Bogotá has recently become known as a mecca of graffiti and street art.  Artists from the world over have decorated its walls, and the city has even commissioned works for some of its largest buildings.  Some of the coolest works and easiest to visit are those on the narrow, cobblestone Callejón Embudo.  Besides the colorful art, there are also some great little restaurants and cafes.  Read on for a guide to visiting the hip Callejón Embudo in Bogotá.

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Photo of street art showing a Tucan graffit in La Candelaria
One of my favorite pieces of street art on the Callejón Embudo. Read on for a guide to visiting and seeing it and the rest for yourself.

Where is the Callejón Embudo in Bogotá?

The Callejón Embudo (literally bottleneck alley) is a narrow, cobblestone alleyway.  It is technically part of Carrera 2 and is located between Calle 12b and 12cIt runs just off of the Plazoleta Chorro de Quevado where the small church of La Ermita de San Miguél del Príncipe.

While it is a matter of some historical debate, many consider this plaza to be the where the first colonial settlement was made in Bogotá.  Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada established a military garrison here in 1538The Capilla de el Humilladero chapel was built on the site in 1544 and was Bogotá’s first church.  The original church was condemned in 1887.

The Ermita de San Miguél del Príncipe was built in 1969 based on photos of the original church.  Today, the plaza around it is a trendy hang out spot for university students, hipsters, and tourists.  It is also the starting point for many of Bogotá’s historic Candelaria tours.

To head down Callejón Embudo to see the street art, head to the right down the alleyway facing the church.

Photo of the Ermita de San Miguel del Principe
The Ermita San Miguél del Príncipe, to see the street art on Callejón Embudo, head to the right facing the church.

What to See on the Callejón Embudo

The narrow Callejón Embudo is a bustling little alleyway that perfectly captures the historic, charming, and trendy but grungy vibe in most of this area of La Candelaria.  You can tell many of the universities are close by, and you’re likely to be able to enjoy some good people watching.

There are obviously a number of cool pieces of graffiti.  I really liked the toucan pictured above as well as a colorful one of a hooded indigenous man, and the Rasta art in front of the reggae bar.

There are also a number of cool little bars, restaurants and cafes in addition to the street art on Callejón Embudo in Bogotá.

We stopped in and had a great cup of coffee at Casa Galeria.  They offer a number of different forms of preparations (we went for the French Press).  The waiter gave us a good explanation of the process, and the coffee was delicious!  Susana also had a brownie sundae and my mom and I split a slice of carrot cake.

Casa Galeria has a pretty little courtyard and was a perfect little stop mid morning for us.  It’s actually also a hotel, so if you’re looking for a place to stay close to the street art on Callejón Embudo with great coffee, then check it out via booking.comI’m sure the bars make a great stop for a beer or drink in the afternoon or evening as well.

Collage of photos from callejón embudo.
Another piece of art, Callejón Embudo, and Susana in the pretty Casa Galeria Cafe.

Interested in a Bogotá graffiti tour?

Option 1:  A shared 2 and a half hour tour in La Candelaria.  Check it out on Viator.

Option 2:  A private 4 hour guided tour that includes visits to some of Bogotá’s best spots for street art as well as visits to alternative retail shops, bars, and vintage shops giving insight into Bogotá’s youth culture.  Check it out on Viator.

If you want to learn more about Bogotá’s street art check out this cool article from New York Magazine discussing some of the best spots to see graffiti in Bogotá.

There you have it, a guide to the cool graffiti on Callejón Embudo in Bogotá.  I hope you enjoyed it and it helped you plan your own visit.

Cheers and Happy Exploring!

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