Cartagena’s Independence Festivities are the top event of the year in the city.  A week long party, the main event of the fiestas is the parade.  It does get a tad wild, but having a home base along the parade’s route is a great way to enjoy it.  Here I’m going to show you a handful of hotels and rentals that would be ideal places to stay for the Cartagena November Parties.

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Photo showing a float with a beauty queen on it.
In these recommendations for where to stay during the Cartagena Independence Celebrations, you’ll find places that will give you a great view of the parade.

Where to Stay for the Cartagena November Fiestas

The Cartagena November Festivities celebrate the city’s declaration of independence from Spain on November 11, 1811.  Cartagena was the first place to set up an absolutely independent functioning state with the creation of the Free State of Cartagena.

Along with this first in Colombia status, Cartagena also earned its nickname of La Heroica for its valiant resistance to Spanish reconquest in a 105 day siege in 1815.  Its bravery helped inspire the rest of the Colombian independence movement.  The fiestas commemorate the city’s leading role.

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If you’re planning to be in Cartagena during early November, you should absolutely take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the city’s premier festival.  There has been a big effort to really show off the city the last couple years and I expect it to continue growing as one of the top events in all of Colombia.  Be sure to check out my guide for what to expect during the fiestas as well as the 2019 schedule.

Here though, I’m going to give you a handful of recommendations for where to stay during the Cartagena Independence Festival.  The best areas are undoubtedly El Cabrero and Marbella.  Both are located along the waterfront where the main parade passes on Thursday and are within a short distance of downtown Cartagena.  I’ll be going over 5 hotels and a handful of rental properties that would be good places to stay for the November Festivities.

*If you can’t make it in November, or just want a general guide, check out my post on the best areas to stay in Cartagena.

Photo from a balcony showing the parade below.
All of the properties suggested here for where to stay during the Cartagena November Festivities will give you a chance to see the parade passing in front.

5 Best Hotels to Stay During the Cartagena Independence Festival

1.  Hotel Astra Suite 427

In addition to their great, modern, and comfortable rooms, Hotel Astra Suite 427 is located just 5 minute walk from the historic city center.  However, what makes it a good place to stay for the Cartagena Independence Festivities is its great deck located right in front of where the parade passes.  A tad receded and only on the 3rd floor, it would be a perfect location to take in the parade while also not being right in the fray of the street (and of course, you could always go out in it if you prefer).

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2.  Hotel Isla Capri

Hotel Isla Capri is located a bit farther up the waterfront from Centro, but can still be reached easily in a 10 minute walk.  It also has a great deck area to take in the parade.  That, along with its good value, makes it number 2 on this list of where to stay for the the Cartagena Independence Festival.

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3.  Hotel Boutique del Mar

One of the newer hotels along the waterfront in Marbella, Hotel Boutique del Mar offers simple but nice accommodations that include breakfast.  There is also a rooftop deck that overlooks the beach and the route of the parade below, making it another excellent hotel to stay in for the Cartagena November Fiestas.

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4.  Hotel Aixo Suites

Located in El Cabrero less than 10 minutes away from Centro, Aixo Suites is already one of the better values in Cartagena.  The rooms are modern and nice, and there’s a pretty pool located overlooking the Caribbean below.  It is a bit higher up, so may not offer the best view of the parade itself from the deck, but the hotel is located right on the street where it passes, making it a good home base for where to stay during the November Cartagena Festivities.

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5.  Hotel Ibis

Although it primarily caters to business travelers, Hotel Ibis still has an excellent location along the waterfront in Marbella.  It has nice rooms, and is also a good value.  From the restaurant area, you should be able to get a decent view of the parade, making it another one of the good hotels to stay during Cartagena Independence.

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Rentals that Make Good Places to Stay for the Cartagena November Festival

If you prefer apartments to stay for the Cartagena November Festivities, you can look on AirBnB in Cabrero and Marbella.  Any that are beachfront will have a birds eye view of the parade, and many will have balconies.  Try to get one not too high up so you can see the parade well.  If you have not used AirBnB before, you can earn a credit on your first stay through this link.

Here are a few rental properties listed on that would make good places to stay for the Cartagena Independence Parties:

 1.  Luxury Apartment 3 Minutes from Centro

This apartment sleeps up to 8 and is located along the waterfront route of the parade.  The building has a gorgeous pool area that would offer a great view of the parade.  Check it out on here.

2.  Cozy Waterfront Apartment

This apartment in Marbella sleeps up to 6 and is also located along the waterfront.  In one of the smaller buildings, it should offer a decent view of the parade, although there is no pool or balcony.  Check it out on here.

3.  Cabrero Waterfront Apartment

This apartment is actually located in the building I used to live in.  It is just a short walk from Centro and it has a balcony facing the sea that is low enough to get a great view of the parade.  The building also has a deck area on the 2nd floor where you can watch the parade.  Check it out on here.

There you have it a guide to some great places to stay during the Cartagena November Celebrations.  I hope these recommendations helped you plan your visit.  Be sure to check out this guide to the fiestas and the 2019 schedule as well.

Cheers and Happy Exploring!

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