The United States has passed a coronavirus economic stimulus plan to help offset the economic hardship felt by many during the current outbreak known as the economic impact payment.  But do US citizens living abroad get the Covid-19 stimulus check?  The answer is yes, read on to find out more about how to claim your 2020 economic stimulus payment if you live overseas.

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Clip art of a hand signing a check
Read on to learn how to get your economic stimulus payment if you are an American living in a foreign country.  Image source:  Pixabay

*Last Update: August 3, 2020 – Note that this article is focused on the first round of coronavirus stimulus checks for US citizens living abroad. It looks increasingly likely that there will be a second round. At the end of this article, you’ll find a section on a possible second stimulus, which I’ll do my best to update as we learn more.

Many who are waiting for their Covid stimulus for US citizens abroad like myself live in countries with mail service suspended and were unable to enter their direct deposit information. My check was supposedly mailed nearly 2 months ago, but mail service to Colombia is suspended. After calling to put a trace on my check, I was able to enter a bank account for direct deposit. See more about how I was able to do so in the section titled “But what if there is no mail service where I live?”

I will do my best to keep this as up to date as possible as more details come out about how expats can get the Covid-19 economic stimulus.  Also, please note that I am not an accountant or finance professional and nothing below should be considered financial advice.

Economic Stimulus for Americans Living Overseas

Officially called the Economic Impact Payment or Recovery Rebate, the United States will soon be distributing $1,200 to most US citizens, including an additional $500 for each dependent child aged 16 or less.

But does the Covid-19 stimulus include US citizens living abroad?

Do Americans that live overseas qualify for the Coronavirus stimulus?

So, there was originally discussion of including minimum taxable income limits or excluding those who claimed the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion from the payments, which would have impacted if US citizens abroad qualify for the stimulus.

However, there are no minimum income requirements, taxable or otherwise, and no mention of any restrictions on the stimulus money for Americans living abroad.  That means that US expats qualify for the full stimulus check subject to the same restrictions as everyone else.

You can see more about who is and is not eligible at this FAQ page from the IRS.  That page has been updated now to include an explicit statement that US citizens abroad are eligible for the stimulus payment.

The exact words are as follows:  “Yes, U.S. citizens living outside the country are eligible for the Payment.  Anyone eligible to file Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR is an eligible person if they have a valid SSN and can’t be claimed as a dependent of another taxpayer.  Nonresident aliens who file or would file Form 1040-NR or Form 1040-NR-EZ are not eligible for the Payment.”

You can find that confirmation of the stimulus check for US citizens abroad under the section EIP Eligibility and General Information in question 8 on the FAQ page linked above. That page has changed a couple times, so if that becomes out of date due to further changes I apologize. Still it confirms that you should indeed get a stimulus payment as a US taxpayer abroad.

So, yes, US citizens who live abroad are definitely eligible to receive the 2020 stimulus check.   This is not without precedent as stimulus money for US expats was also provided in 2008, as long as they met certain minimum income requirements. One of the requirements for receiving the stimulus if you live abroad is to be sure you have filed your tax returns for 2019 or 2018.

Note: If you need to file, make sure you use e-File as the IRS has stated that it will not be processing paper returns right now, so it could be sometime.  You can get up to 50% off filing electronically and you may even qualify for free e-File.

Continue reading to find out what you need to do to get the stimulus money if you are an American living abroad.

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US expats do in fact qualify for the 2020 economic stimulus.  Image Source:  Pixabay

Who Qualifies for the Covid-19 Economic Stimulus Payments?

Below are the requirements to qualify for the coronavirus economic impact payment for expats or citizens:

Qualifying Conditions:

  • Must have a valid US Social Security number (it appears this applies for the dependents you claim as well)
  • You cannot be (and/or have not been) claimed as a dependent
  • Must have filed a 2018 or 2019 tax return (except for a few exceptions, including Social Security recipients, more on that below)

Income Thresholds to Receive the Full Stimulus Amount:

  • People that File Taxes as Individuals:  $75,000
  • Married Couples that File Taxes Jointly:  $150,000
  • People that File as Head of Household:  $112,500

What if I make over those thresholds?

After those numbers, the checks so go down by $5 for every $100 dollars over the thresholds to receive the economic stimulus above you make.  So for example, if you are single and make $80,000, you would get $950.

For any children under the age of 16, each family will also receive an additional $500.

*Living abroad and worried about health coverage during the global pandemic?

  • Consider getting health insurance designed for expats from Foyer Global Health, which offers three tiers of plans.
  • Depending on your situation, you could also look into shorter term visitor or student insurance from VisitorsCoverage or travel insurance form World Nomads.
Photo of stacks of 100 dollar bills
The same restrictions for higher earners apply to determine if expats can get the economic stimulus.  Image Source:  Pixabay

Do I qualify for the stimulus check if I claim the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion?

Yes, expats qualify for the stimulus money if they claimed the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion on their taxes.  Again, there is no restriction on expats receiving the stimulus check whether they claim the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion or not.

By the way, many US citizens abroad mistakenly believe they do not need to file taxes if their income is abroad (I believed this for years). That is not the case. Only very high earners are actually liable to pay taxes, but you must file. Learn more about how to file taxes using the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion here.

There is an interesting question about the FEIE and the stimulus checks for taxpayers that live overseas. The FEIE allows you to deduct over $100k from your adjusted gross income (AGI), the number used to determine your eligibility for getting an economic impact payment. Therefore, theoretically, the economic impact payment for people living overseas could go out for those that make well over the normal limits. It’s not clear if the IRS is vetting the EIP payments for expats.

Regardless, with the IRS now explicitly stating that American citizens abroad are eligible for the coronavirus stimulus, there’s no doubt left that expats will receive their economic impact payment whether they take the FEIE or not.

Can people who claim the foreign housing exclusion or deduction receive the economic stimulus?

Yes, you can receive the 2020 economic impact payment if you claim foreign housing exclusion or deduction.  Like above, there are not restrictions outside of those that have to do with your Adjusted Gross Income, requirement to be a citizen with an active Social Security Number, and having filed in 2018 or 2019.

Photo of the back of a dollar bill
What do US citizens abroad need to do to receive the economic stimulus? See below what actions expats should take to get the economic stimulus.  Image Source:  Pixabay

How do US citizens abroad receive their stimulus checks?

What do you need to do to receive your stimulus payment if you live abroad?

You may need to do nothing or you may need to take action to receive the 2020 economic stimulus as an expat living abroad.  There are five possible scenarios to receiving your coronavirus stimulus if you live abroad.

What US Citizens Abroad Need to Do to Receive the Economic Stimulus:

Case 1:
You have filed your 2019 or 2018 taxes 2018 AND your forms included direct deposit information:

You don’t need to do anything.

The IRS will use the account information they have on file to direct deposit your check.  In fact, it’s probably already been made.

Do note that if you used one of the big electronic filing services such as TurboTax or H&R Block, and in particular if you received an advance on your tax return or received it in the form of a prepaid debit card, your payment may have been delayed.

My understanding of that is those companies sometimes have the IRS send your return to them, while they send you the money ahead of actually receiving it. If you used a service like that, it is worth following up and checking on, as there are reports some people are going to track their payments and seeing it’s already been paid out but not to their actual bank account.

Case 2:
You have filed your 2019 or 2018 taxes but DID NOT include direct deposit information:

This is probably the case for most of us waiting for our Economic Impact Payments for US citizens overseas, since few of us actually receive a tax return so there was no reason to include bank account information when we filed.

To receive the economic impact payment if you file taxes and live abroad, but did not include direct deposit information, then you will need to register a bank account for the IRS to deposit your stimulus money into.

How do I register my bank account information with the IRS to receive the stimulus if I live abroad?

There is a an online portal to enter your bank account information for people for whom the IRS does not have a bank account on file to register one for direct deposit of the economic stimulus.  

The portal is now live here.

After clicking Get My Payment, you will have to enter the following:

  • Your Social Security #
  • Your date of birth
  • Your address as it appears on your 2018 or 2019 return
  • Your zip code

The IRS portal to register for direct deposit is giving me an error message.  What do I do?

I couldn’t advance successfully in the Get My Payment Portal until about mid May weeks of getting an error message saying either the IRS couldn’t determine my eligibility or the information submitted doesn’t match the information on file.

From comments below, it looks like this was happening to others as well.  In fact, it seems like this was happening to practically everybody trying to register their bank account information to receive the economic stimulus living in a foreign country.

Finally, around mid-May I was able to successfully get into the Get My Payment tool. It appears, although this is somewhat speculation and hearsay, there was a problem with foreign addresses or formatting before.

Lots of others have commented below that they are also now able to get through with foreign addresses! So it appears, it was some formatting or data entry issue with the foreign addresses after all. But, it’s finally fixed and people with foreign addresses can enter the Get My Payment Portal!

But what if my stimulus check has already been sent to my address abroad?

That is what the Get My Payment was saying for me, that my check was mailed to the address on file on May 1st.

It looks like this was the case for lots and lots of expats. From comments below, it sounds like lots of people have received their checks (by the way if you need information on a good US bank account if you can’t deposit the check in a local account, see my comments below).

But what if I still haven’t received my Economic Impact Payment abroad?

Just to be clear it’s not 100% clear if checks are in fact going out on the exact day they are scheduled to be mailed. So, even if it’s been a few weeks since your check was meant to be scheduled, it might still be on the way, especially given that mail may be delayed given the current situation.

But what if there is no mail service where I live?

If it makes you feel any better, this is also my case! Unfortunately, there is not currently mail service to Colombia from the US, so who knows when or if it will ever arrive!

You can see all the countries that have suspended mail service on this page (many thanks to Steve for sharing this in the comments below by the way!)

If, your check has not been mailed yet, the country where you live is on that list, and you can’t successfully enter a bank account for direct deposit, then you may want to see if you can just change your address to a US one, if you have someone trustworthy who can receive the check.

However, if you check has been mailed and service has been suspended to where you live, I recommend calling and putting a trace on it.

The IRS website originally had a note saying that people who have their stimulus checks returned will get another opportunity to enter their bank account information through Get My Payment.

Basically, it sounds like once they have a chance to process and update the system with the returned check, you should be able to enter a bank account for direct deposit. However, I was doing that several times a week all through June and most of July, and nothing changed.

Now, on the IRS FAQ page, under question 52 (as of July 28) “How do I request a payment trace on my Economic Impact Payment?” it says that for economic impact payments sent to addresses overseas, you should initiate a trace after 9 weeks from the mailing date.

How to Initiate a Trace on My EIP if I live overseas?

The FAQ page above says you can call 800-919-9835 or file Form 3911 to request a trace on your stimulus payment if you live abroad. (By the way, you can call toll free 800 numbers from overseas free via Skype).

Here was my experience when I called:

I was on hold for probably 40 minutes or so. The people I spoke with were both pleasant and helpful. The lady helping me told me once I put a trace, after several weeks, they would resend the check. She told me there was no way to input direct deposit information except for when you file.

That of course contradicts the IRS’s own Get My Payment tool, which asked for bank accounts and just wasn’t functioning in time for taxpayers with foreign addresses, and also what they originally said to do if your check didn’t arrive. It also contradicts what others have said in the comments below.

So I decided ok, well, let’s put the trace, and also change my address to a US one, so if it does get sent out again, it will at least go to my mother’s address and not be stuck in limbo with the mail suspension to Colombia.

To do the trace and address change, I had to fill out Form 3911 anyway, even after calling. So, you could just do that first, although it was kind of nice talking to someone to confirm as well.

Interestingly enough, the woman I spoke to told me one address and fax number, and the page lists different ones for addresses overseas and from my home state. I faxed it to all three! I also included my direct deposit information and did the address change on the form just to be on the safe side.

You can find Form 3911 here. Make sure you write “2020 EIP” on the top, and you enter 2020 as the tax period and leave the date filed blank.

I am finally able to enter direct deposit information for my stimulus payment abroad!

Lo and behold, about 4 days after calling and faxing Form 3911 for the trace, Get My Payment changed and let me enter a direct deposit account!

It’s not clear to me if the call and/or the trace made any difference. The tool still took my foreign address and not my US one, so at least the address change had not taken effect. It may just be a coincidence that the check had been returned, processed, and the tool updated.

Or it may be that putting the trace prompted the update. I don’t know. I do know I’m happy I was able to input the direct deposit information. As of a few days later, I have not received the payment deposited yet and the Get My Payment tool says it will update with a payment date when it is set. I will be sure to update once I do get it to give an idea of turn around (as of 8 days later, there is no payment date listed).

Another useful resource may be this Facebook group that Amy Mortenson from the comments below started for those of us waiting for stimulus payments in countries with mail suspended.

What happens if I don’t register a bank account for direct deposit of my stimulus?

According to the IRS, if you do not register an account for direct deposit, they will mail your check to the address on your 2019 (or 2018) return.

Comments below and people now successfully getting through on the portal indicates they will in fact mail it to foreign addresses, although service to some countries are currently suspended (see the link above).

So it sounds like direct deposit is hands down the best way for how Americans who live in foreign countries can receive their stimulus payments.

Can I receive the stimulus payment in a foreign bank account?

No, the IRS cannot deposit the economic impact payment into a foreign bank account. Thanks to Stephen in the comments below for sharing this page, where you can see it states the IRS cannot direct deposit funds in a foreign bank account. So we now have a definitive negative answer to that question.

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Can I receive my stimulus into another person’s bank account?

I’ve had a lot of people ask this in the comments. It makes sense if you don’t have a US bank account and you are unable to get it into a foreign one.

Theoretically, there are lots of US residents without bank accounts, so it seems to follow if you consent to it going to another account, there shouldn’t be an issue.

However, given stories of fraud and scams, I would lean towards this probably not working, not because you wouldn’t be able to enter another bank account, but because the bank might reject the deposit in another person’s name. However, that’s speculation on my part. If anyone has tried this, let us know how it went in the comments!

Update (August 3): Someone in the comments below confirmed they were able to successfully enter another person’s bank account and receive their payment there. So, disregard what I said above.

If you do decide to go this route, you’ll want a way for that person to transfer or send you the money. Below are several good options for sending money abroad:

Reportedly, some fintech apps like PayPal (which owns Venmo) and Square Cash App are also allowing account holders to receive their stimulus payments there and can provide you with a routing number. So if you don’t have a US bank account but one of those, it is also an option.

Also, the IRS has sent out at least some payments as prepaid debit cards instead of checks. It’s not clear how they decide which to send, and if you can use a US debit card in your country will depend, but it may be a solution if you have no US based bank account. It’s unclear if you can request a debit card, but you could always try calling and asking.

Photo of a man filling out documents
Americans living abroad are eligible to receive the economic stimulus but they must have filed their taxes for 2019 or 2018.  Image source:  Pixabay

Case 3:
You have not filed your 2019 taxes and did not file in 2018 either (and need to):

Almost all American citizens, even expats have to file taxes and report their income, even if you have no tax burden because you have received no income in the US itself.  (For what it’s worth, I didn’t know that for years).

If you did file in 2018 but haven’t yet in 2019, doing so could possibly speed up your stimulus check.  It is also worth keeping in mind if your income has changed and if that affects the amount you would receive (you can see the thresholds above).

So, you should file ASAP if you do in fact need to, and include direct deposit information even if you do not owe or receive a return.  That should speed up when you do get the economic impact payment.

If you do need to file, consider using E-file where you can get up to 50% off filing and may even be able to file for free!  *Do not that the IRS site has said it is no longer processing paper returns, so if you haven’t filed yet, you definitely should do so via E-file.

Case 4:
You are a retiree abroad who receives Social Security and do not file taxes:

If you are a US citizen who lives abroad and currently receives Social Security and are not obligated to file taxes, then you do not need to take any action.  

The IRS will pay into the account registered on your form SSA-1099 (where you normally receive your SS payments).  This also applies if you are retired from the railroad, and the account on Form RRB 1099 is where you will receive your stimulus payment.

Do note, that if you have dependents that qualify for the $500 payment, the IRS would not have this information if you have not filed taxes.  So if that is the case and you’d like to receive those payments, then you should file even if you are not obligated to.

Case #5:
If you do not have to file and do not receive Social Security:

I don’t know tax law well enough to know if this applies to anybody, but in the event that you do not have a tax filing obligation and do not receive Social Security benefits, then you must file a simple tax return so the IRS will have your information.

The page for doing so is now up.  Go here to double check your eligibility and enter your payment information if you are a non filer (and do not receive Social Security).

There you have it, a complete guide to claiming your 2020 economic impact payment if you live abroad, including here in Colombia.  I hope it was helpful, and that more importantly you and your loved ones are safe and healthy and stay that way.

If you’d like to know more details about the economic stimulus bill passed by Congress, check out this great FAQ from the New York Times.  In addition to the page linked earlier, there’s also this one from the IRS that has good information on eligibility and what people should do to be able to claim the economic impact payment.

Will I get a second stimulus check if I live abroad?

As of the last update of this post on August 2, Congress is negotiating a further economic package. Most reports seem to indicate that it will include more direct payments, presumably with expats included in that second economic impact payment.

It is worth keeping in mind that the fact of the matter is, the only way the IRS knows if you live abroad is if you file the Foreign Income Exclusion and or Foreign Housing Deduction, both of which apply to the previous year. So, in theory, you could have filed that in 2018 or 2019 and now be back in the states. Independently verifying that is probably not worth the IRS’s time, so I would expect expats would be included on a second round of stimulus payments.

Some reports have mentioned that a second round of stimulus payments may have lower income thresholds but also include more per dependent. You can see some details of what’s being discussed at this article from Forbes.

Congress adjourns on August 7, so it’s likely we will know if a second round of stimulus checks will go to US citizens abroad by then (then again with this Congress it’s hard to know).

As far as what expats should do to be eligible for the second economic impact payment, I would suggest nothing for the time being if you managed to get the first with no problem. If you have not filed for 2019, you should as the deadline has passed, or if you had trouble getting your check in the mail, it may be worth go ahead and putting a trace and seeing if that helps you input direct deposit information to speed up receiving the second payment.

If you are living here in Colombia (or not) and would like to donate part or all of your economic impact payment, please check out this Facebook page where you can find a number of organizations helping to ease the economic pain felt by average Colombians.

Cheers and Happy Exploring Safe Sheltering in Place!

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Hi all, just a quick note. This post really took off in ways I honestly didn’t expect. I’m so glad it has been helpful for people, and I just want to thank everyone who has shared their experience in the comments and been nice enough to help each other out. It’s nice to see, and even when discussing the IRS, there hasn’t been any name calling!

If you’re now able to successfully get your payment, I’m glad, and if you ever want to come visit Cartagena or Colombia, I hope you’ll consider coming back to the site to help plan your trip. If you’re like me and your check was mailed to an address in a country where USPS has suspended service, then well I guess the saga continues!

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  1. Dana Muhaisen

    Can you please tell me where you will be providing the portal link to the IRS page,where you can provide your direct deposit information for Americans living abroad? For the stimulus?I know it’s not up yet but just curious where it will be on here.

    1. Hi Dana. I will put it there in that section on what to do if you have filed but the IRS doesn’t have your bank account information. Hopefully it will be up soon!

      1. sonia

        Hi Adam! I received my 1200$ check but I don’t have any open accounts in the USA because I moved to Europe. 5 months ago right before this devastating situation. Can my friend cash out my check or better to send me by mail ? can I cash the Check, out of USA? I live in Moldova it is possible?

        1. Ania

          Hi Sonia,
          It it usually possible to cash US checks outside of the US. However, it may take a while and banks may charge a fee. Before you decide you may want to check with your local bank in Moldova.

      2. Rebecca

        Hi! So, I got my check sent to my foreign address in France. The check is printed with the foreign address on the front of the check. Now, where can I deposit it? Can I send it back to my bank in the USA or do I deposit it in France? Will a foreign bank accept it?

        1. Hi Rebecca. This will depend on the bank I imagine. If you have a bank account in France, I would at least try that before sending it back to the US.

