11 Best San Andrés, Colombia Hotels – Top San Andrés Hotels and Resorts

San Andrés Island, located in the Western Caribbean and part of Colombia makes for a terrific island getaway destination.

There are pretty beaches and more to do than this tiny island often gets credit for. Susana and I have been there twice, including a stay where we were there for nearly two weeks after we were unable to visit the nearby island of Providencia due to hurricane damage.

If fact, I have a whole in depth guide to San Andrés island, which I’d love for you to check out too.

However, here, we are going to talk about the best San Andrés, Colombia hotels and San Andrés island resorts.

There are a variety of places to stay in San Andrés. Learn about my personal picks for the nicest San Andrés hotels in this list of the top 11 best hotels in San Andrés, Colombia.

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Photo of empty chairs under a shelter on a beach near San Andres, Colombia hotels with a small island in the background.
Learn about the best hotels in San Andrés Colombia here for the ultimate relaxing beach vacation in Colombia!

Best San Andrés Hotels – Introduction

So, you’re considering visiting San Andrés Island?

This small island that belongs to Colombia is a bit of a hidden gem. It’s lesser known, and does have a less developed tourist industry and infrastructure, than better known Caribbean destinations like the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, or the Virgin Islands.

However, that also means you’ll see fewer foreign tourists and it is a bit cheaper than those better known destinations.

In fact, I’d hazard to say from my experience that Colombians make up the majority of tourists in San Andrés.

While San Andres is a great addition to any Colombia trip, it can also be a good addition to a budget backpacking trip in Central America and the Caribbean.

It’s absolutely beautiful!

They call the Caribbean around San Andrés the sea of 7 colors for all the different shades of blue you can see. Try to get a window seat on your flight, so you can see it yourself when you fly in!

And once you get there, consider staying at one of these great San Andrés Island hotels.

Photo of a palm tree with a small bridge in front of the beach near some of the San Andres, Colombia hotels.
San Andrés isn’t as well known as other famous Caribbean destinations, which means you’ll find less foreign tourists at most of the San Andrés Island hotels.

One of the nice things about San Andrés is it’s perfect for a relaxing beach getaway.

The beaches are very nice, and it’s one of the few places that I’ve seen that has a nice downtown beach (see a complete write up on the San Andrés beaches here).

There’s also a variety of other things to do, from doing a golf cart circuit of the island, to visiting the nearby Johnny Cay, to snorkeling in the natural aquarium, to getting sprayed by the blowhole known as the Hoyo Soplador.

Photo of a girl staying at one of the San Andres, Colombia hotels in front of a palm tree with a sign that says another day in paradise
Another day in paradise, indeed! You’ll be able to enjoy it even more staying at the San Andrés, Colombia hotels below.

Where to Stay in San Andrés

So, now that I’ve convinced you to visit San Andrés if you were on the fence, let’s talk about the best San Andrés Island hotels.

Before discussing the best San Andrés resorts and hotels for your stay, a few quick notes on the different areas where you can stay in San Andrés

I think for most people, it’s best to stay in or close to the downtown area.

Known as the North End, this is the only real urban area on the island. The beach here, called Spratt Bight, is also great, there’s a decent variety of restaurants, and it’s also where most of the best San Andrés Island hotels are located.

Due to the fact that taxis are pricey in San Andrés (much higher than the rest of Colombia), I recommend most people stay at a San Andrés hotel in this area.

Photo of a beach front with buildings and people on the beach near the downtown San Andres Island hotels.
You’ll find some of the best beaches and best San Andres Island resorts around the downtown area known as the North End, on, you guessed it, the northern coast of the island.

There are a few nice San Andrés Island resorts farther down the eastern coast of the island, where you’ll find more beaches. The area from about halfway down the east side where the beach of Rocky Cay is located north works well and there are some nice, more isolated San Andrés resorts here.

This could be a good area for those looking for pure rest and relaxation or coming for slightly longer stays.

Below that, you’ll find the area of San Luis, which has a local vibe. There are some decent cheaper apartments around here, but I think most people will enjoy staying in the area north of here where the beaches are nicer and there is more to do nearby.

Finally, as well the west side of the island does not have any beaches. I’ve included one San Andrés hotel here that I think has a great property but is really only for those that want to be a bit more secluded and perhaps are doing a longer stay.

The nice thing about San Andrés as well is you can rent golf carts and easily go around the islands and hit all the other beaches. Doing that really is a must do while visiting.

It’s also one of the reasons why I’d recommend picking a resort in San Andrés Island on the North End. It’s just so easy to see the other beaches for a day without having to sacrifice the easy access to restaurants and excursions that leave out of the “downtown” area.

Photo of a girl sitting on the hood of a golf cart in front of palm trees and the Caribbean near the best San Andres hotels.
Renting a golf cart is a must do and makes it easy to get around San Andrés, regardless of which hotel in San Andrés you stay at.

Top 11 Hotels in San Andrés, Colombia

Ok, without further ado, let’s get into this list of the nicest San Andrés, Colombia hotels.

