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They offer custom made trips, tailored to your interests and travel style to Cartagena and every other destination you might want to visit in Colombia.

Why plan your Colombia trip with BnB Colombia?

Here are some of the benefits of putting together a trip with BnB Colombia:

  • They work only with reliable and vetted bilingual guides.
  • Their agents are also experts and super knowledgeable about all of Colombia. No need to worry about missing out on hidden gems, they will give you suggestions on excursions that match your interests and customize your package just for you.
  • They offer private tours, so you can go at your own pace. No need to rush to keep up with a group (or wait around on one).
  • They will arrange all your transportation, including to and from the airport and to and from all activities and excursions included on your itinerary. No need to worry about negotiating taxis or figuring out how to get where you need to be.
  • Flexibility: you can plan for on the go days full of lots of tours, excursions, and activities, plan a slower, more relaxed trip, or anything in between.
  • Prices start around $300 dollars a person per day.
  • No need to worry about planning each day, dealing with multiple vendors, guides, or people to pay. They will put together a full package that includes everything you want.

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  • Be sure to include your estimated travel dates, the destinations and activities you are interested in during your trip and a projected budget.
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Prefer planning most or a lot on your own?

You can also check out their full catalog of day tours to book individual excursions and tours. (Use the code ExploreColombia10 to get a discount!)

*Full disclosure, I can earn commission if you go on to book a trip with BnB Colombia.