    2. Dave

      Hi Adam,

      We’re Americans living in France, and we filed a 2018 U.S tax return without banking information. Yesterday the U.S. Treasury app returned “we cannot determine your eligibility for a payment at this time” in several failed attempts. Today it failed again with a different message (I’m paraphrasing) we can find a record from the information you provided. I wonder if there’s a programming glitch, that overseas filers weren’t considered and the system can’t deal with non-U.S. ZIP codes. Yesterday we also tried 6140 FRANCE and 00000. Neither passed muster. It wouldn’t be surprising if our 64100 ZIP confounded the program, since in addition to France it’s a ZIP code in Pakistan and Finland. Has ANY American taxpayer living abroad succeeded with the app?

      1. Sarah

        I’m a US citizen living in Ireland having the exact same problem. I filed 2018 as an overseas filer and my accountant is in the process of filing my 2019 returns. The IRS does not have my US bank details, and I’d love to give them to them, but I keep getting that message (can’t determine eligibility…). Frustrating.

      2. Carey Fierro

        Hi, I live in Ecuador and get the exact same error messages. It must be a system problem.

      3. Octavio Richetta

        I had the same problem. I reside in Argentina. EXACTLY as described by the author. The message changed from not eligible to wrong information. So presumably one step ahead. The address/zip code fields don’t work. Very mediocre design. They should have a special page for us to take care of the nuasenc of foreing addresses

        1. Amanda

          I had the same issue for several days, I live in Norway where we use 4 digits for our zip codes. When I added a 0 at the end of my zip code it went through.

      4. Maurice

        Dave, also in France, zip 64570….. Tou are not alone, I have the exact same problem! In fact every outside US citizen appears too…. (2 may 2020)

      5. Ashraf

        not me mam!!!

    3. Ashraf

      Hey there,
      that link I got after they the said that my check was mailed on June 1st then 2nd of July they asked for direct deposit info. Let me just tell you now, if you have a bank account outside the US it won’t accept the info you put in simply cause the IRS cannot deposit money into foreign bank accounts. Trust me I’ve tried so many times.

    4. Rebecca

      I can’t see where to comment except in reply, sorry Dana lol. So I’ve been in Australia for 10 years never filed to the irs 😳 so I did this as a non filer. (I’m on an Australian pension) it said to ‘watch my email’ to see if it gets accepted by the irs. So we’ll see what happens. I’d love to get a cheque or something.

      1. Ilona

        Hi Rebecca… I also live in Australia and receive SS from the US because I was married to a US citizen and I also worked over there… I received my Stimulus check and took it to NAB in Geelong, Victoria…they said they could not deposit the check and they had to send it back so that they, the US, convert it to Australian dollars and transfer back to NAB via SWIFT/Text…I had to fill out a Lodgement Authority Form …then told it will take up to 8 weeks…since then I found out Bendigo back would have deposited it with a 25 day waiting period…now we are receiving a second stimulus check, but I’m not sure if I should wait for the check and deposit it to Bendigo or send IRS my new banking details, as i have read that they don’t direct deposit to overseas…it is such a hassle for us overseas…do you have any info…thank you.

    5. Jose

      Hi Everyone, im an expat in Medellin, Colombia. I received my stimulus check. but now is been impossible to cash the check. BANCOLOMBIA doesnt due it unless you have a “Cuenta Corriente” the check is less than 4 months old and it takes 2 month to clear funds. other banks are harder. I did try Paypal butI have a comlombian savings account which is not good enough for paypal. Can you please advise on what option I may have. I appreciate it.

  2. Don

    A couple working stateside that makes $200k AGI is over the threshold and not entitled to a stimulus check. Thus, it wouldn’t make any sense (to me, anyway) that a couple working overseas and making much more than that, say $287k but excluding $138k (so AGI of $149k) would be entitled to the full $2,400 – thoughts?

    1. Hmm, you know I hadn’t thought of that, if it is based on AGI, and that is I believe after the exclusion goes in as negative income. I would agree that no it doesn’t make sense, they at least should not get it. Don’t know if they will determine it differently for people taking the FEIE or if that is just an oversight and if it’s the latter if they will do something about it or it ends up being a weird loophole. I would think they will realize this as they go and address it somehow.

  3. George

    Adam I live in Europe
    I do my taxes in Europe

    I and my two children are American citizens with SSN

    So I filled out 1040 via taxslayer and Will be sending it by mail to USA

    It didn’t ask me if I make money abroad…..

    So I just put in zero everywhere when it came to income seeing as though I don’t have any income From USA

    I make under 15000euros…..
    So I easily qualify for the stimulus package

    Thing is I out in zero income everywhere on my 1040…. didn’t ask for my income abroad…..

    Yuu think I should include a copy of my taxes here in Europe?? To send along with my 1040?

    I just want to make sure I’m ok with the IRS

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hey George. Ok, so I’m not a tax expert so you may want to double check this with Tax Slayer, but to take the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, you have to attach Form 2555 (there is an EZ form too). You report your invime earned abroad in the box for wages, etc on the 1040, fill out 2555 or 2555 EZ, then in the line where it says other income you put in your income made abroad in paranthesis (a negative) so you end up with 0 adjusted gross income. You can take the exclusion up to like 105k.

    2. Brian

      Hello Adam. First, I’d like to commend you for your great website. If only the official governmental sites could be as clear and helpful as yours!

      Like many other expats, I am inputting my info on the Get My Payment page, only to get the error message that my information does not match their records. I was not surprised, as I have failed over the years to open an IRS account with my Canadian address. My feeling is that there are difficulties with their software in dealing with non US addresses in general, and is not specific to this case.

      If attempts over the next few days are unsuccessful, I will contact my US Senator’s office for help and report back any useful information I might get.

      1. I am having the same problem. I am living in Prague and filed 2018 tax return with bank information and received a refund via direct deposit . I filed 2019 tax return with no income in the US as I lived in Prague for the whole year. I haven’t received the stimulus money yet and the website keeps telling me it can’t verify my information. I think it has something to do with the zip code requirement as well. So frustrating!

  4. Stephen Langley

    Question about my 18 daughter US citizen born abroad and now working part-time abroad. Is she eligible for this payment too. My wife and I are American and file jointly and she is a dependent saving for college. I have two other children under 16 which I think will be included in our check. Here are a few more questions

    1. We live in Japan where they do not like checks either…could I have them send the payments dirrectly for the whole family to my USN bank in the US? Do they need to send it to a bank overseas? Last time we recieve a US check from OBama and had to mail it back to the US bank to deposit it.

    2. I have a 21 year old son US citizen who is now a college student in the US who just moved to the US last Fall and thus did not file taxes. He is not a dependent since he works part-time….how can he register his bank details with the IRS without a tax filing history in Ohio? I believe he will recieve a check even if he does not have a tax filing history since he is 21 and registered for selective service…Ohio resident but has lived his whole life here in Japan. Please advise.

    1. Hi Stephen. Ok, so my understanding based on whats been released so far is your daughter will not be elgible if you claimed her as a dependent on your taxes, of course claiming a dependent and her being dependent are not necessarily one and the same. Your other children under 16 yes should be included with 500 each.

      For checks if you and/or your family members have filed with direct deposit info it will go there. If not, they are going to let you register an account online but not clear when that will be enabled.

      For your son, make sure you have not claimed him as dependent on your taxes, if not he is elgible. Check the irs page linked above, he has to do a simple return so they have his address and bank account.

      Hope that helps!

    2. JC

      Stephen, I also live in Japan. You said Obama sent you a check? By this you mean the government has sent you a check in the past? I am very anxious to see if the US government will be sending stimulus checks to Americans living abroad, because with all the personal info registering problems I see no other recourse at this point.

  5. Jo

    Hi I’m abroad in Canada I have zero income so I don’t have to file
    The gov does have my address on my from my SSN but I need to give them my banking info
    How do I go about it?

    1. Hi Jo. According to the guidance put out so far, people who normally do not file will need to do a simple return in order to give them your banking info. Check the IRS page linked above, the guidance isn’t up yet, but it should be soon. Also, even if you don’t have income or need to pay anything you may still be required to file, so double check that.

  6. Jo

    Hi Adam
    Since I’m abroad they’ve told us that since my income is at 0 I don’t need to file
    We’ll see I guess when the website comes out?

    1. Yea wait and see. Im assuming youll have to some type of simple file but best to wait and see.

    2. Andy

      Hi Jo, I live in BC and am an expat. My US and Canadian income have been zero since 2017. I returned to school to complete my CPA and just graduated. While completing my accounting degree, I worked in cross border international tax for 10 years primarily with US citizens living in canada. Many were students or spouses with $0.00 annual income in either country. It’s very important you know that even with an income of zero, you ARE required to file an annual return with the IRS. The IRS requires all expats to file regardless of income even if they’ve never lived in the US or haven’t lived in the US for decades. There are no exceptions. All Americans Must file an IRS return.

      1. Mikolo Tolentino

        Hi! I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba! I filed my tax return since 2018. I’m still getting an error on “get my payment”. I’m 100% sure that I have the correct information except typing the correct format of the address. Can somebody help me that got their stimulus check living in Canada? Thanks!

  7. Mandi Onufer

    Thanks for the info. I do not have a U.S. bank account. Do you think a family member could cash the check for me?

      1. JH

        same thing here, no US bank account. But how can I endorse the check if I’m not physically there?

        1. Ty

          I have the same question!

      2. Rita

        Your are wrong with your information tried to with my Brother retired and living in Britain ,they wouldn’t cash check , Tried two different banks that I have accounts with nearly 40 years ! They couldn’t help me .

        1. Rats, I’m sorry to hear that Rita. I hope you are able to find a way to get it.

  8. Bob Graham

    Filing Form 1040 simply to inform the IRS of your bank account requires a 9-digit routing number. The first two digits must be 01 through 12 or 21 through 32. In Germany they use IBAN (22 digits) and SWIFT-BIC (11 digits). Plus, the requirements to set-up a Direcdt Deposit at the IRS includes a bank or other financial institution (such as a mutual fund, brokerage firm, or credit union) in the United States. So as far as I can tell, non-filers based on lack of tax-liability will have to wait for and hope that the Treasury portal has a form that takes IBAN and SWIFT-BIC. Otherwise, it may take a long time for a stimulus check — which may then incur various bank handling charges.

    1. Hi agreed Bob. As noted above there’s nothing so far that says specifically foreign bank accounts will not be elgible but I would be surprised if they were. And it sounds like even people in country will have to wait several months for paper checks. I would again suggest looking into Capital One to open an online account. With no fees, even if it is just for this it may be worth it. Plus it sounds posdible there could be another round of payments later this year.

  9. Dennis Piller

    Hi! My wife & I have dual citizenship (US & Australian) and are retired and collect Social Security from the US and have filed tax returns in Australia only. Are Social Security is direct deposited in our Australian Bank Account on the 3rd of each month. I presume we are still eligible for the ‘Stimulus Check’ . Regards, Dennis

    1. Hi Dennis. My understanding is yes you are both elgible and shouldnt need to do anything. It may be worth double checking once the guidance on registering accounts comes out but according to treasury, if you receive social security it should go directly to the account filed on form SSA-1099. Im not familiar enough to know how it works with foreign bank accounts but id interpret that as you should be fine but still I would double check.

  10. Madhav R Deshpande

    Hi Dennis,
    We are Expat US citizen living abroad. We Filed Taxes for 2018 & 19 as expat with 21 year old dependent college going son. In 2018, I paid US taxes and in 2019 I did not have to pay because in 2019 I claimed FEIE. Both these years my income was below 1/4th of income for eligibility
    Are we eligible for this Federal Stimulus COVID-19 package? If yes how much should we expect?

    Thanks & Best regards

    1. Hi Madhav, my understanding is yes you are elgible for the 1200 each. Since your son is over 16, you wont get the 500 per minor and if you claimed him as a dependent on your 2019 return he also will not be elgible. Hope that helps and watch for when the irs puts the link to register your bank info.

  11. Luis Rivera

    I’ve lived abroad for the past 6 years, I have no received an income and have not filed taxes. I’ve noticed on the IRS website that there is a section where I can fill out for people have not filed their taxes in 2018-2019. I am scared to be penalized for not filing taxes for the past 6 years even though in my head since I made no income I did not have to. Suggestions?

    1. Hi Luis. Im not enough of an expert to know for sure the filing requirements. In my case I work abroad and dont have to pay anything but I do have to file. With no income abroad I really dont know. I would look into that. I didnt think I had to file for a long time and did like 5 years at once a couple years ago. I wasnt penalized but again Im not a tax expert or financial advisor so I would look into it. On one of the IRS pages I feel like I saw something about people who are several years behind.

      1. Kathy Torpie

        Since FATCA came into play, American expats have to file every year whether or not they earn an income. The IRS wants to know about what assets you own overseas, including bank accounts with a total (in all accounts) of $10,000 or more. There IS a penalty (I believe) if you are caught not filing a return unless you use the voluntary disclosure (If it is still in use) that requires returns for the past five years.Look up FATCA requirements on the IRS site

        1. Hi Kathy. Thanks for posting! I think it should help several others who have posted. I will have to look into FACTA. Probably 3 or 4 years ago I had a friend tell me I still had to file after thinking I didn’t, and looked into it and sure enough I did. I filed I think 4 years together and wrote a letter explaining and saying I was willing to pay any penalty. Never heard back or had to, but I also didn’t have at the time that number of assets. Again to everyone, I am far from an expert and certainly not a professional and I’d encourage you all to do your own research and/or confirm with someone who is a professional, but looking up FACTA is a good place to start as I think many expats have a similar impression to what I used to that if you don’t get a W2 you don’t need to file.

  12. George

    I am an American who lives in Canada and files a tax return every year but receive my refund by check. We receive social security by direct deposit. Will I still need to give the IRS our direct deposit information?

    1. Hi George. If you receive Social Security, you should receive it in the same bank account without needing to do anything.

  13. martin

    I am an American who lives in Argentina, buenos Aires,i have not worked in a few years, no bank account, but i have a household address, my wife has a account at the bank, is there anything that i can do to recieve the Stimulus:,,

    1. Hi Martin, you may need to file a return, even with no income. We will have to wait and see once the portal for entering bank account information is out if you will be able to use one belonging to someone else.

    2. Elisa

      Hola Martin, tambien son americana viviendo en Argentina. No hago devolucion de impuestos porque hace años le escribi al IRS preguntando si tenia que hacerlo y me dijeron que solo tenia que hacerlo mientras ganara del minimo para arriba (creo que ahora esta en 10,200 dols)aun que no se si seguira siendo asi, estoy leyendo que muchos dicen que hay que hacerlo aunque uno no tenga ingresos. Para el stimulus payment llene el formulario especfico para los que no llenan devolucion de impuestos que aparece en la pagina del IRS, no puse cuenta bancaria porque tiene que ser de Estados Unidos que no tengo, no puede ser una en Argentina (y sinceramente no te conviene, por que te darian un dolar a 60). En fin, solo puse mi direccion de aca (vivo en Cordoba). Eso fue a mediados de abril, un par de semanas despues use la aplicacion (get my payment tambien desde la pagina del IRS) para ver como estaba el tramite y decia que el cheque habia sido programado para ser enviado por correo el 1 de mayo (entre varias veces porque me saltaba que los datos no coincidian). Estuve leyendo que ahora envian tarjetas de debito a los que viven en el exterior, lo cual facilitaria el cobro enormemente. Suerte con el proceso!
      Hi there, I’m also an American living in Argentina. I dont have to file taxes (many years ago I wrote an email to the IRS asking if I had to and they said that I had to only if I make the mininum or more, which I, living in Argentina, clearly dont, lol) I’m now reading that that might have changed and you might have to file a return anyway. For the stimulus payment I filled the form for those who dont usually file a return (you can find it in the IRS web site) I dont have a bank account in the US, and u cant put an Argentinian bank account (and even if u could,it would be a terrible option cause the argentinian bank would give u a dolar at 60 pesos or so). I just wrote my home address (I live in Cordoba). That was in mid april. Three weeks later I used the Get My Payment tool (directly from the IRS web) and it said that my check had been scheduled to be sent on May 1 (fingers crossed!). These couple of days I’ve been reading about the EIP debit card, and that many americans living abroad were going to get it (those without a bank account in the US and that hadnt received a paper check yet), that would make getting the money way easier. Hope u can get it!

      I want to thank you Adam! I got to your blog looking for information on the EIP and it’s been of great help to process my payment. So again, thank you so much!! Greetings from Cordoba, Argentina.

  14. Michael

    I am an American citizen with a ssn. My wife is a Mexican citizen and has an itin. We file married filling jointly. Will I still be eligible for a stimulus check in spite of the fact my wife doesn’t have a ssn?

    1. Hi Michael. So, I am not a professional, and you should see if you can double check this with someone who is, but I would think, yes, you are eligible, but your wife may not be since the guidance up on the IRS site about eligibility explicitly states you must have a valid SS #. There’s no mention of itins. Then again the guidance for filing jointly says the nonresident is treated as a resident. I guess maybe I’d say don’t count on 2 checks and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

    2. Antares Pronk

      Hey Michael, I read today that filing jointly where one has an ITIN then no stimulus check will be given at all. Let me know if I’m wrong, because I’m still waiting on mine (German wife). Let me know if you’ve received one.

  15. Johnny

    Hey Adam- I fall under your case 2 category (filed but did not provide bank info as there was no refund to receive). I checked the IRS site and the “Get My Payment” link seems to be live, which is where one should update the bank account info. The site asks for SSN, DOB, address and zip. I filled these out but the response is “Payment Status not Available”. Do you have any info on what this may mean, or if other users in my situation experience the same thing?

    1. Hey Johnny, thanks for letting me know it’s live! It must have gone up sometime yesterday after I updated the article. I just tried to do it myself and got the same message. Hopefully that just means they are still working on processing. Let’s keep trying over the next few days and see what happens.

    2. Kim M

      I received the same message. I live in Canada and do file a return every year. I’m a bit curious about the very first line under “who is eligible” that says U.S. Residents. I also do not provide bank account info because I don’t receive a refund nor do I pay. I did receive a random treasury check last year for $132 for some sort of “overpayment”. So I’m hopeful the check will get to me if we are in fact going to receive it. I deal with BMO and they were able to cash it although they did “hold” the money for 30 days to make sure the check was legit.

      1. So I tried myself just now, and got a message saying payment status not available. It sounds like it could be a hang up/glitch with the site just being rolled out as a google search seems to show it’s happening to a lot of people. So hopefully they will iron it out over the next day or two.

    3. Didi

      I am in the UK and fall in your category 2. I get the same message “Payment Status Not Available: According to information that we have on file, we cannot determine your eligibility for a payment at this time.” I suspect for some of us it has to do with the app not being able to process foreign addresses. I do know people in the US get the same message though so it might be a response to a number of issues.

  16. Marv

    Hello Adam,

    I keep seeing sites telling US citizens with ssn # can be eligible for the stimulus payment. But I have not read anywhere on the IRS website that this confirm nor deny it. (unless I missed it). Other then it’s says US residents.

    I have not seen nor have found where I can read the bill that has been put though. I’m living in the U.K. for the last 11 years. File my Fed tax every year, but don’t earn enough to pay taxes on it.

    Thank for this page and your input!



    1. Hi Marv,

      Yea, it’s a little ambiguous. Based on what I’ve read elsewhere and the fact that people abroad that met the qualifications got the stimulus last time leads me to feel fairly confident it will be the case this time around as well. My theory is that the “test” for someone living abroad would be taking the FEIE, but there are a couple issues with excluding people from the stimulus for taking it, even if the intention is to provide it for people in the US only. First, you’re taking it on your taxes from last year, what if you are in the US now? The idea is you are getting money so you spend it, so would those people not get it? What if you way you’re in the US now, who verifies that and how? Also, for people not abroad the whole year and only applying it to part of their income, what happens? So, they could somehow verify where people are now and pour over documents to determine percentages or whatever, which I’m theorizing is more costly than just giving it to people abroad.

      1. Ron

        The portal is up now. But I am not listed. Ex-pat living in Philippines, filed joint 2019 return with wife having ITIN (NRA).

  17. Brian

    Hi All – Did anyone have luck with the Get My Payment IRS site?

    I get an error message. Not sure if it is a foreign address issue or something else. It says:
    Payment Status Not Available – We cannot determine your eligibility for a payment at this time. For example, you didn’t file either a 2018 or 2019 tax return, or you recently filed and the return has not been fully processed.