This is a top 11 because, well, everyone does top 10s, 11 has a special significance for Cartagena (this site is mostly about it after all) since it declared its independence on November 11, 1811 (11/11/11), and I think you deserve just a bit more.

One final note, I did include higher end properties here. It might be worth pointing out that there are not any true 5 star quality hotels on San Andrés, so most of these are more similar to 4 star or nice 3 star places.

I did include a few options for all inclusive resorts in San Andrés on this list as well. Particularly if you are staying at a San Andrés resort outside the North End, doing a San Andrés all inclusive can be a good idea since there are more limited restaurant options nearby.

1. Hotel Casablanca – Best Combo of Quality, Location, and Value

I’ve decided to put Hotel Casablanca first on this list because I think it has a nice blend of quality and value, and it has as good a location as any San Andrés, Colombia resort.

It’s right on the beach of Spratt Bight but is far enough down the strip so that you’ll generally see less crowds. There are still some shops close by, and the restaurants here are quite good.

In fact, Susana and I ate at their Sea Watch Cafe here several times even though we weren’t staying here. (Also, whether you stay at this San Andrés hotel or not, be sure to hit the homestyle food tables set up on the corner nearby for lunch and definitely sample the crab empanadas!).

The rooms here are very solid and comfortable with a touch of elegance. There is a decent pool on site, and they have the option to do it all inclusive or not. That, in my opinion, makes it a good blend of nice and flexible, and for that reason, it is my number one choice for a hotel in San Andrés Island, Colombia.

2. Decameron Isleño – Best of the Decameron Hotels in San Andrés

Decameron runs a chain of all inclusive resorts around Colombia and elsewhere in Latin America. I’m generally not a fan of all inclusive hotels, but I think San Andrés is one of those destinations where it makes sense.

What’s nice as well is that there are 6 Decameron hotels in San Andrés, Colombia, and if you stay at one, you can use the facilities of any, giving you the option to check out some other nice beaches and restaurants at the other hotels.

The Decameron Isleño of San Andrés is I think the overall best of the Decamerons, although the San Andrés hotel pick below I think makes for a good option for those looking for a bit more tranquil or romantic trip. Isleño is located down toward the end of Spratt Bight, where there is hardly every a crowd, but it is still a less than 10 minute walk to the heart of downtown.

There is a great pool here, and rooms look nice. I also think this Decameron tends to get less visitors than the two others near downtown (more on them below), so there’s a good chance there will be less people around the pool and bar here.

3. Decameron Marazul – Best San Andrés Resort Not Downtown

As I said above, there are 6 Decameron resorts on San Andrés. Decameron Marazul would be my second choice of the 6. In fact, I tried to get a few nights here the last time we visited, but it was booked up (a good reason to make your reservations in advance!).

I like this choice among the Decameron hotels in San Andrés, Colombia best especially for a relaxed and/or romantic getaway.

This San Andrés Island resort is located down the east coast of the island and nestled in among the mangrove forest. There is a solid beach, and the waterfront deck is absolutely gorgeous. Because of its location off the road, hardly anyone else comes here either, meaning you’ll likely have a near private beach.

I included this one because I think it offers a bit more of a unique experience to the other Decamerons and to most of the other San Andrés resorts on this list that are located around the downtown North End.

So if you want an all inclusive resort in San Andrés that is a bit more secluded, it makes a great choice.

Other Decameron San Andrés Resorts:

Some quick notes on the other 4 Decamerons. Honestly, I think they all make fine choices if you want a San Andrés all inclusive resort, I just didn’t want this list to be almost entirely Decamerons.

See a few notes about each of the other Decameron hotels in San Andrés and click the links to learn more (also keep in mind, that if you stay in one of these, you can visit the beaches, pools, and restaurants at the others).

  • Los Delfines – Located right in the heart of downtown, a bit of a smaller property.
  • Aquarium – Despite its name, it’s actually not by the aquarium but right by the beach on the North End. It’s actually right on a little point which gives some of the rooms really pretty views but there also isn’t a beach at the hotel itself, so I’d choose Isleño over it.
  • San Luis – Down the East Side, the Decameron San Luis San Andrés is a bit more secluded. I think it’s a bit too far from town and the beach here just isn’t as good, but it could be a good option for some.
  • Maryland – This one is located on the northwestern tip of the island. The facilities are nice but there isn’t a great beach here and it’s not that close to town either. It is a bit of a happy medium between staying farther away though.

4. Aquamare Hotel – San Andrés Resort in the Heart of Town

Aquamare Hotel is one of the largest hotels on San Andrés Island. It’s also one of the newest and most modern San Andrés resorts.

Maybe the only downside is it does not have its own beach. However, it is located just around the corner from Spratt Bight, just a short walk from the main strip and beach. There is also a great pool, so a more than fair trade off.

Rooms here look very nice, among the best in San Andrés. It’s also garnered a reputation for having some of the best service of any hotel on San Andrés Island, even with it being fairly new.

For that reason, for those that don’t want to do an all inclusive and can live with walking just a few minutes to the beach, I think it’s arguably the best choice for a San Andrés Island, Colombia hotel.

5. Miraflores Boutique – Great Quiet San Andrés Island Hotel

I think Miraflores Boutique Hotel is a bit of a niche choice for a hotel in San Andrés.

