Looking for a nice hotel in Bogotá with reasonable prices?  Check out the 6 Suites Hotel in Chapinero Alto.  We stayed there on our most recent trip to Bogotá with my mom, and we were delighted.  It was nice, cozy, and charming.  Even better it is in in a very safe area with lots of restaurants nearby.  It’s also a terrific value.  Read on for a complete review of the 6 Suites Hotels in Bogotá.

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Photo of 6 Suites Hotel in Bogotá
The 6 Suites Hotel is a nice, little hotel at a great value in Bogotá. Read on for a complete review of our stay. Image Source: 6suiteshotel.com

6 Suites Hotel Review – Overview

The 6 Suites Hotel is a small hotel in a former large house located in Chapinero.  It has, you guessed it, 6 rooms in the cozy little property.

I stayed there in July 2019 when my wife, my mother, and I visited Bogotá after visiting Colombia’s Amazon in Leticia.  While I know La Candelaria and its many hostels is a popular spot for young travelers, we were looking for a quieter area with my mom (and truth be told we are teetering on the end of our hostel days).

6 Suites really was perfect for this visit!  Our room was nice and cozy, there was a nice breakfast included, and the location was excellent.  It was perfect for our 2 night stay.  I’d highly recommend the hotel to couples or families looking for a place to stay in Bogotá.

Read on for a full review of the 6 Suites Hotel, including comments on the location, facilities, value, and overall impressions.

Photo of a room in 6 suites in Bogotá showing the bed
The rooms are lovely and cozy, making 6 Suites a great option for a hotel in Bogotá. Image Source: 6suiteshotel.com


The location was perfect!

The hotel is located in a former large residence in Chapinero Alto on Carrera 3b between Calle 64a and Calle 65.

The location felt very safe.  There is even a police station across the street.  Chapinero is a popular university area, and there are a number of cool restaurants, bars, and cafes within walking distance.  We felt plenty safe walking around in the evening.

We had awesome burgers the evening we arrived at Gordo Brooklyn Restaurant (see on Tripavisor).  We also stopped in and had a coffee at Bob’s Cafe (see on Tripadvisor), which looked like it had wonderful pizza too. 

We did go out to Andres DC (see on Tripadvisor) our second night rather than stay around the hotel area.  However, before leaving the next morning we did check out Amor Perfecto (see on Tripadvisor) a couple blocks away for a coffee.  That was also very cool, and the coffee was excellent!

Also nearby, there was a great looking wings and craft beer place called 416 Craft Food (see on Tripadvisor), and even a barbecue place.

It was fairly easy to hail a taxi in front of the hotel.  The only downside is the street is a bit difficult to cross due to traffic, but that wasn’t too bad.  There are also a number of shops and a few internet cafes close by.

Overall, I’d say this is an awesome location.  Safe, convenient to get to and from, and with good restaurants around, I’d highly recommend the hotel for the location alone.

Photo of a room in 6 Suties Hotel in Bogotá
Another room in 6 Suites. Image Source: 6suiteshotel.com


The hotel is very nice!  We got the 3 person room that came with one double bed and one single bed.  The hotel also has standard rooms and quadruple rooms in addition to the triple room.

The room was small, but cozy and comfortable.  I especially appreciated that there were some shelves to put your bags and store your things if you there for a longer stay.  The beds were also very comfortable.  With several layers, we were plenty warm throughout the night.

The bathroom was very nice and clean.  I appreciated they had shampoo and soap dispensers in the shower instead of the standard tiny plastic bottles.  While that did mean we couldn’t stash the leftovers for later travels, and I did actually accidentally spill the shampoo (don’t push up on the dispenser!), it is more environmentally friendly, which is good.


This is the best part of the 6 Suites Hotel.  The hotel was a terrific value!  This was probably the main reason I booked it.  A room for 3 for 2 nights at less than 300,000 pesos is a bargain.

After actually staying in the hotel, I feel even better about that value.  Given the solid facilities and great location, the 6 Suites Hotel is definitely a value in Bogotá.  Plus, there was a solid fruit, egg, toast, juice, and coffee breakfast included, making the value even better!

6 Suites Hotel Review – Final Verdict

Highly Recommended!  This is a great place to stay in Bogotá if you’re looking for a quieter and safe place to stay in Bogotá.  If you’re looking for party hostels with lots of other travelers, then go to La Candelaria, and if you’re looking for upscale hotels then check out the bigger names in Chapinero, downtown or Usaquén.

However, if you’re looking for a perfect happy medium, then check out 6 Suites Hotel in Chapinero Alto.  You’ll be comfortable, conveniently located to many of Bogotá’s attractions, and have lots of spots within walking distance.  And on top of it all be getting a solid value.

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There you have it, a complete review of 6 Suites Hotel in Bogotá.  I hope you found it useful, and if you do decide to stay there, you like it as much as we did!

Cheers and Happy Exploring!

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