    I filed both, so maybe they are processing the 2019 return. Maybe they never received the returns?

    1. Hi Brian. I’m getting that too and it sounds like others are. I googled it and sounds like it’s happening to lots of non expats too. Hopefully it’s just a glitch in the new site.

  18. Steffen

    Hi Adam McConnaughhay, thank you very much for your all the information you are providing here and your efforts!
    just to share my actual piece of expierience with this, and i’m totally following your logic assuming that the IRS may have more work filtering “us” (Expats doing taxes and using FEIE) out, then just accepting this payments to take place too.

    So, my case: Expat, Dual Citicen, filing 1040 etc since 2017, claiming Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.
    For now, using the give tool, i get the message:

    “Pament Status Not Available”
    “According to the Information we have on file, we cannot determine your eligibilty for a payment this time.”

    But, i’ll try again in a few days and would be happy to share my expirience here again with you.

    Best wishes from germany and thanks for you work, Steffen

    1. Hi Steffen, yea I’m getting the same message today, just updated the post sharing that. It looks like others are too, even non expats. And yes, I’d appreciate you sharing how it goes. Hopefully it’s just a glitch in the new site.

  19. Lillian Green

    Hi Steffen. Was wondering if any expat has tried using the Get My Payment with a negative AGI. I understand the tool unable to process a negative number (AGI) and to use zero instead. Has any expat experienced a problem or success in entering bank account information?
    My relative has filed taxes every year for the last 6 years while in Germany, so know their taxes on file. I am just trying to help them out.

  20. annalisa m lapid

    i am an expat living in the philippines.. i dont have a u.s. bank account. and paypal doest work here.. is there any other way to get direct deposit. can the check be sent to another persons foreign account

    1. Try the get my payment and see if it will allow you to enter foreign or someone elses account

  21. Valeria

    Hello Steffen, My husband and I live in Ecuador we are USA citizens and we are getting the same message, Payment Status Not Available – We cannot determine your eligibility for a payment at this time.
    We will keep you updated if anything changes tomorrow..

  22. Michael

    Hi, in the first line of “Who is eligible” on the IRS site it says:

    U.S. residents will receive the Economic Impact Payment…

    So, if you’re NOT a US resident (ie, an expat), will you still get the payment?

    I’ve tried the IRS site, but it keeps giving me the “Not Available” status, which includes the text “According to the information we have on file, we cannot determine your eligibility for a payment at this time.”.

    Has any expat actually gotten confirmation from the IRS site that they’re going to get the payment?

  23. Eddie

    Hi Steffen, I’m a US citizen living abroad for the last 8 years, have not filed taxes and from what I read I don’t need to because I earn less than 12,200 but I know I have to use the new tool to enter my basic info. I have some questions, how would I receive the money if I have no US bank account? I lived with my parents before moving overseas should I put that address in the form to have them send the check there? How could I endorse it so they can cash it for me? Appreciate all the help!

  24. Daniel

    Hi Adam, I don’t have a US bank account (it’s been closed) so no routing number, anyway I can do it via IBAN? Any other options? Thank you

    1. Hi Daniel, I couldnt get the tool to work for me yesterday so couldnt see what options there were. Will update once im able to get in and register myself with the options it gave me. If all else fails you could try the capitalone account if you have a place to list as a mailing address in the us. You can see my review above

  25. Troy Illinois

    If I have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), can I use Get My Payment?

    You can access Get My Payment using an ITIN, but in most cases, the law does not allow an Economic Impact Payment (EIP) for individuals who file a return using an ITIN. The only exception is when two spouses file a joint tax return and either spouse is a member of the U.S. Armed Forces at any time during the taxable year, in which case only one spouse needs to have a valid SSN.

    1. Hi Troy, Im not sure. The line for the Ssn does also say itin, so you could try. I think they may just put the two payments together through the account you listed on the joint return

    2. Robert

      Living in London, paper filed for 2018 but IRS don’t have my banking info. The Get My Payment button returns the same error we are all getting. Thanks for your efforts, Adam!

  26. Correy G.

    So, i’m in an odd position. I forgot to file my 2018 taxes but filed 2019 and was accepted by TurboTax 15th of January but the IRS still shows my refund as processing.

    I read on the IRS that past years must be mailed and cant be efiled and also the IRS website says theyre not processing paper returns currently due to Corona. I cant call the IRS as all is shut down.

    Im not sure why my efile has been stuck on processing for four months now but im assuming its because I forgot 2018?

    Im not getting any money back this year and therefore couldnt put in my direct debit info.

    I try to log into the stimulus check but its say my information is incorrect. I wrote my address exactly how it is on my tax return, with and without the c/o address I have but no success and also was locked out for 24 hours.

    Do you or anyone else have the same issue as me? Im not sure what I can do since I assume the 2019 tax return info isnt in their system as its processing and my 2018 is missing so they most likely have no information on me and I really could use that check right now.

    1. Hi, I was getting the error message all yesterday too. The irs has said that could be because your return hasnt been processed yet but it also sounds like it could be a glitch. Will try again today

  27. Joshua

    Hello Everyone,

    Just wanted to add my experience with the get my payment site. We live in Germany and file US taxes every year, but the foreign income exclusion usually means we owe no taxes, so the IRS does not have our direct deposit information. I tried the website yesterday and today for both my wife and I (total 12 different attempts) and always received the error that my information does not match what they have on record.
    I am not sure if it is the website, or if there is something special about the address from Germany, but I tried a whole bunch of iterations (SSN with and w/o dashes, with and w/o zip code, street address all caps) but nothing seems to work.
    Anyone have any bright ideas, how I might be able to find out what the IRS has as our street address?

    1. Hi Joshua,

      This is my case living here in Colombia too. Tried SS with and without dashes, including or not including the zip. It locked me out for 24 hours this morning as I had tried several times yesterday too. From comments here and reading elsewhere, it sounds like this is happening to lots of people. The official explanation of the IRS is this could be because you are not eligible, it could be because they haven’t processed your returns yet, or it could be because the website is overloaded because that is the default error message. How to find the street address I don’t know. I will try again tomorrow morning. If by Monday, I’m still getting the same, I’m going to start to worry and may be just do a free e-file online for 2019 (I mailed mine while visiting the states in mid March just before things started escalating with the virus, so maybe they never got to opening and processing it and they are saying they are not going to process paper forms for now).

    2. Adam

      Ditto here from Ecuador. Copy and pasted addresses from 2019, 2018 and 2017 e-filed returns, with and without punctuation and with and without accents… No luck thus far and, from what I could find, there is currently no way to either figure out what they have in their system or change it (since to change it, you’re required to mail in a form).

      1. Adam

        Update: According to IRS, “A9 . . . If you don’t receive a Payment this year, you can also claim it by filing a tax return for 2020 next year.”

        So, that at least lets me know that we expats aren’t going to be SOL. May need to wait 9 more months, but it’s better than nothing. And living on ~$250/month, I’ll be damned if I’m going to turn down five months of living expenses.

        1. Tara

          This is interesting. Is it saying that if for some reason you don’t get the stimulus payment, then you can just take it off of your next tax payment (if you owe) or request the funds (if you don’t owe?)

          1. Adam

            Seems to be the case.

            Also, an update: Finally was able to log in… And discovered they mailed the check to my Ecuadorian “address” half a month ago. Of course, since there is no rural postal service (address is just street name and barrio) and, even if there was, the postal service here was shutdown months ago, the check will never arrive. Also, there’s no ability to add/update bank account info in case check is returned to sender or additional stimulus payments are authorized.

          2. Geoff

            Good news! The IRS Get My Payment tool now says that my wife’s stimulus check will be posted to her Australian address on July 31!

    3. Michelle

      Hi, I just got off the phone with the IRS precisely to find out what address they had on file. While they refused to correct my address over the phone, the lady was able to verify that the address I gave her was the one on file (I wasn’t sure). 18008293093

  28. Andy

    how about a foreign national (adult) living abroad with two children born in USA with SSN’s. No taxes have been filed because parent is foreigner….. so technically my two children (US Born Citizens yet still minors under 16) are not claimed as dependents anywhere. Can they get economic impact payment? Off course neither child filed taxes in 2018 or 2019.

    Would they technically be “Single” — and not dependent?

    1. Hi Andy, it might be worth confirming with a professional, but my interpretation from whats on the irs site would say no as a work elgible ss # is one of the prerequisites. One of the critiques of the bill is that many dependents over 16 wont get payments nor will their parents get the 500.

      However there doesnt appear to be a minimum age to file a return but i would think labor laws would prevent anyone under 16 from having income to file a return. Theres I guess an interesting theory there depending on the meaning of a work eligible ss #.

  29. Angelica

    Hi, Adam, i live in colombia but I don’t have a bank account, can they send the checks to a foreign address? Also, you talked about a capital one online account, can u please tell us a little more about it, like how do you get your money out, do they give u a card? Thank you for your help

    1. Hi Angelica. Its not clear if they can deposit to a foreign account or mail to a foreign address. Hopefully we can get through and see what it looks like soon. As far as capital one, you can read more at my review linked above but you do need to have an address in the us you can receive mail and the will mail a debit card there. Abroad that would be the easiest way to get money but if you are alrwady abroad you could look into both transferwise and worldremit also linked above as ways to get it from that capital one to your foreign account.

  30. Brian

    Thanks Adam, all, hope to hear we start being successful. I tried again, but think I have exhausted different ways of entering my address. Same result, Payment Status Not Available…

  31. Rod Giles

    I am an American living in Canada and receive Social Security deposited to my Canadian bank account. It was announced today that the stimulus payment would be processed using the banking information from Social Security. I’ll keep you posted if and when I get the payment

  32. Bernard Chang

    Hi Adam, glad to find your post.

    Three of us (married filing jointly and a son age 12) are US citizens working and living aboard.  After foreign tax credits, no need to pay or receive any refund for the returns, filed for 2018 and 2019 using Turbotax.  Try to use Get My Payment tool, to get the bank info to the IRS.  Put in my SSN, DoB, and street address (foreign) and got “Payment Status Not Available. According to information that we have on file, we cannot determine your eligibility for a payment at this time” message.

    The IRS portal says the street address needs to be a certain format. I tried the street address on the filed Form 1040. Not sure if it is the format of the address inputted that does not match the record IRS has. Our address (foreign) has no postal code either so I left that part blank.

    Would the stimulus check be sent to the postal address on my tax return (foreign address).  Any advice appreciated.  Many thanks.    

    1. Hi Bernard, it is hard to say. I would keep trying over the coming days. I am getting that same message although i file by mail but have heard from someone else that files online the same.

      The address format is a question I have too. If by Monday the same message keeps showing up it may be worth further looking into. Until then lets hope it is just glitches in a new website

  33. C

    Hello Adam,

    Just wanted to share my experience as well.
    I live in Japan and filed my Fed and State taxes for both 2018 and 2019.
    I e-filed Federal and had to send in paper copies for State, as I claimed the foreign income exclusion for both years.

    I’ve tried entering my US address, previous US address, and my current address here in Japan with no luck.
    The first couple of times I get the “does not match our records” red error message on the form, and then get redirected to the “you’ve had too many attempts” screen.

    I don’t know anyone living overseas that has been able to claim their credit yet.

    Am I surprised a federal US site is having problems?

    1. Haha, like I said, maybe it is a good sign some things are normal. I only know of ss recipients abroad who have gotten it so far but will keep ya’ll posted. Hopefully it gets sorted soon!

    2. Curt S.

      I live overseas, have a foreign address, efiled both my 2018 and 2019 (in February) returns with no tax liability or refund due (so no direct deposit info provided), both accepted by the IRS. Unfortunately, “Get My Payment” says “Your information does not match our records” at every attempt I make to enter the system. Looks like the problem might remain insoluble. There’s also the further hurdle, according to online reports, of the software throwing a technical error when inputting zero into the relevant field(s) in the case of those who do manage to log in and who neither owed money nor received a refund for 2018 or 2019 (my case exactly).

  34. Kim M.

    Well, at least we can stop wondering if we are getting it. New information on the IRS.GOV page.

    The question asked was “As a US citizen living abroad am I entitled to the payment.” Their answer:
    A31. Yes, U.S. citizens living outside the country are eligible for the Payment. Anyone eligible to file Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR is an eligible person if they have a valid SSN and can’t be claimed as a dependent of another taxpayer. Nonresident aliens who file or would file Form 1040-NR or Form 1040-NR-EZ are not eligible for the Payment.

    1. Hey Kim, thanks for sharing! I hadnt seen that yet, and youre right that removes any doubt! Hopefully they get the site sorted soon

    2. Martina Titus

      I live I UK, I don’t need to file taxes as I just live on my SS check (widows pension). I don’t have to
      pay tax, I have not received my stimulus payment directly to my USA bank account. I have applied but what’s the delay?, Question: do I have to fill out 1040-SR form?

  35. Eddie

    Hi Adam, I’m a US citizen living abroad for the last 8 years, have not filed taxes and I don’t need to because I earn less than 12,200 but I have to use the new tool to enter my basic info and get payment. I have some questions however, I’ve seen videos of people using the Non-Filers form its a basic form with basic info but when I use the tool I get a full blown 1040 form! what am I doing wrong? Also I have no US bank account, my last registered address was my parents house should I put that address in the form to have them send a check there or can I provide a family members bank account? and if I receive a check how could I endorse it so they can cash it for me? Appreciate all the help!

    1. Hey Eddie. Youll have to see what options it gives you, i have a feeling it may need to be a US account but the endorsing for another to deposit could be an option. I also read somewhere that paypal could receive it but not sure about that, finally you may be able to list an account in someone elses name as it sounds like it will be some time before paper checks start arriving

      1. Eddie

        Thanks for the response Adam. I was wondering however if I’m even innthe right form. In videos I see people using the toll get a basic form to fill out while I get a full 1040 form, do you know if thats the correct form I need to fill?

        1. Hi Eddie,

          Honestly, I’m not sure, it seems it wouldn’t be the full 1040, but since you have to make an account to see it, I can’t see the actual form it gives you. It seems like it’d be at least a 1040 EZ if not something even simpler, but I really don’t know. I hope you get it sorted.

          1. Eddie

            Hey Adam! I’ve figured it out with help from a few others, hope this info is helpful.

            To get the simplified form (instead of the regular 1040 form) you have to click on the “Start Over” button on the top right of the screen and then select “delete this form” from there it will take you to a page with 2 options, you will select the one on the top, that one is the simplified version of the form (for non filers) the one on the bottom is the regular 1040 form (for people who need to file their taxes)

  36. John

    Hi, Just adding my situation. I’m an expat on Social Security (and file taxes in the US). i haven’t received my check yet either. Thanks for your post and help to all. Take Care!!

  37. Austin

    I have the same issue that the GET MY PAYMENT portal says that the information does not match their records. I am entering a foreign address. No matter how I enter it, the message keeps popping up that information does not match their records. Has anybody, WHO HAS ENTERED A FOREIGN ADDRESS, NOT received the message that your information does not match their records? For example, has anybody who has entered a foreign address received the “payment status not available” message? Because that to me makes it seem it that in that case it is not an issue of your information not matching their records. If so, are you typing in the foreign address in any special way? I type it in exactly as it was on my return. For example, if your address contains a spanish word like CALLE instead of the english word STREET, do you type in CALLE or STREET? Thanks!

  38. S H

    I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to put this together as many of us are wondering how to get or stimulus money. It’s really clear and helpful.
    As many, I’ve tried entering my info and got the “Payment Status Not Available…According to information we have on file, we cannot determine your eligibility for a payment at this time”. (I filed for 2018 but without bank info. Can’t file for 2019 yet as I have to first file in Spain before filing in the US, which I can only do in June).
    I’ll keep you posted if I ever get anything else!
    Cheers and stay healthy!

  39. Sylvia Wood

    Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone in getting an error message on the IRS website. Please keep the article updated as you find out more info. Thanks again!

  40. Amanda

    This is so helpful! I just tried to “get my payment” today and it showed an error message but at least reading this I know I am not the only one and I can follow so as not to worry too much. Thanks so much!

  41. Travis W.

    Hi Adam,

    I just found your site while googling about their foreign address problem.

    I just moved back to the US from Sweden in Feb and turned in a Form 8822 form when this was still being debated in congress (trying to beat it to the punch) but it seems that it did not get processed.

    I read online that they are using the USPS address and NOT the 1040 address. Now I have not lived in the US for 10 years. Some people in the US (never living abroad) were able to use the USPS version of the US address to get in. So lets see if my parents address works. is the USPS tool to use for address formating

      1. Travis W.

        Will do, sadly it will have to be tomorrow though, as I also have locked myself out for the day (again)…..

        1. haha, im debating if it’s worth trying again today myself. Hopefully tomorrow….

          1. Travis wattles

            Well to follow up, that didn’t work. Still no solution for me to get in. No matter how I enter my Swedish Address (same for 2018 and 2019) it says that it doesn’t match the information that they have on record. I will keep watching here for a update on how people did it.

  42. Christine

    Just adding my experience. I’m in Ecuador and keep getting locked out of the site after three failed attempts at putting in my info. I’m not sure what they want for the address: zip code or no zip code? # sign or no # sign? apt number or no apt number? I don’t know anyone who has been able to log in with an ecuador address. I keep trying with different combinations but hopefully it’s a problem with the site that will get fixed.

    1. Hi Christine, I haven’t talked to anyone abroad who has been able to do it successfully either, so I think it’s a kink that needs to be worked out.

  43. Naveed

    Hi Adam!! If I’m in Peru what do you think would be the best way to receive the funds? Could I give the account number of a trusted person in the US? Does the IRS check the name of the account and such? Or could I just put the account number of a trusted friend to receive my stimulus money to then transfer to me privately? Can they receive more than one stimulus payment in the same account? Many thanks in advance!

    1. Hi, it’s hard to say for sure until I’ve been able to get the register form up myself. I would think it would be possible to use another person’s account as even in the US, there are people without bank accounts. But again, we will have to wait until the system is up and running to see for sure.

      1. David G

        Thanks for your reply. Please do keep me posted on this!

  44. Jenny Liu

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your site and the constant update you provide. My husband and I moved to Taiwan three years ago. We filed 1040 thru Turbotax every year since we left US, both 2018 and 2019 we didn’t have to pay US tax, therefore we did not provide our US bank account. In 2017, we also filed thru Turbotax and received a refund so we did include our bank account info then. I wonder if they would just use our 2017 bank info if there was none for 2018 and 2019? Anyway for now we also tried many times but keeps getting the same error message saying “payment status not available”, I think it’s because the system won’t accept foreign address? I basically just copied and pasted my address on form 1040 to the get my payment page but still no luck. Please keep us posted if you are able to get in. Thank you so much!

    1. Powell

      Hi Jenny, I moved from US to Taiwan back in 2015, has filed tax every year including 2018, haven’t filed 2019 yet. I am in the same boat, tried the “get my payment” link and no luck…

  45. Steffen

    Hi all,

    i just tried again to use the “get my payment” tool, with the same result like the last times,”Payment status not available.”

    Let me try to sort a few things:

    @ Lilian green quote:”I understand the tool unable to process a negative number (AGI) and to use zero instead. Has any expat experienced a problem or success in entering bank account information?”

    I didn’t had this error yet, but it would be interesting if someone could report having this problem, because than we would that an expat already managed to log into the tool. Maybe worth mentioning: I had the problem with 0 doing my tax wit free file fillable forms. The engine allowed to insert zeros, but the IRS was rejecting the attempt automatically. After i found out that the zeros caused this, everything was accepted by the IRS fine.

    @Joshua quote” I tried the website yesterday and today for both my wife and I (total 12 different attempts) and always received the error that my information does not match what they have on record.”
    That is very interesting, because i never had that error, and i am filling in a foreign address too. So if we assume the tool differs in its error messages, and the message “Payment status not available” relly exclusivly describes the given error, that woul implicate that the adress format has beedn accepted by the tool. but we dont know that, thats just an assumption. i wrote my german address just like this:
    11a Streetname,
    left the second optional line blank
    CityName Statename ZIP

    @ C quote: “The first couple of times I get the “does not match our records” red error message on the form, and then get redirected to the “you’ve had too many attempts” screen”

    Again interesting, because as saif i never had this errormessage, using a foreign adress as an expat from germany too.

