Bogotá is Colombia’s massive, sprawling capital.  There are tons of things to do.  In fact, it can be hard to see Bogotá in a day, much less know what the best things to do in Bogotá in only one day.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to enjoy Bogotá in a day.  Read on for a one day itinerary in Bogotá to learn what things you can do in one day in Bogotá.

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Photo showing Colombia's Capital
Colombia’s Capital city, read on to learn the best way to spend a day in Bogotá.

What’s the Best Way to Spend a Day in Bogotá?

I’ve traveled to Colombia’s capital a small handful of times.  In those visits, I’ve only scratched the surface of all there is to do in Bogotá.  You are welcome to check out my post on 14 fun things to do in Bogotá to see the things I’ve been able to do in my 3 visits.

However, here I am going to discuss the best way to spend 1 day in Bogotá.  Bogotá is one of those cities that is probably a tourist attraction more than anything because it is the capital.  It is not the prettiest city, there is no beach, and the weather is chilly and often rainy.  Combined with the fact that there are so many other places to see in Colombia, it is often a quick stop, a layover, or just a place for business travelers.

However, there really are lots of things to do in Bogotá, and it is a modern, metropolitan city.  While it may be well worth spending some time here, I understand many people plan only a limited time in Bogotá.  Therefore, I’m going to give you a guide on the best way to make the most out of one day in Bogotá.  So read on for a guide to spending 24 hours in Bogotá and all the things to see in one day in Bogotá.

The 1 day Bogotá itinerary below is pretty much exactly what I did with my wife and mother the last time I was there in July 2019.  I’m only adding one thing, going out, so you can get the absolute full one day in Bogotá.

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Visit Monserrate in the Morning

Monserrate is a must include on this guide to spending a day in Bogotá.  This hill overlooking the plateau where the city lies below is really is worth a visit.

Head here first thing in the morning to beat the crowds.  Since you are only spending one day in Bogotá, you will want to take the cable car (or funicular) up the hill.

There you can see the chapel atop the hill and take in the amazing view of the city below.  It really is remarkable to see it set in between the mountains.

See a full visitors guide to Monserrate here.

Estimated time:  2-3 hours

Photo of the chapel at Monserrate, first on this list of things to see in Bogotá in one day.
Monserrate kicks off this day in Bogotá. Read on for the rest of things to do in Bogotá in one day.

Take in Bolívar Square

From Monserrate, head down to Bogotá’s downtown historic district, known as La Candelaría.  You should be able to easily get a taxi from in front of the exit from Monserrate.  Probably the easiest place to get out is the central Plaza Bolívar.

Plaza Bolívar is the central square of Bogotá.  Here you can marvel at the Colombian Capital, the Supreme Court, and the National Cathedral.

From Plaza Bolívar, you can easily hit a number of nearby sites on this guide to how to spend a day in Bogotá.

Estimated time:  1 hour

Visit the Botero Museum

Dedicated to Colombia’s most famous artist and sculptor, perhaps the best part about the Fernando Botero Museum is it’s free.  Located just a couple blocks from Plaza Bolívar, the museum houses works not only from Botero himself, but also from his personal collection that includes a Dali and Picasso.

Check out my full visitors guide to the museum here.

Estimated time:  1 hour

Explore Callejón Embudo

The Callejón Embudo is a narrow street in the heart of La Candelaría.  Nearby you will find the Chorro de Quevado Plaza, considered by most to be where Bogotá was founded.  Taking into account its history, it has to be included on this guide of how to spend a day in Bogotá.

In addition to the modern replica of the church built by the early Spanish settlers, you will also find a lively, trendy atmosphere around this historic plaza.  You will assuredly want to head down the Callejón Embudo just off the plaza as well.

In addition to some cool street art, you will also find a number of neat cafes, restaurants, and watering holes along this narrow street.  Stop in for a coffee, other drink, snack, or even lunch since this should put you about half way through your one day Bogotá itinerary.

See my full guide to exploring Callejón Embudo here.

Estimated time:  1 hour

Photo of street art you can see during a one day visit to Bogotá.
One of the great pieces of graffiti you can see on Callejón Embudo during one day in Bogotá.

Have Lunch in La Candelaría

There’s no shortage of restaurants in La Candelaría.  Whether you’re looking for traditional Colombian or international fare, you can most certainly find it in La Candelaría.  That makes it the perfect place to have lunch as part of how to spend a day in Bogotá.

As noted in my 14 things to do in Bogotá post, Ajiaco makes for a great lunch in Bogotá, but you’ll find just about anything you have a craving for at any budget in this area.

Visit the Gold Museum

After lunch, take in the beautiful gold work of Colombia’s indigenous people at the Museo del Oro.

The museum is impressive and a must see in Bogotá.  It is also moderately priced and will give you a chance to learn more about Colombia’s history and see the incredible gold work of its ancient peoples.  All of that makes it one of the best things to see in a day in Bogotá.

See my complete visitors guide to the Gold Museum here.

Estimated time:  90 minutes.

Have Dinner at Andres DC

Andres Carne de Res is one of Colombia’s most famous restaurants.  The original restaurant is located in Chía, just outside of Bogotá.

If you only are looking for how to spend a day in Bogotá however, check out their location in the city proper at Andres DC.  Set over several floors within a mall, the restaurant is a great way to get a great cut of meat plus enjoying a neat, party atmosphere.

Go Dancing in la Zona Rosa

Andres DC is located next to la Zona Rosa.  We didn’t go out dancing last time we were in Bogotá for day since we were with my mom and had an early flight the next day.  However, if you’re looking to finish off your one day itinerary in Bogotá in style, you should go out and enjoy some nightlife.

The city’s best nightclubs are located in La Zona Rosa.  You can see a list of some of the top spots to go out in Bogotá here.

Get Some Sleep – Where to Stay in Bogotá?

After doing everything on this list of things to do in a day in Bogotá, you will almost certainly be pooped out.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Bogotá, I highly recommend 6 Suites Hotel, where we stayed last time.  A cute property, it has a great location.  The hotel’s rooms are also very nice and comfortable.  See my full review of the hotel here.  Or see check out all the top places to stay in Bogotá here.

There you have it, a complete guide to spending one day in Bogotá.  I hope you enjoyed it and it helped you plan what to do in one day in Bogotá.

Cheers and Happy Exploring!

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