It’s located on the West Side where there isn’t a beach or a whole lot to do. It is close to the swimming hole known as La Piscinita, but there isn’t much else going on around here.

However, the hotel is absolutely lovely.

They definitely have the most luxurious looking rooms of any San Andrés, Colombia hotel. The whole place is just really cute with a sort of rustic decor.

There is a nice little pool here, and the hotel has bikes guests can rent. It also feels a bit more immersed in nature and quiet than you’ll find at the San Andrés hotels on the North End.

I think that makes this a good choice for where to stay in San Andrés for those planning a bit of a longer stay and for those looking for some peace and quiet for relaxing or a romantic getaway.

6. Reina del Mar – Beachfront Value Hotel in San Andrés Island

The Reina del Mar, besides having a sweet name (Queen of the Sea), offers a good value for a beachfront resort in San Andrés in a good location.

It’s located on the East Side near good beaches, right by where the Decameron Marazul is located. The beaches here are especially nice because, as I mentioned above, they are semi-private with not many crowds.

Rooms are also nice. They have a bit of cheesy decor, but look very comfortable. Prices here are also better than any of the Decameron hotels on San Andrés, so I think this makes for a good value for doing a beachfront San Andrés resort.

7. In Di House of Reggae Boutique – Unique and Cool Vibes

San Andrés is known for having an English speaking Caribbean influence with a creole culture and dialect among many of the island’s natives somewhat similar to Jamaica.

In Di House of Reggae Boutique captures that influence perfectly and offers a unique San Andrés hotel. It’s got cool, reggae inspired, but tasteful decorations with lots of bright colors. The rooms also look very nice and comfortable, more luxurious than lots of other San Andrés hotels.

The only downside, is the location isn’t the best.

It is on the northwestern side of the island. Still, it’s closer to the North End and downtown than Miraflores, and there is a great little pool here and some great ocean views.

In short, I think it makes for a great place to stay in San Andrés that is a bit unique if you can sacrifice not being right on the beach.

8. Hotel Arena Blanca – Value for a San Andrés All-Inclusive Hotel

The Hotel Arena Blanca by Dorado is I think a solid choice if you want a San Andrés all inclusive resort at a better price than you’ll pay for the Decameron hotels in San Andrés.

It’s located on the North End, very close to the beach, and it’s got a cool looking pool. So, it checks all the boxes for what you’d want at a San Andrés Island resort.

The rooms here also look more than comfortable, and there are shows and dance classes every night. If you stay at this San Andrés resort, you can also visit sister property El Dorado and use their facilities too.

9. Sea Avenue Hotel – Great Location at this San Andrés Hotel

The Sea Avenue Hotel was recently renovated and has a killer location right on the main strip along Spratt Bight.

That means it’s beachfront and also near plenty of shops and restaurants. The rooms also look plenty nice, and there’s a good little pool that overlooks the beach as well.

Overall, I’d say it’s a decent value too, and one of the few more modern larger hotel options right on the beach in the downtown area. It definitely belongs on this list of the best San Andrés, Colombia hotels.

10. GHL Sunrise – Best Oceanfront Pool at a Hotel in San Andrés

The GHL Sunrise was built to offer something close to a large, chain, 4 or 5 star style resort in San Andrés.

It is in a lovely looking building, just around the corner from Spratt Bight and overlooking the bay. There is also a wicked pool and dock overlooking the water.

There’s a reason I didn’t put this higher on the list of best resorts in San Andrés though.

Some of the reviews up on it are not so good, especially considering the price. Apparently, it suffered some damage from Hurricane Iota in late 2020 and was in need of some renovations that upset some guests’ stay.

It sounds like the hotel has a lot of potential but needs some tender loving care and updates from management. I would suggest checking out the latest reviews to see if they have turned it around a bit, but if it seems like they have, this might deserve to move up this list of best San Andrés resorts.

11. Dreamer Beach Club – Hybrid Hotel and Hostel in San Andrés

I wanted to include the Dreamer Beach Club on this list of best San Andrés, Colombia hotels as a good value option and/or option for backpackers.

There are a number of highly rated Dreamer hostels around Colombia, including in Santa Marta and Palomino.

The San Andrés Dreamer is fairly new, and it has dorms but also private rooms that are a bit more like a traditional hotel experience. There is a nice pool on site, and the location is also pretty darn good, just a block off the beach downtown.

So, if you’re looking for a San Andrés hotel on a budget, or considering doing a hostel in San Andrés, this makes a great choice, especially since there are only a few San Andrés hostels.

Photo of a palm tree hanging over Caribbean waters near some hotels in San Andres, Colombia.
Hopefully now you’ve got some good ideas for where to stay to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean of San Andrés!

Ready to Book Your Hotel in San Andrés, Colombia?

There you have it, my picks for the best hotels in San Andrés, Colombia.

No matter which of these San Andrés Island hotels you choose, I expect you’ll have a great time. Be sure to check out all the other content I’ve got on the site on San Andrés to make sure your stay is as awesome as possible.

Cheers and Happy Exploring!

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