    @Austin quote: “No matter how I enter it, the message keeps popping up that information does not match their records. Has anybody, WHO HAS ENTERED A FOREIGN ADDRESS, NOT received the message that your information does not match their records?

    Yes Austin, me! I just recieved the “payment Status not available” error message, as described above in this post.

    Interestingly, but i don’t wan’t to confuse things, and this is another topic, i get the “unable to register” Error Message and 24h bans trying to register to the online account of the IRS, which just seem to be exist since this year. and i think the type of adress writing is the problem there. But again, that is not the “get my payment” Tool, and was just a noteworthy information at the side.Again Adam thank you for this platform.

    Have a great time everybody, and keep on trying, i will too and keep you posted (-:

    1. Markus

      Hi All, From Sweden here. Lived several years in Sweden now, always filed electronically, never owed or got a refund. Mailed my 2019 tax in Feb. I keep getting errors that my information doesn’t match their records.
      I have a question for Steffen.
      First of all how did you enter in your information on your 1040? There are 6 boxes that can be used, if one has a foreign address. In the box: “City, town or post office, state, and ZIP code. If you have a foreign address, also complete spaces below (see instructions).” did you write ONLY city name? Essentially my question is, how did you fill in the 6 boxes on the 1040. If you could find that, it would give us some hints to how it is registered on their end.

      And when you say you entered in your foreign address into “Get my payment” like this:
      11a Streetname,
      left the second optional line blank
      CityName Statename ZIP

      Did you put CityName Statename and ZIP in the “Zip or Postalcode” field?

      You mentioned you have tried to Register an account with IRS (For transcripts?) and unsuccessful. That is due to it not being available for those with foreign addresses unfortunately (Can’t remember where on I read that). But it does help to see what latest tax return they have on file. If I enter in my information from the 2019 tax return, it accepts my address and gives me “other options”. But if I write the wrong address on purpose it says it doesn’t match their records. So it tells me that my latest Tax return is in their system, but that the “get my payment” has my address stored in a different way. I’ve noticed a lot of Americans living in US having similar experience.

      Thanks Adam for setting up this discussion here, it has given some new light on how this system works!

    2. Joshua

      I just looked at my 2018 tax return, because I do not believe my 2019 return has been processed yet.

      The format of my Address entered on the first page of the 1040 is entered as it would be if you were mailing something in Germay:

      Home address (number and street). If you have a P.O. box, see instructions.
      -> Street Name Number (street name is two words, for example “Am Dorfplatz 11”)
      City, town or post office, state, and ZIP code. If you have a foreign address, attach Schedule 6.
      -> Town

      The rest of the address is entered correctly on Schedule 6, as stated in the instructions. (Foreign country name, foreign state, foreign postal code)

    1. David G

      Hi Steffen, any news on this? How does transferwise work and please verify if we can actually use this to receive our stimulus!

  46. Ciro

    Hi there from Italy, we keep having the same problem as everybody else with “payment status not available”. This morning the difference was that for the first two attempts, it said that the information did not match the records. Then it kicked me out again….will try again tomorrow.

    One question I have though, is that while I included my foreign address on the form 1040, for e-filing turbo tax required a US address and I left my sister in law’s….I wonder if I am inputting the wrong address.

    1. Josh

      I have the same error message: “the information does not match our records.”

      Also I included my wife whom is a mexican citizen in the 2019 filing for married -joint. We were married in november 2019. She did have a SSN from working on a J1 in 2013 that is ‘Authorized for work with a DHS authorization.’ I’ll see if this is an acceptable SSN for the check. Also hope that if it is not that that does not disqualify me from an individual check!

  47. Clifford Ernst

    US citizens, as well as permanent residents, are required to file expatriate tax returns every year regardless of where they reside and the amount of their income. Even if your income is below $12,200 you still have to submit a return if you reside outside of the US. Along with the typical tax return for income, many people are also required to submit a return disclosing assets which are held in bank accounts in foreign countries by using FinCEN Form 114 (FBAR). There are substantial penalties for not submitting your tax return and FBAR report (if required). When you renew your US passport outside of the US you are required to give them your Social Security number now which is forwarded to the IRS for verification that your taxes are up to date. I found this out the hard way. My income is always below the filing limit so one year I decided not to submit a return. I received a letter from the IRS stating that I had 90 days to submit a return or I would have to pay a penalty.

    1. Hi Clifford, thanks for sharing. I think there’s lots of misconceptions out there about whether people need to file or not.

  48. David G

    Hi Adam. Is it possible to submit the routing number and account of a trusted friend in the US in the IRS page for non-filers? Do they verify the name of the account against my name? Also can an account receive more than one stimulus check if several people who have (similar to my last question) submitted the same account (routing, etc) to receive their stimulus check as a direct deposit there? Many thanks in advance!

    1. Hi David. I’m not sure, we are going to have to wait until it lets us see the actual form to enter the account information. If anyone has been able to successfully get in and register, please let us know if you can enter another person’s account.

      1. Eddie

        Hey Adam I read your review about the capital one 360 account. What is the minimum amount you can deposit to open the account?

        1. Hey Eddie. No minimim to open it. To get the sign up bonus I think you do have to put in a certain amount but theres no minimum to open or that you have to maintain and also no monthly or yearly fees.

          1. Eddie

            Thanks for the quick reply Adam. This is weird, last time when I was applying for the capital one account it went through normally but I stopped at the deposit part. Now when I went back in to apply again after reading your reply it declines me and I get this message after putting all my info: We know this isn’t the news you were hoping for. We declined your application based on information we received from Early Warning Services, a consumer reporting agency. Any ideas what went wrong?

          2. Eddie

            Hi Adam, I tried again and this time my info went through however it still takes me to a page where it asks to make a deposit, I don’t know how you got to open it with no deposit. I’m at step 3 and on top of the page it says “Let’s add money.
            Transfer money from another bank account.” And it asks for a routing number, an account number, and amount to transfer.

            There are no options to skip this part or fill in the info with anything other than what it asks for, I can’t get past this part 🙁

          3. Adam McConnaughhay

            Hey Eddie. I cant remember exactly because it was several years ago but O was able to skip it or do it later. I remember I didnt get the bonus because I funded it with a wire transfer from my Colombian account, which I had to initiate from that account not the capital one.

            This confirms you dont have to find it:

            I guess see if theres a small print skip or later somewhere or some other way to advance.

          4. Eddie

            Thanks Adam. I managed to open the account but it turned out to be useless, the acc logged me off and when I tried to log back in it wouldn’t let me without a verification code, the only way to get a verification code is through a US phone number registered under my name. I’m living overseas so thats not possible. I even called capital one to see what we can do and they said nothing can be done unless I have a US number under my name. I can’t even make transfers or activate the debit card without that phone number so this capital one account turned out to be a useless dead end. Any other bank accounts you suggest? this is getting really frustrating just to get that stimulus money

          5. Adam McConnaughhay

            Hi Eddie. Sorry, I don’t have experience with any others. Others have mentioned Transferwise as a way to get stimulus money. I can’t remember exactly how I got the Capital One up and running but I have the app on my phone here in Colombia, but yes I can’t activate cards without calling from the US. Hope you find something that works.

  49. David G

    thanks for the quick reply. Which form are you refering to? the “get my payment” button? Because in the Non-filers page where you enter payment info it lets you put any routing number and account number I believe at least in “step-1. Fill out your tax forms”. Thanks in advance

    1. Ok. Thats good to know. I would think at the chance of being wrong it would be the same.

  50. heidi

    hello,and thanks for a great site.This is the answer to question 14 on the IRA site where it is asked if spouses file jointly and one has a SSn and the other just a TIN nr,if they qualify for the check:
    No, when spouses file jointly, both spouses must have valid SSNs to receive a Payment with one exception. If either spouse is a member of the U.S. Armed Forces at any time during the taxable year, only one spouse needs to have a valid SSN.
    If spouses file separately, the spouse who has an SSN may qualify for a Payment; the other spouse without a valid SSN will not qualify.
    I have just filed 2019 and I am in this situation,and maybe lots more on this site.I am asking my accountant for advice,as it seems a bit weird.If anyone in this situation has received or qualified for payment please let me know,thanks.I aslo cannot get the “my payment ” tab to work

    1. Hey Heidi, thanks for sharing, someone asked about this earlier and I wasn’t sure what to tell them. Still no luck for me either with the get my payment page.

  51. Jack

    Here’s my situation. I am not even a *legal* ex-pat as I spend at least 5 weeks per year in the USA, and have a residence in the USA in any case, which I use for my tax form, bank, etc. I had already filed for 2019, and had $0 tax liability and had no pre-payments, so there was no amount due or to be refunded.

    I tried the portal on Friday, but the stupid system only allowed for the choice of amount due or refunded. I tried it both ways with the amount as 0, and it gave me an error. I just tried it a few minutes ago, and now it says that the check will be sent on Apr 24. This means that it will sit in my mailbox totally useless to me until I am back home in October (and that presumes the Coronavirus situation has stabilized by then), could very well be pilfered by a porch pirate, and in any case, will have expired by the time I could cash it.

    I had an inkling that this could happen, so I filled a form for assistance with the Taxpayer Advocacy Service, but I had not heard anything from them. I have been discussing this possibility with my Senator’s office before this, and so I have relayed this recent status, and am awaiting a response.

  52. Kim M

    One reason they give for “Payment Status Not Available”:
    The application doesn’t yet have your data; we’re working on adding more data to allow more people to use it.
    They may simply not have our data in yet. Maybe in the days to come. I feel like we wouldn’t be top priority.

  53. Kayla

    You’re amazing! Thanks for all this work and info that you put together! This is the best resource that I’ve been able to find! Thanks so much!

  54. Erin Threlkeld

    Your suggestion to go ahead and do your 2019 income taxes now (as opposed to July) as possibly a way of spurring the process of receiving a direct deposit is only useful if you are receiving a refund and you didn’t receive one last year, in which case you then have that opportunity to give them your direct deposit info. I pay them every year and even though that bank info is there, they will not use it for a direct deposit. I live in Mexico but use a US address on the form. Even with a normal US address, I am getting the message everybody else is, “Payment Status not available.” So it isn’t just for those with foreign addresses..

    1. Hey Erin. Thanks for letting me know. I figured it may help to fill in the bank details even if you dont pay or receive a return but it was speculation.

  55. Yen


    This is such a helpful content. I just want to seek an advice for anyone with a similar situation who was successful in applying.

    Here are some of facts in my situation;
    1. I lived in Asia for at least 5 years now.
    2. I have never filed my TAXES in the US as I’ve only had informal jobs to get by as I attend college.
    3. I have 0 income for the past 2 years.
    4. I have no US Bank accounts.
    5. I no longer have a US address or phone number.

    Any related advice would be appreciated.

  56. Yen

    6. I am a US Citizen

    I forgot to add.

  57. Sherif

    Hello everyone! So “glad” this portal is full of people that have my same issue. I would like to ask a question though: when you e-file as expats, most of you probably claim the FEIE so at the end they owe $0.00 and have a refund of $0.00. All the e-file tools I have tried won’t prompt the page to fill the direct deposit info in form 1040 and there is no way to insert them manually. Have anyone of you found a way or a e-filing tool to do that? Because I am waiting to e-file my 2019 return for that reason. Otherwise it will just end up like the 2018 return I e-filed and go in with the direct deposit info blank. I DO have a U.S. bank account, just cannot find a way to put in those info in my 2019 return. So frustrating. If you do have a way or use a tool that allows you to do that, PLEASE let me know, because I really run out of ideas and this “Get My Payment” tool just does NOT work for any of us. Please let me know ASAP if you have an idea to solve my problem, because here in Italy the economic situation is REALLY bad and if I don’t get this money before the end of the month I am literally screwed. I will be very grateful to anyone who can help. I look forward to your replies! Thank you all in advance!

    1. Shannon

      Hi Sherif,
      I e-filed 2019 with TaxAct, I’m not due a refund & there was no possibility of adding a bank account on the actual form. HOWEVER, before I submitted it, I clicked back and around on “Info” or “Additional Info” I believe, (on the left hand side) under Federal there was a line to input the bank details. It did not show up on the actual 1040 pdf though, so whether or not the payment goes to my bank account, we shall see. I’m in the UK, I have a US bank account, and I filed on 12th April. Also getting the error message. I hope this helps!

    2. Christian

      H&R Block 2019 (I bought it in amazon).

  58. Curt S.

    Concerning the Get My Payment IRS tool:
    Democrats Abroad have sent a letter to the Treasury Department/IRS
    concerning the foreign address/information doesn’t match glitch (amongst other things), letter which you can download here (

    According to that missive, the snafu’s the zip code: “Unfortunately, the
    tool will not let the user advance to the next screen without providing
    a Zip Code. Putting a U.S. zip code, non-U.S. post code, no zip code,
    “none” or 5 zeroes into the field gives you a message that the
    “information provided does not match the information the IRS has on

    1. Josh

      ThanksCurt. Have the same error message and waiting for info!

    2. Christine

      Thanks! This is helpful!

  59. Sam

    I entered totally bogus personal information into the Get My Payment website and the “Payment Status Not Available” message pops up. It would seem, therefore, that this response gives no indication of whether or not an individual’s information is matched with data on file. The response “According to the information that we have on file…” is misleading since the same message appears when there is clearly NO information on file.

  60. Victoria B

    Hi, I’m a US Citizen living in Venezuela. I turned 18 not long ago and I don’t have a bank account nor an address in the US. Do you think I could enter a borrowed US bank account from (non US citizen) friends or family?

    1. Hi Victoria. If no one could have claimed you as a dependent then you should be elgible. The bank account you are going to have to try once the portal is working.

  61. Rick M

    Hi, Adam… What a great site. Thank you. I too am retired in Colombia. A zero-filer (no tax – no refund) on Social Security (via direct deposit to my bank in the US). The Get My Payment site does not recognize a Colombian address even though I entered it exactly as written on my tax return (Calle 102 No. 78 – 10, Apartment 2201, for example) nor the six digit zip code used in Colombia. I tried a lot of formats, removing the apartment, the No., the dash, removed a digit from the zip code, got locked up daily after 3 tries, and nothing). Since I am a filer on Social Security, I should have received my direct deposit in my US bank with the first wave of 80 Millions, but I did not. Not sure what else to do. Even if the Colombian address is accepted (unlikely), I learnt from other zero-filers that there is another challenge since I owe neither a tax nor a refund (the only 2 options offered for verification). The IRS and SSA talk about SSA-1099, but SSA-1099 only shows my mailing address in the US (for convenience, since 4-72 takes months to deliver). My tax return has my Colombian address and no direct deposit information. Ideally I should just get my stimulus payment the way I normally get my SS benefits via direct deposit in my US bank. My concern if they use my SSA-1099 and mail the paper check to my US address and there will be no one to receive it till 2021…. or if they use my tax return and mail the check to my Colombian address, and that may get lost or cashed by someone.

    What are your thoughts? and any advice you may on how to write to (and get a response from) the Treasury department? Thanks again.

    1. Hey Rick. So Im not familiar with the SS forms but my understanding was that yes it should deposit automatically into the account you get your ss payments into. Do you normally receive them by direct deposit? If so I would sit tight for now, I think that SS recipients were part of the 2nd wave and it is possible they are still processing.

    1. Hey Rick sorry I have to approve the comments since there is a fair amount of spam too. Just got a chance to do so.

  62. louis

    Hi, Im a college student in the Philippines, and read about the terms of EIP, found out I could qualify to the non-filers form in the IRS site. Quick question though could I use my mother’s bank account, my mother also applied for EIP and last tax return she didnt claim me as dependent. She has 2 bank accounts and wondering if I can use the one she didnt use, to have my EIP deposit directly to that account. Or i have to have my own bank account in my name? Thanks !

  63. Sherif

    Hello again everyone! Does anyone know a solution for the issue I posted in the message before this one? Thanks again!

  64. Daniel

    Hello again, I live overseas, I submitted the form through IRS and it got accepted. I put my foreign address, no phone number and I didn’t enter any bank account, I un-checked ‘checking’ and ‘saving’ (since I don’t have one in the US), it said there that the IRS will mail me a check in that case. My question is, if this really goes through, would they really mail me the check overseas? and do I need to do anything right now? Here’s an excerpt of the email I got:
    Dear Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info customer:

    Congratulations, the IRS has accepted your Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info return.

    Your Submission ID is: xxxxxxx
    If you haven’t already, it’s always a good idea to print a copy of your return for your records.

    Check the IRS website for the latest info on payment timelines at

    To confirm your return status, log in to your Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info account at and select the “Check E-File Status” button.

    This email was generated by an automatic system that is not monitored for responses.

    1. Shaji

      Hi Daniel,
      How did you passed the first screen validating your overseas street address and postal code?


  65. Michelle

    Hi Adam, I’m a US citizen living in Ireland for the past 14 years. I have always filed (always with a 0) but have recently returned to work after having kids and now file using the 1040, Schedule 1 and Form 2555 – again with a 0. I have always filed by mail and did so for 2019 but I entered my US bank details even though I will not get a refund. Should I file through e-file as well or just wait? I only read IRS are not processing paperwork after I filed 2019…

    1. Hi, I think I would wait, unless you only mailed it after say mid March. It sounds like from what others have said in comments that if you e file with an agi of 0 it never gives you the option to put in a bank account so sounds like you would just be in the same boat.

  66. Tony

    Just thought I give my experience here: I’m having the same problem as an expat with a foreign address not matching their records. I e-filed with TurboTax in late January so I know they have my return processed. If you do get a paper check and have a US bank account, using mobile deposit from the bank’s app could be an option. I bank with Wells Fargo so I know that option exists for me.

    1. Hi Tony, my Capital One has mobile check deposit but it only works when it is in the US with the phone gps. Hopefully they get this tool sorted. Fortunately Im still able to work and will be able to wait until Im in the US at some point to cash it but it would be nice to have it before.

  67. Oksana Nikolskiy

    I’m a US citizen living in Russia. I have been trying to access the irs portal for already 4 days. It appears to not working and constantly saying they can’t check my identity.
    I’m guessing they have a glitch since I should be eligible for a check. I filed my 2018 return with the dd info on it and I also filed 2019 without the one. Hopefully the irs team would check my dd information from the previous 2018 year and deposit the money.
    Otherwise, not sure how long it will take them to mail the checks to all foreign addresses

  68. Elaine

    Hello everyone,
    First of all, thank you Adam for this informative website. I live abroad and filed my 2018 and 2019 returns. I owe money for 2019 so the IRS has my US bank info. However, I heard that the ‘withdrawal’ info is not the same as the ‘direct deposit’ info. Is that true?
    When I hear people say they put their bank info on their return, I am confused. My tax lady says you can’t put direct deposit info on the return unless you are getting a tax refund. My question is, can US bank info, even for a withdrawal (I owe taxes)
    be enough for the IRS to deposit my stimulus payment? Has anybody received theirs with that info?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Elaine,

      I’m not sure to be honest. Hopefully someone in a similar situation can give us some insight as I’m sure you’re not the only one with that question. And thanks for the kind words on the site!

    2. Robert Blackie

      The IRS website says that they cannot use withdrawal information for the purpose of receiving your Covid stimulus. You would have to use the online tool they have setup to enter your banking information for the direct deposit.

  69. Johnny

    This article here says american citizens who are married to an immigrant who does not have a SSN and file their taxes jointly are not entitled to the stimulus checks. Perhaps this exclusion also applies to those who file separately, but I’m not positive. Could be the reasoning for a lot of the commenters above.

    “But it excludes millions of tax-paying immigrants who do not have legal status — and it also blocks U.S. citizens if they file a joint tax return with a spouse who does not have a Social Security number.”

    1. Kenny

      Johnny, this is sad news.
      I am an American citizen working in Japan.
      My wife is Japanese, we file separately and she has ITIN.

      If this is the reason why I can’t get the payment, it’s just sad.
      Japan is providing something similar to EIP, I guess I’ll count on that for now…

      Thank you for sharing Johnny.

