packable Backpack

Easy to Pack

It folds up into the reversible bottom front pocket in an 8 by 8 inch square.  It takes up about the same space in a bag as a light sweater since it will compress a good bit.

It Feels Quality and Sturdy

I really feel like this bag is quality made.  The zippers don’t get stuck and feel like they will hold up to time.  I also really appreciate the mesh straps.  The mini pockets on them are also a nice touch and could hold a flashlight or perhaps your sunglasses.  I honestly didn’t even use them, but they just make the bag seem better made.

Also, while lightweight, the material isn’t paper thin and is reinforced on the bottom and back.  I feel like you’d have to really abuse it to get it to tear.

The lifetime guarantee offered is also nice, especially for a product under $20.

Pretty Spacious for Its Size

You’re not going to pack a week’s worth of clothes here, but that’s not what it’s intended for either.

I was able to pack a book, towel, small notebook, sunscreen, bug spray, and some snacks in the main compartment along with my camera in the top front pocket.  I felt like I probably could have come close to doubling that.

While I wouldn’t want to go too crazy since the straps are pretty thin, you should be able to pack all you need here for a day out sightseeing, hiking, or heading to the beach.  You could also use it for an overnight or maybe, if you’re a light packer, a weekend trip.

Photo of the Roam backpack opened up
The Roam backpack opened up.

Any Negatives?

It would be nice if there was a slot or two in one of the smaller pockets to stash a pen or perhaps a hook or mesh pocket to put your keys.  These are pretty small tradeoffs though.

The only other drawback is the pack doesn’t have a “backbone” to it so to speak, so it doesn’t always hold its shape perfectly.  I found this solvable by sticking my book in the the laptop sleeve (I didn’t try carrying a laptop as that’s just now why I bought this bag, but I would feel comfortable using it in a pinch).  I definitely wouldn’t want to overpack it as I imagine it could get bulgy and uncomfortably on your back.  Again, though, for the price and the purpose as a travel daypack, this is pretty minor.

Conclusion – Awesome Travel Day Pack

I’m quite happy with this purchase.  I wanted something that I could have to carry around if I used a backpack for a short trip.  My wife brought it back to me from the states and I had been hankering to try it out.  It was exactly what I wanted.

It would be especially useful for those backpacking (hence not able to carry another smaller backpack) or those with only a carryon.  Just slip this in and you’ve got another whole pack you can carry around with you.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the Roam Packable Backpack for those that like to have a small backpack to carry around their personal items while traveling but already are carrying a larger one or don’t want to carry one while in transit.

Want to get your own Roam backpack?

Check it out on Amazon

There you have it, a complete review of the Roam Packable Backpack.  If you’re considering get one, I hope it helped you make your decision.

Cheers and Happy Exploring!

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