  70. Mensur

    Hi Adam,

    I live abord for the past 9 years and I was not aware that even if I do make under $ 12000 a year that I am still obligated to fill my US taxes every year. How did you file you taxes for the previous year at once, do you have a link for it, and the second question is is there a way that we can receive a stimulus check in the foreign bank?

    Thanks for your help

    1. Honestly Mensur, this was several years back and I just found the forms for each year and wrote a letter explaining I didn’t know. If that is really the correct way, I’m not sure. Dig around on the IRS website. As far as a foreign bank account, again, I’m not sure since I haven’t been able to successfully access the portal, but it sounds like you have to enter a routing number, which I believe only US banks have.

  71. Flavia

    Hi Adam, thanks for taking the time to deal with all of us! I also have a question. I’ve been living abroad for the past years and I’m filling taxes in Brazil. I no longer have a US bank account nor I did file taxes in the US since I’m doing it locally. I’ve tried to use the non fillers form but it keeps coming back because I did not fill the bank account info. What do I have to do in order to let the US know I did pay taxes and I (desperately) need the stimulus check? Would you walk me through, please?

    1. Hi Flavia, you may still have to file even though you likely don’t owe anything by taking the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. As far as the bank account info, it sounds like it requires a routing number, so has to be a US, I’ve heard you can also get it into a PayPal account, and possibly Transferwise. Waiting for it through the mail will take months, so I’d recommend looking into one of those options, capital one, or if there is another online bank option with no fees, even if you only use it for this.

  72. Joseph

    Hi guys, I’m an American living overseas. I’ve been following the conversation here regarding the IRS website problems for Americans abroad. I’ve been getting the same “Payment Status Not Available” message mentioned throughout the conversation. I would like to ask if any of you at all have had any luck getting past this message and through in order to enter your bank details. I’ve heard that there might be a glitch with the system that rejects a foreign post code in your address, and only accepts US zip codes. I, and probably many of you, only have a foreign post code and I’ve used it in my US tax return for years. So I’m asking: has any American abroad, with a foreign address, had any luck getting through the system and past the message “Payment Status Not Available?” Has anyone at all had any luck putting in your bank details and/or getting your $1200?

  73. Pablo

    Hello Everyone!

    I also have the same issue with the foreign address and the get my payment tool… I want to add my DD information.
    if anyone finds a solution please let us know.

  74. Cory

    Quick question, what do you guys think will happen if we use the Non-Filer form to get through even if we filed? I am not sure what else we can do? I read a few times on Reddit that they’ll begin mailing checks this friade, the 24th but that’s an issue since the address on my returns is no longer actual since I recently moved.

    Any opinions?

    1. Hi Cory, the truth is I had a friend here tell me he did that. He didn’t actually file (although he probably is supposed to), and he got the money. I’m considering doing it myself. Don’t want to get myself into any hot water, but it seems a bit ridiculous that they are getting the money more quickly.

      1. Wesley LeBaron Harris

        Have you had any luck? I’m just back to the states after 12 years overseas, and still get the same error daily. ‘ Information does not match’ etc etc…

    2. Kevin

      Hey Cory, I tried this a few days ago after many failed “information does not match” attempts. It looked okay in the beginning, the form was submitted no problem but the next day I got an email saying it was rejected because of this:

      Here is your error(s):
      Issue : Business Rule R0000-902-01 – Taxpayer TIN in the Return Header must not be the same as a TIN of a previously accepted electronic return for the return type and tax period indicated in the tax return.

      My 2019 taxes were already filed so that is the issue it would seem. I guess the good news is that this proves they did receive my taxes but still no luck to get the check. I am already locked out of the site today but will try again tomorrow to see if I can do some funky things with the post code.

  75. Josh

    FYI: I learned the hard way- if you file married joint with a non-resident alien spouse (either via TIN or SSN ‘work authorization only by DNS authorization) the US citizen filer is disqualified from the economic impact payment (1,200). Only way around is to file married separate. In this case you can qualify for the 1,200. Down-side in my situation would be loosing 1 year of paper trail for if we go through an immigration process to reside in the US.

    Anyone else have the same situation?

    1. Powell


      I am in the same boat, been filing jointly with my wife (NRA) for the last two returns. I haven’t filed my 2019 return yet, not sure what I will do. Although I am not planning on having her applying for green card anytime soon, so I may just go ahead and file as individual this year. Not sure if there is any legality issues. We registered for marriage in China and Taiwan, but not in US.

    2. mark


      your info ( “if you file married joint with a non-resident alien spouse…the US citizen filer is disqualified from the economic impact payment” ) seems to contradict other info.

      it has been reported that persons married to an alien, filing a joint return are eligible for this payment.

      however, it has been pointed out also that:

      “Millions of U.S. citizens won’t get federal stimulus assistance under the $2 trillion pandemic aid package because there are also unauthorized immigrants in their families. The CARES Act excludes unauthorized immigrants and most U.S. citizens or legal immigrant spouses who file taxes jointly with unauthorized immigrants or immigrants without a Social Security number, making an exception for military families.”

      i’m not sure how the USA gov would be able to tell who is an “authorized” immigrant/alien however….

    3. Powell


      I am in the same boat. My wife is a NRA, jointly filed 2017/2018, haven’t decided what to do with 2019 filing.
      We registered for marriage in China and Taiwan, but not in US, not planning on applying for her Green Card anytime soon.
      I am leaning towards filing as single in 2019 if that guarantees I will get that 1,200 payment, but with all the expats having problem so far, I don’t think that’s a guarantee.

  76. Cory


    So I was able to get in touch with the IRS (1-800-829-3903 press 1 and the press # multiple times so that you get connected to a person) and I was able to update my address to a US address. The nice gentleman also confirmed to me that paper checks will be mailed starting April 24th and that they are not processing ANYTHING anymore since they have been shut down. So anything mailed will not be opened or processed until after they open up again which as of right now will not be until after July 15th, 2020.

    So it may be a good shot to get in touch as I did above to correct any information needed. They will ask you your SSN, DOB, current address and full name. Hopefully I could help you guys!

    1. Tony

      Cory, did you mention anything about foreign addresses and why us expats can’t access the site? Have you tried using the updated address to access the Get My Payment link?

    2. Christine

      Cory, Thanks for the info. How did you get through on that number? When I call, it just says the office is closed.

      1. Christine

        Nevermind, I just pressed 1 and # like you said and got a list of options and talked to a real person! I also changed my address, so fingers crossed the check will be mailed to the US.

    3. Travis W.

      Thanks for the tip Cory, I tried it too, but it seems its on the luck of the person that you get. The person that I talked to basically said “F* off”. So, I guess it’s worth a try, but it’s the collections department and I guess they are getting many calls about this right now.

  77. Joshua Densing

    I have been trying to help my parents to ge there stimulus but the site always says not available. They are both senior citizens. 🙁

  78. Murat

    Hi Adam,

    First of all, thank you for your effort and this informative page.

    As Cory said above, I called 1-800-829-3903 pressed 1 and then pressed # 7-8 times:) Finally I got connected to a real person in 2 min. At least I confirmed my foreign address on my IRS file. The lady I spoke to doesn’t know why I am getting error while I try on IRS get my payment tool.

    Actually, I don’t know what to to do other than waiting or trying more. I finished my 2019 return. If it takes so long, maybe re-filing like non-filers is another option :/

  79. Elizabeth

    Thank you Adam for this incredibly useful resource!

    I am a U.S. citizen living in Chile. I filed my 2019 taxes electronically (as I do every year), but did not include my bank information as I knew I wouldn’t be getting a refund due to the FEIE.

    Like many of you, I am trying to access the “get my payment” tool so that I can enter in my banking information and hopefully receive a direct deposit. I’ve been trying every day this past week and a half, but I am always given the message that my information does not match what they have on record and then I am locked out for 24 hours. I’ve tried many different variations of my address, SSN with dashes/no dashes etc. to no avail.

    Has anyone had any luck? Or does anyone have any updates? Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    1. I am in the same boat and everyone else I’ve talked to is too. Interestingly I don’t get the your information doesn’t match what’s record error but one that says according to our records we can’t confirm your eligibility right now.

      1. Cory J

        I’m also in the same situation; filed for 2018 with my account details but filed for 2019 without my bank account details; apparently the IRS is too lazy to look at the 2018 return since I have not received anything yet. Using the Get My Payment site I also get the “information doesn’t match what’s on record” error message. Just wanted to flag that the site says that it will be down for a few hours here and there over the next few days for maintenance, so hopefully they will be fixing the overseas post code issue then! Overall, thanks for the primer Adam, this has been a great source of information, and I hope we can collectively find a way to fix these issues for expats!

  80. Ciro Cerretelli

    I am on the same boat, I thought the Italian administration websites were bad, but this IRS site is a travesty, what a shame!

  81. Robert Blackie

    There are some members of Congress who are working on behalf of American living abroad to fix the known issue with the Get My Payment tool. Today, a letter was sent from Rep. Dina Titus to the IRS and Treasury Departments calling attention to this:

    Furthermore, the IRS Get My Payment website now says it will be undergoing maintenance starting today and lasting through Saturday. I am CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC that they may fix the issues we have been having as part of this maintenance. Fingers crossed.

  82. C

    Hello everyone,

    I’d like to share my conversation I had with an IRS customer service representative this morning.
    After calling 1-800-829-3903, dialing “1” then “#” 7 times, and waiting for about 20 min, I was connected to a very kind representative who asked me to verify my credentials, then asked what address I’d like to have registered. I was able to successfully change my mailing address to one in the states.

    The funny thing is, he said the check is actually going out in the mail tomorrow to my foreign address. He wasn’t sure how long it would take to get here though.

    My advice for everyone is to call that number, verify what address the IRS has on file, and then see if you can inquire when the check will be sent.

    Good luck and stay healthy everyone.

  83. boop

    Get my payment is IRS (it really sucks)

  84. Kim M.

    The site will be down for maintenance for 3 hours Fri, Sat, and Sun. Let’s hope they do something to fix it! There are still a lot of people in the US that haven’t received anything yet so it could be awhile before we will see it.

  85. Alan X Wei

    Hi, all,
    My trouble is more complicated. First, when I filed my 2019 Return, the software recorded my foreign address without street info and I did not check it up; Secondly, the postal code is more than 5 digit where Get My Payment limit it to 5; Thirdly, I tried to call to correct it but nowhere to go as IRS reduced its stuff number and now no one answers phone call. Mail address change form would take months to process at this time.
    Any suggestion and comment? Thanks a lot!

    1. Murat

      Hi Alan,

      Call 1-800-829-3903, dialing “1” then and then press “#” 6-7 times and it connects you a real person. I did like that and confirmed my foreign address. I canno still access to IRS Get My Payment tool but at least I know they have correct address on my file. Good Luck

  86. Christie

    Following for the Get My Payment issue. Having the same. Frustrating. I can’t even get mail here where I am as the postal service is shut down (not essential), not that I ever received mail here anyway.

  87. Andrew

    Hi Adam! Thanks for all this info. I can login to the IRS page and enter my US bank info to receive the direct deposit. I am an expat who files tax returns but pays no taxes because of the foreign earned income exclusion. On the IRS page where I put my bank info, it also asks me if I “received a refund” or “owed money” on my last tax return. It forces you to choose one of those options and then there’s a line to enter how much money you were refunded or owed. But neither apply to me because I paid no tax! Unsure what to enter in those fields.

    1. Hey Andrew, honestly no idea, it sounds like you are one of the fortunate few who have made it that far.

  88. cartex1

    I have been getting the “information does not match our records” error for several days, today I was searching online for help and it seems that the Get My Payment tool just cannot handle foreign addresses. The organization Democrats Abroad, as well as some members of Congress, have recently sent letters to Treasury and the IRS asking them to fix this issue along with some others.

  89. Joseph

    Adam, I think we are now getting the “Information Doesn’t Match” message because the IRS is doing planned maintenance on the site from 23-25 April. I just started getting that message today, whereas I always got the “Can’t Confirm Eligibility” before 23 April. And Adam, thanks so much for creating and maintaining your website. The info here shared by other Americans overseas has been really helpful and reassuring.

  90. Evgeny

    As of today things look different – instead of “Status Not Available” it is now saying “Data entered does not match our records”.
    Look like we came to the same issue as local Americans experience – can’t just input the address in a format that system accepts.
    I live abroad, filled 2018 and 2019 taxes through Turbotax, the last one was submitted on April 17, as due date was extended to June.

    1. Chris F.

      Today our switched from “Stutus Not Available” to “Data Entered does not match our records” and after a few attempts it went to a warning that too many attempts were made try back tomorrow.

      We live in Central America. Are residents but filed and paid taxes in 2018 and are still waiting on tax documents to complete our 2019 return. IRS drafted our taxes due directly from our WF account over the last ten years.

      We have had not direct deposite and can’t get through the site. We do qualify for the CARES stimulus.

      If you have any luck please pass info on…I will do the same.

  91. John

    Still waiting and I receive Social Security, live in France and filed my taxes in 2018.

  92. Travis W.

    After five failed attempts I made it through this morning and got my address changed using Cory’s method mentioned above! (Thank you again for that Cory!).

    Some tips to get through and win the IRS agent over.

    Read the address from your latest tax return directly, and don’t mention trouble with the website. It seems all 4 of the agents I spoke with this morning were VERY annoyed when that was mentioned.

    Good luck to the abroad community out there!

  93. Derek

    Hello, US citizen from Germany here. In the same boat with the IRS website issue. We moved last year within Germany and I have always had to mail a paper return since living here. I file with the foreign income exclusion so TurboTax does not allow e-file. Concerned my old address was on file I tried the tip above and reached someone without waiting at the IRS. I also just stated I wanted to verify my address on file and a very friendly lady on the other end did so. It appears that even though the paper return was not processed the current address was entered. If a check will be sent at least it will go to the right place. Hope this helps any of you out there with a similar experience. Thanks for all the information everyone is providing!

  94. Pablo

    This is a great website to connect and stay informed about expat issues.
    Hope after the weekend we have good news from the IRS website that they are able to match our addresses.
    Greetings from Argentina!

  95. Will

    Hi all. Will here, an American living in Brazil since 2009. I usually spend about 3 months a year in the States at my parents’ house because I have a long summer vacation. Anyway, the my payment site had been giving me the “we can’t determine your blah blah blah” error until last night. I logged in and it said I was eligible for the stimulus. The problem was that it asked for how much I owed or was owed based on my 2019 returns which I filed about 2 weeks ago and haven’t been processed, and I didn’t file in 2018, which was their other option to choose in order to determine my latest situation with the Irs. I was going to just select 2019 and select that I was owed 0 but I’ve read that many people have tried that and it gave them an error message putting 0. So, as I was searching for my bank routing number and all that other stuff, I got logged out twice, resulting in getting locked out for 24 hours when I tried logging in again. I just ask you all how I can put in my direct deposit info without having filed in 2018 and my 2019 returns not being processed yet. I’m utterly lost here and I’m sure some of you have been having the same problem. Any help would be appreciated. By the way, I make less than 12,000 dollars a year due to the exchange rate being so high. So I would owe the irs nothing.

  96. Kris

    Hi, everyone! I live in Spain. My son (22 years old and a non-dependent) and I each opened online Capitol One-360 accounts just to get the stimulus checks. Let me just forewarn everyone that, if anyone decides to open a Capitol One account, he or she will need to introduce a US telephone number to “set up” the new bank account once it’s created. We both resolved this easily by just using my mother’s, who lives stateside (she just told us the verification code she was texted). Although Capitol One expressly states that you must use a US phone number registered to you, personally, we were both able to work around this hurdle in the manner described. Also, any issues are resolved in a very friendly manner by calling their toll-free number, which I did thru Skype, so it was totally free. Hope this helps. Aside from that, neither my son (“Non-filer” tool) or I (E-filed my 2019 taxes with Turbotax) have gotten the checks, and I am encountering the same problems that everyone else is experiencing. Patience is a virtue! Stay safe, you guys.

    1. Hey Kris. Yup thats how I have mine set up too. On my end same for the payment still, maybe this coming week?

      1. Kris

        Hi, Adam. I keep getting the error message. Today I tried putting in my apartment number with the # sign before it (as the IRS shows when you click on the question mark) but no dice. I’m still getting the Status Not Available. Cuídate!

  97. annalisa

    hi can i ask if im calling the 1-800 from a different country other than u.s. do i have to type in also phone codes?

    1. Kris

      Hi, Annalisa… On Skype you have to put +1 (US country code) before the toll-free prefix (800, 888, etc…). Hope that helps..

  98. Troy

    Hello All,

    UPDATE: It Finally Works
    After multiple attempts over the past week or so, I was finally able to get past the error message we have all been receiving and made it to the page which asked for updated bank account info. This happened last night but unfortunately, I got a new error message which suggested the info in at least one field was not acceptable, although accurate.

    Well I am delighted to report that I just tried again a few minutes ago and this time it worked. If you are like me and have a negative AGI since you claim FEIE, the trick is to simply follow the below steps i did differently tonight:

    1. Select ‘Received Refund’ even if you did not receive one (as was the case with me)
    2. For AGI, type in your exact AGI from your most recent return but without the negative sign or without parenthesis. Random example: 145000 as opposed to -145000 or (145000)
    3. For refund amount, type in 0
    4. The rest is pretty straightforward. Type in your US routing number and your full account number.

    For those of you who are unable to make it to the page above, you may try the following that worked for me. Not sure if it will but it is worth a try. The only thing I did different was to:
    1. Use the calendar icon to select my DOB as opposed to typing it in
    2. After I typed in my address and zip code, I hit the space bar after each one just so that I wasn’t autofilling my info. Weird, I know, but that these are the only steps I did differently than all the other attempts which resulted in the error message.

    I wish you all the very best and do hope it works out for you like it did for me. At the very end, this is the final message i received:

    “You have successfully submitted your bank account information. Your payment will be direct deposited into your account using the information you provided”

    1. Hey Troy. Thanks for sharing! Glad you got in, am going to try myself right now. Fingers crossed!

      1. Well no luck getting through for me, although I was not getting past the first page, with a little red message appearing above saying it doesn’t match the info on file. Assuming it is something with the address and/or zip. It would be nice if it indicated. Locked out after 3 tries, so will have to give it another go tomorrow.

        1. James

          Adam thanks for all this information and greetings from Switzerland. I have the same problem — I am now getting the new error message: “Your information does not match our records.” I think it has to do with the address and zip code. In Switzerland, our zipcodes have only four numbers rather than five. Maybe they’ll fix this later this week? It would be great to get the direct deposit rather than have to wait for a check.

          1. James

            Troy, your comments and information have been so useful. I’m still not able to get passed the initial page, but hopefully I shall have more luck this week.

    2. Evgeny

      What tool are you talking about? Tool “For non-fillers” or “Get my payment”? Here we mainly talk about the last one and as I know it doesn’t have anything related to AGI, FEIE etc..

      We are all waiting for the first successful attempt to add the bank account info on “Get my payment” tool.

    3. ekmll

      Hello Troy. I can’t find on which page I can select ‘Received Refund.’ Can you please help me? Thank you.

      1. Troy

        Hello Ekmll,

        This is the second page once you move past the first one that asks for SSN, address, etc.

  99. Andrew

    Hopefully members of Congress can have the current state of the IRS website fixed. The reason so many are getting the “Data entered does not match our records” message is probably because it forces you to choose either “received refund” or “owed money” for your last tax return, followed by a line to input the amount. However, that won’t apply to anyone who used the foreign earned income exclusion because you wouldn’t have paid tax, therefore you wouldn’t have received a refund or owed money. That applies to me, so of course the “data entered doesn’t match records” because they’re forcing me to input false info just so I can click the enter button!

  100. Will

    Troy, same thing worked for me today. I selected owed a refund and then put 0. I was then able to put in my routing number and acct number and it said the money will be deposited. I just found it a little strange because I didn’t file in 2018 and my 2019 returns are still in processing. I guess I am seen as being eligible of not needing to file because I don’t make enough money in dollars so the system accepted everything. So keep trying guys. Maybe these updates are fixing things.

  101. Jo

    Hi Troy,
    1 How did you enter your SSN with or without dashes?
    2 Did you enter a foreign address and if so how did you enter your zip/post code?
    3 Will the portal take foreign bank account?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Troy

      Hello Jo,

      1. I entered without dashes
      2. No, i entered a US address and made sure it was the same one the IRS has on file. I called them last week to verify. I entered the 5 digit zip code.
      3. Not sure. I put my US bank account info.

  102. Chris

    US citizen who has lived in Norway for the past 4 years. Moved back to the states right before COVID. I’ve been getting the “ we can’t determine your payment status” since the website was launched. Today it changed to “does not match our records” and then I was locked out.

    Maybe it’ll work soon, but I have a feeling it won’t til I complete my 2019 and update it with my US bank account and address.

  103. rbalamur

    I am also an expat living abroad and tried keying in details “Get My Payment”
    1. SSN with and without hypen
    2. Choose DOB from the calendar
    3. Typed in my foreign address and Pincode

    I keep getting only below message “We are unable to provide you with the status of your payment or perform the action requested because:
    The tax return information you entered does not match our records; or
    You have already accessed the system the maximum number of times today.
    Please come back after 24 hours and try again.

    For whoever it worked, please share how you entered the details.

  104. Bongski

    Has anyone (expat) received their Stimulus money yet? I still have no success using the “Get My Payment” link (error message).

  105. Diana

    Hi Troy,

    Thank you for sharing your successful experience! Just two questions:

    1. did you enter a foreign address, including a foreign zipcode? If so, is there a particular format you used? I live in the UK so my address should be easily recognizable in English, but I am still not able to get past the first page. I have a 5digit/letter zipcode and entered it just like I did on my tax return.

    2. when you called IRS, was there an option to submit your bank info with them or just correct an address?


    1. Curt S.

      No, he did NOT enter a FOREIGN ADDRESS, he entered a US one, which he revealed in a later post after sending everyone on a silly wild goose chase. We want to hear from people LIVING ABROAD, who filed in 2018/2019 with a FOREIGN ADDRESS, who either can or cannot LOG IN to the GET MY PAYMENT tool with a FOREIGN ADDRESS on the FIRST PAGE, where you enter your SSN, your DOB, your STREET ADDRESS, and your ZIP or POSTAL CODE.

  106. Diana

    Will, did you enter a foreign or US address? The only person who was successful, Troy, entered a US address, which is not the typical situation of a US citizen living abroad. Thanks!

  107. Pablo

    Any luck with IRS website anyone this weekend?

  108. Natassia

    Can i have my stimulus check mailed to my family’s home in the USA and they FedEx it to me? Could i cash it here in UAE Dubai?

    1. If you have your address changed (or its the one on file) I’m sure you could. You’ll have to ask your bank if they can cash checks from the US.

  109. Andrew

    Today after the first step (social security, DOB, address), it went straight to this message: “We scheduled your check to be mailed on May 01, 2020 to the address we have on file for you.” It didn’t even give me a chance to input bank info. Previously at the bank info step, it always said my info about my previous tax return didn’t match what they had on file. So I guess it’s kind of nice that the money is actually being sent out, but it’s annoying that they got rid of the possibility of direct deposit because now I will have to figure out a way to cash the check. Besides flying back to my parents’ place in the States and signing the back of the check, anyone have any other way to get a check cashed without being there in person to do it?

    1. Andrew

      Nevermind, just realized that my banking app has mobile checking. So my dad can just take pics of the front and back of the check, I’ll print them out over here, sign the pic of the back, take pics of those pics, and then upload to my banking app.

      1. Jh

        Can you let us know if that worked out?

  110. Will


    I still have a bank account in the States and an address in the States associated with the account. Interestingly, today, one day after entering my direct deposit information, the get my payment page says a check will be mailed to my address on record with them on the 31st. So I guess only addresses in the States are working as of now. I hope they fix that soon for all ex pats who no longer have bank accounts in the States.

  111. Julia

    I am also getting locked out with a UK address. I’ve tried over several days. I receive the following message:

    ‘Please Try Again Later
    We are unable to provide you with the status of your payment or perform the action requested because:

    The tax return information you entered does not match our records; or
    You have already accessed the system the maximum number of times today.
    Please come back after 24 hours and try again.’

    Please, if anyone is able to succeed with a foreign address, let us know!

  112. Jordan

    Hi!! American living in Spain.

    I’ve tried calling the number mentioned above 1-800-829-3903, and dialing 1 and the # but it just keeps saying that the office is closed, and goes on to say there hours are M-F 8am-8pm.. which is during the time I am calling. I know lots of IRS functionalities are shut down right now so wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or if I’m doing something wrong, or if there is a better number to call now?


    1. Kris

      Hola, Jordan! I’m in Spain, too, btw. I called the same IRS number today… After punching in SSN and waiting to be transferred, I was told that “due to brief technical difficulties” my call could not be transferred…. I’ll try again tomorrow.

      1. jordan

        hola kris!!! hope you’re doing ok!! hahah i just called them again (10.30AM east coast USA time, 4.30PM Spain time) and got through… did what everyone else said basically just kept hitting 0 and after about 15 minutes on hold got through to a very nice woman!!! in my case unfortunately my check was already mailed to my Spain address on April 24th but it is what it is! She said if I don’t receive it by May 24th to call them back hahah good luck!!

  113. Tam

    US citizen living abroad filed on 17th April through Non Filer portal with US banking account details, got the payment today (27th April). But, Get My Payment still doesn’t work for me. Not able to pass the first screen itself.

    1. I actually went ahead and tried to the non filer portal just to see. It was rejected in my case due to the AGI not being correct. I think that is because I had a small amount of interest income, which I stupidly didn’t note. But thanks Tam for sharing, this may in fact be a work around for some.

  114. Alex

    I had the same problem a lot of people did with the portal not recognizing my foreign address even though it is the same as on my return. I took the advice of a few commenters above and called the IRS at 1-800-829-3903. This phone number can be found on the IRS website (, so I know it is not fraudulent. I pressed 1 for english and then ignored all of the prompts and kept pressing #, the prompts kept telling me this was an incorrect input, but I pressed probably 5 or 6 times and was immediately connected with a representative. I was able to confirm my information and change my address to an address in the US (my permanent address). I will give them a few days to update their systems and will try the Get My Payment portal with my new info and update you on if I can put in direct deposit information then.

    1. ChrisR

      Yes, please let us know.

  115. Arthur

    Ok, I do not have a fix to get the Direct payment to work but if you call 800 number, they will at least confirm your mailing address on file and tell you when the stimulus check is coming out. For me wait time was short, under 5 min.
    For anybody who wants to call: 1-800-829-3903
    The fastest way to get life person online is if you skip all the available options.
    Meaning: do not punch in your SSN, keep on pressing zero will work
    It will soon transfer you to the agent.
    I was also told, that if my stimulus is already scheduled to go out as check, it probably wont matter if I add DD info on the website.
    She could be wrong but that’s what the IRS agent just told me.
    Mine is going out May1st . I ‘ll still try to add my bank info to the system but I doubt it will change anything.
    I am already locked out today for the next 24hrs anyway.
    Also, since I’ve been receiving checks/correspondence before, I know they take min 3 weeks to reach an address in Poland.
    Also, the address the used for me was not exactly what i have in my 1040 so this only adds to the confusion.
    Good luck everyone.

    1. Hi Arthur, thanks so much for sharing. That note about the address being different may be what is causing our problems.

  116. Elizabeth

    Update: I called the IRS and luckily was able to speak to someone. I was told that my stimulus check had already been mailed to the address on my 2019 tax returns (where I am currently living in Chile). Once the check arrives I will be able to upload it via my mobile banking app to my U.S. bank account. Since the check had already been sent out, setting up a direct deposit was out of the question. I’m assuming this will be the case for all of you as well! Keep an eye on your mail for the next few weeks!

    1. Kris

      Hi, Elizabeth. Question about uploading the check to your US bank account: do you do that with your bank’s native app or with another (3rd-party) one? Thank you!

      1. Elizabeth

        Hi Kris! I will do it with my bank’s own app. For example, my U.S. bank is Wells Fargo, so once my check arrives (hopefully soon!) I will upload it with the Wells Fargo Mobile Banking app. Hope that helps!

        1. Kris



    Hi Arthur, The Soc Sec retirement is deposited directly to a European bank Account . The Q still remains if the IRS will direct deposit the $1,200 to that account, and if NOT what is next for those with no US Bank Accounts. Thanks in advance. Andy

  118. annalisa m lapid

    hi adam. just got off the phone with a agent of irs. waited like 2 munute then was connected. i called the 1-800 using skype. the agent was really helpful. told me my check was mailed april 24.. i live in the philippines so dont know how long til i receive. unfortunately couldnt change my mailing address to my parents in the states. but at least i know im getting my check.

  119. Brian F

    I also just called 1-800-829-3903 and got through pretty quickly. I found out that my payment was sent to my address in Canada on April 24. At least this relieves me of the burden of dealing with the glitches on the GetMyPayment page. Mail between the US and Canada is slow at best and will be even slower now, but it should eventually get here. Hang in there those of you living in more distant places if a check has already been sent out to you!

    I understand that if you don’t get the payment this year, for whatever reason, you can claim it as a refundable tax credit on your 2020 US 1040, so theoretically you could request Direct Deposit then. I know this doesn’t help those of you who need quicker payment, but at least it will eventually materialize.

    I had previously contacted my US Senator’s office about this problem and I’m going to keep in touch with them to request the IRS improve their on line service for Americans abroad.

    Good luck to all of you and special thanks to Adam for his amazing website!

    1. Kim M.

      Thanks for the info Brian. I am in Canada as well. I pretty much gave up on the Get My Payment. At least I have a glimmer of hope that mine was or at least will be mailed to me soon. I received a random treasury check last year so I know they know where to find me. And yes, mail is at a turtles pace especially from the U.S. Thank you also Adam for having a place for us to share info!

  120. ChrisR

    Hey Adam and everyone,
    I reached the IRS yesterday on the 3903 number you guys mentioned and changed my address from foreign to U.S, just in case they mail me a check. So thanks for the tip.
    My question is this: has anyone been able to change their foreign address to a U.S. one and successfully login into Get My Payment portal?

    1. G R

      I changed my address to a US one early last week by calling the IRS and as of Sunday, I was able to successfully login to the Get My Payment portal! Unfortunately, it was too late to update my direct deposit info, as my check is already scheduled to be mailed, but at least I know I’m getting a check now.

    2. Michelle

      Hi , I just spoke with the IRS on this same number and the rep said she could not update the address over the phone?? (I just needed to correct my apt number!). And that she couldn’t give me info about the payment status (it has nothing to do with my case in particular becuase she didn’t even have my ssn). arrggg I’ll try again tomorrow

  121. G R

    I changed my address to a US one early last week by calling the IRS and as of Sunday, I was able to successfully login to the Get My Payment portal! Unfortunately, it was too late to update my direct deposit info, as my check is already scheduled to be mailed, but at least I know I’m getting a check now.

  122. Kenny

    Hi, American living in Japan here.

    Get My Payment site giving me “Payment Status Not Available” for over a week now.
    I called IRS today on 1-800-829-3903 press 1, SSN and press #.
    Connected to a kind lady on my second try and I was able to check the address registered in the IRS.
    They checked their system and I was able to confirm that my address in Japan is registered correctly(at least).
    So if I’m eligible for the payment, I guess I’ll just have to wait for the mail to arrive…

    I was connected to a mean lady on my first try,
    she told me to read the instructions on the IRS and she hang up the phone.
    If this happens, my advice is try calling the number again.

    BTW, IRS didn’t accept my phone call from Japan but
    I was able to get by this by calling 1-800-829-3903 via Skype.
    Also, it’s worth mentioning that Skype will let you call IRS with no credit(for free),
    so if you haven’t tried it, give it a try!

  123. scott

    I just tried to call the 800-329-3903 number listed in the comments. It’s the only currently functioning number at the IRS – the collections department. A person answered quite quickly and was very nice, but unfortunately was unable to assist. She could offer no information regarding the checks and was not able to change our address to a US-based postal address. She personally had attempted this with previous callers from China and Japan, but the system did not allow her to make the change.

    She did say, however, that another department within the IRS was set to come ‘online’ in a week or so, and that this department would be in a position to assist expats regarding stimulus checks. Let’s hope…

  124. Abdul

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’m also in a similar position as most of you. I have few questions if anyone is able to answer:

    1. I’m a regular tax payer however, I owe taxes rather than receiving a refund. Although I use direct bank transfer to pay, IRS may not use this bank information for direct deposit?

    2. I have not filed 2019 tax return yet. My 2018 tax return had an international address that is out of date and I have moved since January 2019. Therefore, if the IRS mails a check to the address on file and it’s never cashed or lost, is there a way to obtain it any other way?

    3. What’s the source of the number listed above, 800-829-3903, as it doesn’t come up on search on IRS website? When I call the number it says we are currently closed – our timing are 8 am to 8 pm. What time zone is it? What time have you guys called and in what US time zone?


    1. D. Michael

      1. I would think the IRS would use your source bank details used to pay your amount owed for 2018 taxes. But that is just a guess.
      2. I asked my congressman a similar question, and asked him to help us expats get answers. No answer yet. He’s probably hiding from the virus. Somebody above in the comments (Adam, April 18) mentioned those who don’t get their Economic Impact Payment, would get it at the latest via 2020 tax return. He mentions A9 and a link to an IRS FAQ, It has changed to A8 for Question 8:
      3. Unsure, haven’t called.

      Good Luck.

    2. Cathy

      Hi Abdul,

      1. If you don’t get a refund your direct deposit bank information won’t be saved by IRS. I have the same problem, so the need to get into the portal, but cannot. See Q24 at

      2.Same problem with me. Nothing could be done for now.

      3. The phone number is local time 8am to 8pm, so if your phone number is a CA number, it is CA time 8-8.

    3. Kris

      I would assume that they are located in Washington D.C… locate the time zone you are in and do the math. That’s exactly what I did, and it worked like magic.

  125. D. Michael

    I too was facing issues with accessing the Get My Payment portal like everybody was describing.

    I file my 1040 every year, and I’ve owed no federal taxes thanks to the Foreign Earned Income Tax adjustment, and tax exempt investments. I’ve also never had a refund, so I can’t recall if the IRS ever had my bank details. But all this is over 9 years. So, I think they didn’t until this:

    April 13 I filed my taxes via Free Fillable Forms, like every year.
    April 29 I get the Economic Impact Payment credited to my US account.

    When I filed my taxes, Steve Mnuchin was talking about direct deposit for the Economic Impact Payment (Get My Payment portal not yet available), but I knew the IRS had no bank account for me on file. So, before I submitted my taxes on April 13, I plugged in my bank details in the refund area, even though I was owed no refund.

    I can only guess, but I think the computer system mined the bank details from the 1040 form, and also from the submission page on the Free Fillable Forms system.

    YMMV – Good luck everybody. Hopefully this insight will work for folks who haven’t yet submitted their 2019 taxes.

  126. Marian

    I live in Ecuador and had problems getting the portal get my payment to work also after checking daily for the last 2 weeks. I figured I would not receive the economic relief payment. But received my payment in my acct yesterday. But I did not get credit for my children under the age of 16. Any body else having problems with receiving the dependent payments?

  127. Mark

    Hi everyone

    Has anyone been successful getting through the Get My Payment tool as an expat living in a foreign country? I live in New Zealand and filed taxes in 2018 and 2019. When I enter the first page of information I get a “can’t match records trying again “message. And of course after 3 attempts I get locked out for 24 hours. I have been trying and it’s now May 1st.

  128. Diana

    Hi all, I managed to call the IRS number 800-829-3903 and spoke to a helpful lady, who confirmed they have my correct UK address on record and my check is on its way, ready to reach me by May 11. I already have US bank accounts, but there is nothing I can do to switch this to a direct debit. However, I have found out most US banks (two of mine) have an option of depositing checks online. You typically need to download the bank app on your phone, take a pick of the check and it will deposit it. This is just to cut on all the expenses associated with cashing a USD check in the UK. I can then use Revolut or other platforms to transfer my money for free to the UK. I just thought this might be of help to those who are getting a USD check abroad but have or could open a US bank account. Thanks all for the useful tips!

    1. Jo

      Hi Diana,
      When did IRS mail your check?

  129. James

    I tried calling the number provided. The IRS had transcription error with my account — my street name misspelled within the IRS system — and a nice man was able to help fix the error. As of now, it is corrected, and I will try the portal again tomorrow. He couldn’t offer any information or further assistance with the stimulus check, but having the correctly spelled international address is important too! The IRS struggles with foreign addresses and spellings, and so it is worth having this verified if you are in doubt.

    1. James

      PS: Just for the record, I live in Switzerland. (The IRS confused an “r” for a “tz” in my Swiss address.)

      1. Tim

        Were you able to successfully access ‘Get My Payment’ portal with your Swiss address?

        1. James Wiener

          Hi Tim! Even after the IRS fixed my address, I still cannot get into the portal. (I’ve tried twice now.) I still receive “The information you have entered does not match our records. Please try again” prompt. Now my concern is that because the IRS didn’t transcribe my address correctly in 2018, I will never receive the check in Switzerland. Ugh! Endless frustrations. I may call again tomorrow and reconfirm…maybe I’ll get lucky and have someone tell me that a check is on its way.

  130. Brian

    Hi All, Just following up (living overseas.. filed in 2018.. filed in April for 2019.. moved in April.. Get my payment errors..). We called IRS and got through. They said check was sent weeks ago to old address, but we don’t think it has arrived yet and we are hoping we’ll be able to track it down. Due to covid, mail forwarding services are cancelled. Not sure what to do if the check never arrives in hand…

    D. Michael – I was unable to file using free fillable forms in the past when using the 2555 form. I would fill stuff out, print and send. Can you efile through free fillable forms with 1040 and 2555 forms?

    good luck everyone!

  131. Joseph

    Hi everyone,

    I’m a US citizen living in Germany. However, as I’m also a German citizen and pay taxes here all my income falls under the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, meaning I earn 0 USD for the purpose of taxation. I filed Form 1040 once about 6-8 years ago and sent along a letter explaining the circumstances, and afterwards never heard from IRS again. Since I technically earn 0 USD I never bothered to file again since there is no reason to do so.

    Now it says on the IRS website under Q2 that I should still be eligible to receive the payment through the Non-Filers tool. Since I don’t have a US bank account and the tool doesn’t allow foreign bank accounts, I’d probably have to request a check, which might need some time to arrive. The problem is that I don’t know what type a check it’ll be, and if I can just take it to my bank here to process. I have never handled checks before (they’re almost unused in Germany) so if anyone has any information or advice in regards to this I’d like to ask for your help.

    Also, is my thinking above all correct or am I missing something that might make me not eligible to receive the check? Again, information or advice would be appreciated. I have written an email to IRS several days ago but haven’t head back from them.

    Thank you! 🙂

    1. James

      Joseph, it’s the same situation in Switzerland. The Swiss haven’t used checks since the 1990s, and I know of no bank that will accept checks these days. One option for you is to open an account with the State Department Federal Credit Union. I know a lot of US expats who use it: There’s no monthly minimum required, but I think there’s a small, sign-up fee.

  132. David Torres

    I Adam…
    Thanks for the thread and the great expats sharing their story, as it seems we are all in similar situations.

    Just to share my case, American in France. File US taxes every year, regardless of income, but never had the need to add my direct deposit info (I do have a US based account).

    So, the 16th of April I quickly (perhaps hastily) filed the Free-File option in the IRS-CARES Act website. There, I filed my taxes for 2019 and added my US bank info. According the Free-File status check, the IRS accepted my return quite quickly. Since then I have been checking my status in the “Get My Payment” platform. Until last week, it was getting the “Payment status not available”, but then this week it changed to “The information you have entered does not match our records. Please try again.” Before finding this thread, I was re-checking daily, trying different versions of my address, with zip code, without zip code, no avail. Now, I see by the other expats in the thread that perhaps it’s a glitch in the system. Let’s hope they fix it soon.

  133. Marv


    I live in the U.K. US citizens and have filed my taxes. Getting error message on get my payment. On the help section for error message,It does NOT take about foreign addresses or post codes. So, the only thing I can think of it the it’s not excepting my post code of six numbers, and letters. I was reading in the previous comments that someone said IRS are working on a section that will help with our dilemma?

  134. Maurice

    I have what appears to be a similar situation with many here. Lived in France for 20 years, no US bank account. I was able to open an account that gives me a US bank number, in order to receive direct payment. Visible here:

    Legit website, cheeper transfer rates. Hope that can help some people without US bank accounts!.

    As of today, the error message about not entering correct info is still there. Hopefully they will fix that, so people can add a US bank account and not receive a check they can’t cash!!

  135. Donna Maddern

    I don’t see my scenario fully represented. My husband and I are retired in the UK. He has dual UK/American citizenship. Our social security is direct deposited into an English bank account. Our last US tax return was filed in 2014 from our current address.
    The idea that Social Security Administration has no difficulty managing to both deposit our benefits into our English account with no issues, as well as manage to get our yearly forms to us on time without incident begs the question, what the he’ll is wrong with the IRS.
    Until they figure out international banking codes as well as post codes all expats with no US bank accounts seem to be I right?

    1. Hey Donna. My understanding is it should just be deposited into your account but no idea if they are getting hung up on the foreign account

  136. Radu

    Hi Adam.
    My parents received my stimulus check at their home in the US, which is the address the IRS has on file. However, I’m living abroad in Romania without plans of getting back soon because of work. I have bank accounts both in the US and Romania. Any ideas how I can deposit or cash the check since it’s physically 10.000 miles away?
    Thank you.

    1. Id say have your parents look into if your bank has an app that allows mobile check deposits or maybe teach them your signature

  137. Jessica

    Hi everyone
    İ have the same problem. No usa bank account.. there is no routing number here in turkey.. ı have tried payonner but it doesnt recieve payments from the irs? Has there been any new updates??

  138. Uche

    My information “doesn’t match” on the portal. Calling the numbers provided only allowed me to confirm my address. Currently, USPS is not accepting mail for the country I’m in…so my best bet is to wait for the issue with foreign addresses to be resolved.

    A few days ago, I saw that the portal was accepting anonymous feedback ( I’m sure the IRS is aware of the problem. But it might also be good to share your two cents.

    Wishing everyone good luck and a speedy resolution to this mess!

    1. Hi Julia, thanks for sharing, I’ll add that in up in the article this week when I get a chance to update!

      1. Steve B

        I m here in Thailand with my wife. I received my notice 1444 dated 29 May 2020 today 15 July. I logged onto the IRS website and my payment was scheduled to be sent on 1 June. I guess I’ll wait a couple more weeks to see if the check will come. Filing jointly, they could have just deposited it in my wife’s account. Her SS security already goes there. I can’t believe they don’t allow the stimulus check to be deposited using a SWFT code account.

  139. Stephen

    Thanks everyone for the information shared. I live in a tax treaty country. Australia which requires pensioners to apply for US Social Security if eligible and discounts local payments accordingly. I have not been filing tax returns as those are my only source of income and neither payment is taxable in the other country. I can’t tell when or if the IRS intends to pay me or not. It would be a trip to have to file, given the different tax years, but there is an IRS amnesty process of sorts called Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures ( The IRS says SSA recipient non-filers should use the Get My Payment and I receive the message Payment Status Not Available. SSA payments are made by direct deposit via a European bank. Regarding direct deposits overseas, the Federal Trade Commission website ( in warnings on scammers says that “The IRS will deposit your payment directly to your U.S. bank account (THE IRS CAN’T DIRECT DEPOSIT MONEY TO A FOREIGN ACCOUNT), or mail your payment using information from your 2018 or 2019 tax return or from your Social Security retirement or other federal benefits programs.” I’ve had experience depositing a US dollar check here. It can be done, but takes weeks and even months to clear.

    1. Uche

      Unfortunately, you won’t get a live person with the 800-919-9835 number

  140. Terry

    Trying to call that number many of you listed. Says they are closed and normal hours 8-8. It’s after 8am there in DC Are they shutting it down now or what? I’m overseas too.

  141. Wiliam

    Hi all! I commented before but have new info today. I am a US citizen who lives in Spain and did file my 2019 tax return, 0 owed, 0 refunded, so did not give my bank info. I have tried scores of times to enter my bank info into the Get My Payment portal and have always received the same message that the info I entered was not correct, and then would be locked out for 24 hours. Today, I followed the advice of other commenters and used Skype to make a free call to the IRS at 800-829-3903. Once it answered I pressed 1 to continue in English, and then continued to press 0 until it told me it was connecting me to agent. I made two separate calls today. The first time I got a very unhelpful lady who said she could confirm my Spanish address but said she had no access to any other information even whether the IRS was mailing checks to Spain. She said, “You have to check ‘Get My Payment,'” which I then tried to explain to her was not working for foreign addresses. She basically said she couldn’t help me with anything except to confirm that they had my correct address in Spain, so I hung up. Then I thought, I’m going to call back and ask again. I did using the same procedures above and I got a different lady, really nice, and she confirmed my address here in Spain, told me my check had been mailed 10 days earlier and was on its way to my Spanish address. LOL. She even confirmed the dollar amount. So crazy! She also gave me another number to call “to check on things…” but told me not to call more than once per day, because the info was updated every 24 hours. That number is: 800-919-9835. Good luck y’all!

    1. Kevin

      The guy I spoke with was only able to confirm my address. He said, “he didn’t have access to any other information relating to Get My Payment.” He told me to call the same number you put on the bottom but when I called that number there is no way to talk to a person. At least I was not able to figure out a way after a few times calling it. At this point, I am just hoping the check is already in the mail and will arrive in the coming days. Fingers crossed!

  142. elzee

    thank you for this helpful article with amazing insights in the original post and comments!

    wanted to share my experience in case it helps others – i followed same directions above (call 1-800-829-3903 press 1 and the press # multiple times so that you get connected to a person), spoke with an extremely nice and patient lady who at first said she couldnt help me regarding stimulus payments bc she works in collections. she shared another 1800 number that is focused on stimulus payments but she said she knows its only an automated system, no person to speak with.

    i explained my situation: filed 2018 taxes with a japan address, now have a US address but have not yet filed 2019 returns, info not matching on the “get my payment” website for weeks, concerned that the check would be mailed to japan. she then very kindly said she would try to at least confirm my address in the system. i gave her my ssn, japan address, and US address, and she said that indeed my japan address was on file. then she proceeded to try to update the info to my US address about 10 times – she was getting error after error in trying to update, which may have had to do with the spelling of the US address (ST versus STREET, etc – in the end what worked was the address exactly as the USPS has it on their website finally she succeeded by using what she said was a different system, which would take up to 14 days for my address to update, rather than the typical 24 hours, and that if the check was already mailed to japan and my address was no longer valid, it would have to be mailed in return back to the IRS, and they would then send it to my US address. she said she was not able to look up the status of the check.

    i asked if i would be able to use the “get my payment” website after 14 days to input my direct deposit info, and she said in her experience, people have been putting in the direct deposit info but that can also take up to 14 days to update, and in some cases checks are mailed out before the info is updated.

    huge workaround but even if the payment takes a while to reach me, at least i can breathe easy knowing that the IRS finally has my correct address!

  143. Alex

    Hi! I am a 23 year old, dual (US and PH) citizen currently studying in the Philippines. I have never filed any taxes whatsoever in the US before since I have been studying (from pre-med until now in medicine school) all these years. Am I eligible for the economic stimulus check? I do have a SSN but a friend insists that I need to have filed my taxes before and a US issued ID… I’m sorry, I am still confused despite the abundant and helpful information you have provided.

    1. If no one claimed you as an independent you are elgible. However, you will have to do the non filer file on the irs website and it is worth the double check if you should be filing.

    2. Marc

      Hi Alex, another thing to consider is a Bank Account /Credit Union in the USA. Maybe you have a family member stateside who can help you with that? Receiving a paper check in the Philippines might not be useful to you.

  144. Sophia

    Hi everyone,

    I am living in the UK and received my cheque in the mail today. I tried to register my payment details via the portal previously but was getting the same error as others. Now I just need to figure out how I can deposit my cheque into my UK bank account without losing a lot of money through fees and currency exchange…

    1. Wendy Thompson

      Thank you Sophia for sharing this information. I have been trying to find out if the IRS sends stimulus checks to foreign addresses. Was your address from your 2018 or 2019 taxes?

      1. Sophia

        Hi Wendy,

        My listed foreign address on my 2018 and 2019 tax returns were the same. I filed my 2019 returns quite early, around late January.

  145. Jaclyn Armstrong

    Has anyone living abroad actually gotten a check in the mail? I”m in Vietnam and the postal service here isn’t the most reliable and I’m worried that it will never make it to me.

    1. Lindsay

      There’s a few people who have posted on here that they’ve received their check or it’s coming!

    2. Curt S.

      I received my check by mail here in the Parisian suburbs yesterday, May 7. I never was able to log in to the Get My Payment tool in order to provide my direct deposit info because of the foreign address snafu. I actually sent the check back where it came from (more or less) to be deposited in my US account to avoid the exorbitant fees and poor exchange rates I would’ve been victim to here if I put the check into my French bank account (not to mention the fact we’re still semi-confined, I’m uncertain whether they have any physical presence in their offices, and to cash or deposit a foreign check I’d be obliged to make an in-person appearance at my bank). Good luck and keep the faith.

  146. Rich S

    I live in Germany (for the last 20 yrs). I am an American citizen, my wife is a german citizen. We both have American social security numbers. For 2019, we filed joint using Taxact (in Feb 2020) and used our german address. We owed money which was paid via direct debit.

    so far i haven’t gotten past the “Get My Payment” 1st screen of verifying my info. Today (5 May20) I called 800-829-3903 at 6 pm central European time. Spoke to a nice lady. Verified my info and address but learned that “some” IRS “systems” do not show my zip code (in Germany, the zip code is listed on the same line as the city); other “systems” show it as a period.
    just tried a blank for my zip code but was locked out. I will try again tomorrow night.

    ‘Please Try Again Later
    We are unable to provide you with the status of your payment or perform the action requested because:

    The tax return information you entered does not match our records; or
    You have already accessed the system the maximum number of times today.
    Please come back after 24 hours and try again.’

  147. Derek

    Hello, I wanted report that I was pleasantly surprised to get the mail today and see an envelope from the US treasury in their. I did not expect to receive anything at all since we are still waiting for an Easter card from my parents. Nonetheless a check dated the 24th of April was in there. We live in Germany and I am a citizen with my wife and son as dual citizens. I did not do anything special to receive the check. I still have my bank account in the US from before we moved and was able to deposit the check without problems via the bank’s app. I hope you all have the same to report soon that you have received your check. Best regards from Hamburg, Derek

  148. Lindsay

    I am living in Canada and have called the 1-800-829-3903/7650 and have been told “the number you have dialled cannot be reached from your calling area…(and then an error code)”, has anyone else received this message? How can I call the IRS from Canada?

    1. Lindsay

      I have just called on Skype to 1-800-829-7650 and was told that I can not be given any information.

    2. Kevin

      If you are calling from phone number from a different country you may have to use “+” so it would be +1-800… Hopefully that is the only problem for you!

  149. Pablo

    Congrats Derek! I hope we all get our checks just as you did!

  150. Daniel Vickery

    Living in Taipei, Taiwan. Just received my check in the mail today, sent to the Taiwanese address on my 2018 and 2019 returns, where I still reside.

    Previously, when I tried to use the IRS tool I would get the “information does not match our records” error. I found that the address printed on the check that I received today is formatted differently than the address as it is printed on my 1040 forms. Specifically, all punctuation marks (commas and periods) have been removed and the word “DIST” (for “district” here in Taiwan) was also not present on the check. Not sure if this different formatting would have worked in the IRS website, but it doesn’t really matter because I would have never been able to guess it on my own.

  151. Stephen

    Hi everyone, I live in the UK and have filed both 2018 and 2019 tax returns with my UK address. Like everyone, I wasn’t able to log onto the Get My Payment website – it kept telling me that the information didn’t match what they have on file. I followed the advice on here and called the IRS. She told me that they couldn’t provide any information on the status of my payment, but she did change my address to a US address. However, despite putting in the US details, I still couldn’t access the website! Anyway, today what shows up in the post? My stimulus check for the full amount!!! It was dated April 24th and was posted directly to the UK address that was on my tax returns. My advice is hang in there. They clearly are paying expats, and they are posting those checks out to foreign addresses that are on file. I hope this helps those of you who are still waiting.

  152. Curt S.

    A few people have, apparently. They all seem to be living in the UK, however (which is not my case).

  153. Cristian

    Is there a way to subscribe to this article and get alerts to updates? I’d like to know when the portal is working for foregin addresses. I’ve been trying for weeks now.

  154. Cristian

    Is there a way to subscribe to this article and get alerts to updates? I’d like to know when the portal is working for foreign addresses. I’ve been trying for weeks now.

  155. Pat

    My wife and I live in Colombia as well. We receive SS benefits with direct deposit through SS. I was able to speak to someone at the same 800 number given above to verify our address. There was a slight difference in how I filed and what they had. Tried the web page and no go. But had tried last twice so reached my limit for 24 hours. Will try again tomorrow morning. My issue is we filed in February before all this hit and afraid they my have sent a check. But can’t tell without advancing in the portal. Thanks to all of the responders here for your information.

    1. Hi Pat. Good to hear from a fellow Colombia expat! Yea, I was actually in the US in March right around the time things started escalating and mailed a paper return with my Colombian address from there. I have the same worry.

      1. Courtney

        Any luck with either of you? I’m also in Medellin, Colombia and the Get My Payment portal says the check was sent on May 1, but I still haven’t received it here. My 2018 tax statement had my Colombian address. I didn’t get the 2019 ones filed in time, but I did put my dad’s USA address on it just in case for the future…

        1. Nothing here, but again, it looks like Colombia was on the list of countries with no current mail service. I need to try to look at the Get My Payment thing again to see if it says it’s been returned or something.

  156. Rich S

    No luck using a blank or period for my zip code. Still says “the tax return information you entered does not match our records”

  157. STEVE

    Hello I have been following this website, and i live in the Philippines. My information never matched on the get my payment IRS website. Because of my foreign address. So i called the 3903 IRS phone number like other people on this website did. They said they mailed my stimulus check April 24th to the Philippines. But the Philippines is on lock down until may 15th. So i thought at least its in the mail though. Unfortunately USPS has suspended mail delivery to some countries including Philippines. They are stamping MAIL SUSPENDED RETURN TO SENDER. In my case and country all mail effective April 24th. So i called the 3903 number again and changed my address to a USA one. Here is a link to the USPS countries affected and they have older updates at the bottom. I hope this helps others. STEVE

  158. Bill

    I live in Turkey for the past 10 years. The last 2 years I have E filed with HR Block Software, and before that submitted paper returns registered mail to the Texas Treasury IRS office. I even sent the IRS an officiall change of address request back in 2011 upon their request. I have included my direct deposit information to a stateside bank including routing and bank number on my 1040. I have received refunds in 2018 to deposit directly into bank account. Both last 2 years I get E returns accepted by IRS via HR Block sent to my email account. I have entered the exact same information ( address) on my returns as has been the case on all of my previous returns. I have received numerous official letters from the IRS and Social Security Administration to this address since 2011. When I try to use the track your check portal (IRS SITE) I get the ” the tax return information you entered does not match our records”. I have tried at least 10 times using all caps and changing some of the punctuation but to no avail. What is interesting is that even though in 2018 I received a larger tax return deposit to my bank, the last 2 years I have received via postal system a rebate check for $1. each year in the regular mail. Go figure.

  159. Kayleigh


    I was finally able to get through the Get My Payment tool by entering my UK address which is what I used on my 2019 tax return but by leaving out the postal code. So I just entered the house number and street name, my SS and DOB, and left the postal code part blank. This then brought me to the page where I could enter my bank account information. So I would recommend people trying that out as well and hopefully people can get through!

  160. Lindsay

    I wanted to send an update from a U.S. Citizen living in Canada as a follow up to my posts on May 5th.

    I got a hold of the IRS at the numbers posted above on May 5th, but was told by 3 different agents that they, in fact, do not have access to the exact date that my check was mailed/will be mailed out. I’m not sure how the few people on here got a firm date on when it was mailed out.

    Additionally, I have re-checked my “Get My Payment” website today and input my address with ‘Road’ abbreviated to ‘Rd’ and put my postal code as ‘XXX XXX’ (space inserted), and there is an update on when the check will be mailed out.

    Progress! And thank you for the reply, Kevin. I ended up using Skype on my laptop but that’s a good tip should I need my phone to call abroad for anything else.

  161. Pat

    Morning. Tried the Get payment web page using my address as I was told yesterday. Didn’t work in three attempts. I have a friend in the states who got hers yesterday in the mail. She was expecting a direct deposit since she is a SS recipient. Way I figure is she filed a 2018 tax return without a refund so no direct deposit information for the IRS. based on everything I have read this kicked her into a check not direct deposit. Although I can’t verify it, my guess is our stimulus money is being mailed as well, because I filed our 2019 return in Feb without a refund. Thanks to Steve I know that mail delivery to Colombia is suspended right now. Feel fairly sure the check is in the mail but don’t know if or when we’ll see it. Anybody hear if there’s a contingency plan for checks not being delivered or returned to the IRS?

  162. Steffen

    Hi all,

    just to let you know, in my case (expat, FEIE, tax filed since 17, dual citicen, germany) the tool “get my payment” worked today.
    It accepted my adress written exactlx like i had it on the 1040 (77A Streetname; Areacode). The tooll didn’t odder me a opertunity to fill in my Bank Account details – but it promptrd me: “We scheduled your check to be mailed on May 1st to the Adress we have on file for you.”

    So i guess my 19 1040 has been processed, and thats why it “works” now, or they updated the tool. So for now, i cross my fingers that the check make its way over the ocean to my home adress.

    Good luck everyone and have fun.

  163. Websst

    Thank you very much for the new ideas.
    Regards Dan

  164. Jo

    The portal now works for inputting foreign addresses!! Well it did for me. My cheque was posted to my UK address on 1 May. Good luck to all.

  165. Larry

    I’ve been living in Switzerland for the past five years. I filed in 2018 but not in 2019. I’ve been trying Get My Payment for the last several weeks and getting the usual error messages, but today it finally worked! I assume it previously wasn’t working because of the four digit zip code in Switzerland but works now. It now takes me to a screen where I am able to enter in my direct deposit information. For 2018 I owed money so my bank information was not on file.

    1. James

      Larry, I live in Switzerland too, and I had filed in 2018 and not in 2019. The portal finally worked for me today. (Our Swiss zip code is what held us up.) I wish I could have added my banking information, but I was informed instead that “We scheduled your check to be mailed on May 01, 2020 to the address we have on file for you. We will mail you a letter with additional information on this payment.” Not sure what I couldn’t add in further information.

  166. Ethan

    I’ve been lurking here for a while. IRS’ website now seems to work for me as an expat in Canada

  167. Joshua

    Hi everyone,
    I have sent this to Democrats Abroad as well just so that they can maybe use the information.

    Regarding using “Get My Payment” I was finally able to log in to the tool using my foreign address today. I called the IRS at 1-800-829-3903 and spoke with an agent, he looked up my information but said that it did not say anything about my payment. But then I had him read me exactly the address, with spaces etc that it seemed to show in their system. I then used EXACTLY this address with the same spaces, capitalization, etc (including the space in the foreign postal code) and it worked!!!! I was able to enter my bank account details and now I will wait for the deposit when it comes time.

    For reference, my foreign address is in Sweden, I live in an apartment and here is the exact format that I used on the Get My Payment portal:

    SSN with NO dashes (e.g. 123456789)
    Date in format MM/DD/YYYY

    Street address:

    Streetname 1A APT 1234

    (where Streetname = the name of your street in mixed case exactly like I had on my 1040)
    (1A = the street number including if you have an alpha character after the number)

    then the text ” APT ” as an abbreviation for Apartment

    Post code was the foreign postal code in this format:
    123 45
    (note the space between 3 and 4.. this is exactly how it is in Sweden and how it was filed on my 1040)

    I am not sure if there was some kind of fix, or the agent opening my account and poking around a bit somehow “triggered” something, or if just having the exact spelling and punctuation did the trick? But in the end, it worked!

    Hope this helps someone!!

  168. Ivette

    Am a Social Security recipient living in Germany. I file my tax return every year but IRS don’t have my bank account only the SSA. When checking my stimulus check status, it says a check will be mailed on May 1st. Do you know how long would it take for me to receive it…since they are not regular flights to Europe now with the corona virus situation, I don”t know how often the Post/Mail gets out to Europe.

    Thanks for your help…

  169. JW

    Thanks Adam for keeping this conversation going. Since the day the IRS opened the Get My Payment portal, I have checked daily and similarly had the progression from Payment Status Not Available, then the error changed to Info does not match records about a week ago. Figured it was the Korean address.
    Then today, the portal worked with my foreign address and I received info that my check was mailed to South Korea on April 24th.
    Reddit had some posts within that last few hours, that the also led them to believe that the foreign address issue had been fixed.
    Hope this works for others too, it was nice to finally see a good result. Please check again today, you may see one also, or know that it looks as if they are still working on it. Seems April 24th was a big day for expat checks to be sent out based on the low AGI after the Foreign Income Exclusion.

  170. A

    Been following this thread since it was first posted, trying with mine and my wife’s SSNs almost every day. Finally got through today, with my Japanese address. Format was all capitals, and only some of the hyphens normally used in Japanese addresses. Postcode was hyphenated. Too late to add any bank details, but I was able to get confirmation that my check was sent out a couple of weeks ago!

    1. Kenny

      Thank you Adam McConnaughhay for this great website.

      American living in Japan, been trying with the same address since 23rd April 2020.
      I got through today with my Japanese address(either with or without comma, both were accepted).

      I have a Japanese wife with ITIN,
      married filing separately,
      and been filing tax return every year.

      Here’s exactly what it said:

      Payment Status
      We scheduled your check to be mailed on May 01, 2020 to the address we have on file for you.

      We will mail you a letter with additional information on this payment.

      If you need additional help or do not receive your payment, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

      Frequently Asked Question page :

      Thank you once again Adam!

  171. Pablo

    Greetings from Argentina. The portal finally worked with my foreign address!

  172. Tony

    I put in my foreign address and it is now working. I’ve been using the address in the address box from my 1040 for the last three weeks and today it finally came through.

  173. Robert

    I’m living in Japan and I just received the $1,200 check in the mail. I filed taxes in 2019 but didn’t contact the government site.

  174. Jason Blanke

    It’s sticks now. You can enter your foreign address and the portal will give you an update

    1. Jason Blanke

      Sorry voice to text did not work there. That should say it is fixed.

  175. Kim M

    Not sure if they fixed it but I tried typing in my address a little differently this time with and abbreviation and it worked!

    Payment Status
    We scheduled your check to be mailed on May 01, 2020 to the address we have on file for you.
    We will mail you a letter with additional information on this payment.
    If you need additional help or do not receive your payment, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

  176. Paula

    After weeks of trials, finally being able to enter direct deposit information for my #StimulusCheck.
    1. Your address should be ALL in UPPERCASE (even foreign address without zip code works)
    2. SSN format: xxx-xx-xxxx (don’t forget the “dashes”)

  177. Evgeny

    I confirm the page works now. I entered the address exactly as in my tax form (not capitalized or whatever) and it did work.
    Re message is “We scheduled your check to be mailed on May 01, 2020 to the address we have on file for you.”

  178. Nadav

    Hey guys, like all of you, I’ve been trying to get my status update via Get My Payment. I also followed the advice regarding contacting the IRS via 3903 and changing my address, which I was able to do so (not on my first try, only on my second). This was done last Friday (May 1st). Anyways, I filed both 2018 and 2019 tax returns with a foreign address (two different addresses, since I moved). After changing my address to an American one, I tried checking my status, and kept getting the same error. I tried again today with the address I used for my 2018 tax return, and it seems to have gone through. I got a message that said: “We scheduled your check to be mailed on May 01, 2020 to the address we have on file for you.” Now, which address will it go to? I am not sure. Either way, I hope to get the check soon. Also, if you have filed a 2555 form (Foreign Earned Income) when filing your taxes, try using the address and zipcode listed there (no city/country, just the street name and apartment). Hope this info help.

  179. Maurice

    Well I can confirm as others have said, the site now accepts foreign adresses. Now I have a check in the way, and no US bank account to cash it with….. Anyone have any ideas about what to do???

  180. Matt

    Success! I’m an expat living in Ireland and Ive been checking the portal everyday for a couple weeks and, like alot of people, I’ve been locked out every day.

    I don’t know if the IRS is making daily updates to the address parsing, but I finally got past address confirmation by inputting my street address as it’s listed on my 1040 and using XXX XXX as my postcode.

    The check was mailed on 1 May.

  181. Marty Eisenstein

    Thank you Adam and other on this thread for all the info. I am American in Greece, filed my 2018 taxes jointly with my Greek wife ( non US citizen) . She has a US SSN from when she was post grad student and worked in the US. Question#1: Is she also eligible for the $1200 stimulus? We have a 23 year old daughter who files Greek taxes. She also has US citizenship and US SSN. Question #2: If our daughter chose to file 2019 taxes for the first time in her life before July 15, would she too qualify for the $1200 stimulus?…………….Thanks again.

    1. Hi Marty. Glad it’s been helpful! So, first for your wife, the language on the site says work eligible social security number. I honestly don’t know what the work eligible part means. For your daughter, I would say yes, by my reading of the rules, she should qualify, as long as you didn’t claim her as a dependent. Hope that helps!

  182. Steve

    I just wanted to share that I was able to log into the get my payment portal with my foreign address today. I have been trying everyday since the portal was available. I entered my foreign address exactly as it was entered on my 1040. I changed my address 3 days ago to a USA address because the Philippines is on the USPS MAIL SUSPENDED RETURN TO SENDER country list.MY USA address must not be updated yet, because my foreign address was the one that let me login to the portal. It said my check got mailed on April 24th. Now I don’t know when or if I will ever get it. Hopefully once the IRS gets the MAIL SUSPENDED RETURNED TO SENDER,they will check if I got a change of address and send it to my USA address. Hopefully I didn’t cause myself more trouble and delays by changing address to USA. That’s the latest. I hope it helps.

  183. Marcus Sharp

    UK ADDRESS ACCEPTED! After weeks of trying my UK address was accepted. I put the first line of the address in all caps and entered zip as 00000
    Successfully updated with US bank account details.
    Sounds like others are getting in so maybe app has been updated.

  184. PJ

    Thanks for everyone and their input. We are all clearly a frustrated bunch! So today – after weeks of trying to register a bank account (I filed 2018 with my foreign address but no account as I did not owe). Over and over various error messages as those above…. then today – it worked. BUT! It said the check was to be mailed May 1. Yay (I think). Now we go down the rabbit hole of figuring out how to cash a check in a foreign country that hasn’t seen checks in over a decade (Netherlands)… assuming they can manage to get the check here due to all the delays in postal services. Up side : they recognized me. And supposedly sending a check. Down side. A check here is as worthless as a candy bar wrapper. 🙂

  185. Micah

    I am living abroad. It finally gave me a status update. I have tried nearly everyday since the portal was up and running. Today is the first time I got in. It said my payment was scheduled to be mailed on April 24.

  186. Rich S

    Yaaaaa! Irs get pymt tool just worked 4 me. I used a blank 4 my zip. Entered my bank info, it said I will get direct deposit!!!

  187. Pat

    Morning to all. I was finally able to enter our address in Get My Payment. It worked for our foreign address this morning. Payment was mailed April 24th. With Colombia shut down not sure when it will be delivered, but at least we know that it’s on the way. Hope all the posters here get the same good news.

  188. Kimberly

    So appreciate this forum, everyone! Finally had success today entering my Canadian address and it told me the check was scheduled to be sent May 1st. Woohoo!

  189. Clifford

    Good news everyone…I, like most of you, have been logging into the “Get My Payment” everyday just to see the same old message that “the tax return information you entered does not match our records” However this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see a new message “Your check has been scheduled to be mailed on May 1 to your address on file. A follow up letter is in the mail as well” or something like that. So it looks like we haven’t been forgotten after all. I live in Canada and have been filing US taxes even though my income is considerably below $12K. Hang in there…I’m confident we will all get our checks eventually!

  190. SXK

    My daughter lives in Morocco. After many previous failed attempts to learn the status of her stimulus payment I just now entered her info into the “Get My Payment” website, and it says that her check will be mailed on May 1. I’m surprised that they will send a check to Morocco, and if they do, I hope she receives it since she lives in the Medina.

  191. Sensei

    Got the check today in Osaka Japan 😊

  192. Marv


    I was able to get though the first page of get my payment. I had to put in a dash between my 6 digit post code here in the U.K. xxx-xxx says my check is scheduled to be sent 15th of May. Only problem is they have my flat number but not my building number. Is there a number I can call to add in the building number? I sent in form 8822. Change of address, which they received About two weeks ago. Not sure if that department is operating.

  193. Cathy


    Thanks to all for sharing and posting!

    My husband and I finally logged in with our foreign address. However, there are some tricks. Our address has street address, building number,unit number, and flat number. We could only log in with part of the address: street address and flat number following the website’s instruction on how to put the address in.

    Hope it helps.

  194. Steve

    Hello, I am from one of the countries that is on the USPS MAIL SUSPENDED RETURN TO SENDER LIST. My check got mailed on April 24th to the Philippines. I called the IRS again and the nice lady said if the check gets returned to the IRS, which mine hasn’t yet, they will reissue a check and try to send again. If you have a change of address they will send it to the new address. She said its usually a 2-3 week turn around to reissue a check and resend, use the original address (foreign) address when checking the portal if that’s the one on your latest return. She Said to keep checking the portal so if possibly it would give the option to put direct deposit info. Especially if check got sent back to IRS. Also there could be a new sent date if check got sent back because of a mail suspended foreign country, I hope that Helps.

    1. Great to know Steve. I may just have to call myself and try to change my address to a US one. It would be great if it just let me put in a bank account once it’s been returned though.

    2. Reine

      Hi, I am also in the Philippines. Do you have any idea how long will it take for the check to arrive here? My check got mailed on May 1st.

    3. annalisa m lapid

      hi. im from the philippines too. my check was suppose to be sent april 24. but of was not.sent due to usps. i wanted to ask if the irs received your check?

    4. Annalisa

      Hey steve. Did you ever get a reply if your check was sent back to the irs? I’ve been able to get through get my payment with my foreign addy here in the philippines. But today i suddenly dont have a match. Before my check was suppose to be mailed april 24th too. Xhange my address last week

      1. Steve

        Annalisa, Our foreign address didn’t work just for one day on the get my payment app. But it did the next day again. we did call the irs and it shows that our address has been changed to usa. But we still check the get my payment with the foreign address. We have not received our check yet. It shows it was to be mailed on the 24th also. We are hoping that somehow its at philpost manila and they will send it to mindanao when the lockdown is over. Phil post never answers their phone. At least our address is changed in case any future stimulus checks. As of now we are just hoping its at Phil post, and we receive it when they start delivering again.

        1. Reine

          Hey Steve, I am also in the Philippines. May I know how you changed your Philippine address to your US address? Did you have to call IRS? May I please have the number you called, maybe I can have my address changed to my dad’s address in the US. But hoping the check is in the local post already. Thanks!

        2. Reine

          Hey Steve, I am also here in the Philippines. May I know how did you change your Philippine address to US address? Did you call IRS to make that change? Maybe I can have my address changed to my dad’s address in the US. My check was mailed out on May 1st. But still hoping that the check is in the local post already. Thanks!

          1. Marc

            Hi Steve, I too am an Expat in the Philippines. On the IRS portal I received (exact wording): We scheduled your check to be mailed on May 08, 2020 to the address we have on file for you (As filed on 2019 Form 1040 /Philippines address).
            Am I correct to assume that your message was the same (different schedule date)? You described Your Message [ on the IRS portal] with the word “sent”. That’s why I’m asking and wondering if the IRS says “scheduled” WE should understand it to mean THEY actually sent a check in the mail. From your information I’m inclined to believe that they sent my check into USPS Limbo….

    5. Marc

      Hi Steve, I too am an Expat in the Philippines. On the IRS portal I received (exact wording): We scheduled your check to be mailed on May 08, 2020 to the address we have on file for you (As filed on 2019 Form 1040 /Philippines address).
      Am I correct to assume that your message was the same (different schedule date)? You described Your Message [ on the IRS portal] with the word “sent”. That’s why I’m asking and wondering if the IRS says “scheduled” WE should understand it to mean THEY actually sent a check in the mail. From your information I’m inclined to believe that they sent my check into USPS Limbo….

  195. Murat Özdemir

    Heyy Guys,
    I am US citizen living abroad. I’ve tried many times on IRS web page without any luck. Today I re-entered my information as I did before. Luckily, I got the message : “We scheduled your check to be mailed on April 24, 2020 to the address we have on file for you.” I didn’t enter zipcode and I entered apartment number like APT 4..I hope it works fine for everyone..
    Again and again Thank you Adam for this webpage..From now on, I will be waiting for the check;)

  196. Bryan

    I finally got through as well, BUT I had to use a different browser. I had read that it was not always working with Chrome, so I tried the Brave browser and it worked immediately.

    1. Val

      Bryan, mine worked with chrome… who the heck knows 😆

      1. Bryan

        I suppose it could have been my ad blocker getting in the way….

  197. Bill Canell

    Hi I have a SSA and I live in the Nederlands.The IRS first said SSA information will be used. All I have to do is wait so simple, ha Ha. For 7 years the SSA has put money into my Dutch IBAN bank account with no problems, The IRS needs to do it just one time but it seems to be not so simple. The SSA can use my bank number why can’t the IRS? I would like to find out when I use Get my Payment why there is no asking what city or country that I live in, it has only a street address. My post code is 6 places not 5 is this any problem for the IRS I hope someone can answer ?me

  198. Val

    In the same boat, expat in Mexico who stupidly didn’t use our US mail service in the states on our tax return. Finally was able today to use Get My Payment tool today only to find that both my husband & I were sent checks to our Mexican address. The same Mexican address where we have zero mail service. Zero.

    Entered this way:
    SS with dashes
    All caps street address
    Left Zip code blank.

    Unfortunately, since paper checks mailed already, no option to enter US bank account for when the checks will either be returned as undeliverable, or worse, thrown into someone’s yard or stuck on some poor person’s desk at the IRS to deal with whenever they are allowed to return to work.
    Baby steps. Hang in there everyone.
    Thanks Adam for doing this. It’s been super fun to see other expats from all over the world! 😉
    Take care everyone & stay safe.

    1. Courtney

      Hi Val, for the missing mail report, how did you know which IRS address to put as the sender and the details of what the envelope looked like?

  199. Lala

    Hi, I am a Soc Sec recipient (a widower) and a US citizen now living in Europe.
    Although I turned in a 2018 return (which showed negative AGI),
    I entered my banking info (a US bank where my Soc Sec arrives every month) for the IRS on “non-filers”‘
    on April 16.

    1. On “get my payment” I get the message :
    “We don’t have enough information yet (we’re working on this), or
    You’re not eligible for a payment.”
    2. I have not received the $1200
    3. When I try to file my 2019 return (which clearly shows that I am eligible, my income was low in 2019),
    I get the message that my return has been filed [they probably consider the “non-filer” return
    as my return]

    I am stuck in this system. Where could I complain?

  200. Doug

    I live in Sweden, and i am waiting aswell. Anybody from Sweden who has managed to log in to the get my payment? I still have not :/ I have been filing my tax returns on paper the last 6-7 years, and i am starting to wonder if they even know who i am 🙂
    Regarding this number that people have used to be able to get a hold of someone at the irs, which number do you use, and how to you actually reach someone? Do you try calling several times?
    Best regards,

    1. Doug

      I will answer my own question. I spoke to a lady at the irs now on the international line with number 267-941-1000. She was awesome!! It seemed that my new adress that i have moved to was put in the system incorrectly. So she updated it for me now. I asked her about not hearing from them for many many years, and she said that is a good thing. The only time they will contact you is if you owe money, are waiting for a tax refund or something is incorrect with your return 🙂
      So i will try my adress when the system updates it. Which she thinks might take a week or 2. Thats fine with me 🙂

      Good luck everyone,

      Best regards Doug

      1. lala

        Hi Doug, How did you reach a human being in the menu-tree ? Lala

  201. Aaron

    After weeks of trying to login, it finally worked for me today. I live in Germany and had to paper file for my 2019 tax returns. My 2019 address did not work, but my 2018 address did. I am assuming that my 2019 taxes haven’t been processed yet. It said that my check is in the mail, so fingers crossed that it arrives soon.
    I entered my address exactly how I had it on my 1040 (not all uppercase), and the area code in the area code input field. I also entered my SSN without dashes.

  202. Adam Pincus

    Hi Adam, I learned from your great site that, since I filed jointly with my wife (who has a TIN, not a SSN) in 2018, I do not qualify for the corona incentive payment. I have not yet filed for 2019. Might it make sense to file separately for 2019 in order to be eligible for me to get the incentive payment?
    Once one revokes the election to file jointly, may the couple file jointly again in future years?
    Gratefully, Adam (yes, I’m also Adam)

    1. Hi Adam! Honestly, you would have to double check but I would not think that filing separately one year would preclude you from doing so in the future.

  203. Meg

    My check, dated May 1st, arrived in my mailbox in Germany today! The address was from my 2018 tax return, since I haven’t filed for 2019 yet. (I had given up trying to enter my information into the IRS website a few weeks ago). The next challenge was downloading my U.S. bank’s mobile app, which claimed to not be available in my country. With the help of my son and a VPN app, I deposited the check into my account. That went fast!

    1. Great Meg. If my check actually makes it I am going to have to figure out a vpn myself!

    2. Kris

      Hi, Meg

      Could you let us know what US bank it is?

  204. David Torres

    Hi Adam,

    Expat in France.

    UPDATE: I followed the advice found here and call the IRS directly (1-800-829-3903 press 1 and the press # multiple times so that you get connected to a person)…make sure you connect to a general topics person and not a division, as they will hang up if the call is not related to their depart. I called May 7, a nice lady took my call, I mentioned my expat issue and that I was following advice that I read on message boards. We went through my address and confirmed it. And….at the end of the call, she let loose a gem of info: that the check was sent on May 1 😬. Here in France, we just got a partial nationwide opening today (the 11) and there were some holidays last week, so I have yet to get the paper check, hope it will arrived alright. I do have a US account with Wells Fargo so depositing the check via the app won’t be an issue.

    A little note…right after my call I was still getting the “recored dont match message” in the “Get My Payment” link, but, either because the system was updated, or an after-effect of me reconfirming my info w/IRS, today, I went to “Get My Payment”, entered my credentials (as I done may times before) and I got me the message that check was on the way, re-confirming the date of May 1 that the IRS lady told me. I did not changed anything in the way I input my address: SS, DOB, street address, city and postal code.

    So those still with issues, first, check again with the link, as perhaps the glicht was fixed, if not, call IRS and re-confirm address. Call early, right after US east coast wakes up so you won’t have long waiting lines. My wait + actual call: no more that 15m.

    Good luck to all! ✌🏼

    1. Hey David. Thanks for sharing. For what its worth my address started working the same i had been entering it before last Thursday.

  205. George

    Hi everyone. I am a US citizen and I live in Greece. I also have a valid SSN. I was not required to file tax return for 2018 or 2019 and i do not receive social security benefits (although I used to receive until 2016). Based on the information on the IRS website, I decided to use the Non Filers tool to enter my information, so I can receive the payment. I did this about 2 weeks ago. However I have been trying to get updates on my payment, using Get My Payment but it keeps saying Payment Status Not Available. Does anyone have any idea about what is going on or maybe any suggestions. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

  206. Anya

    Thank you so much for such a useful website. Hope I can get some ideas that help me in my situation. I live in Russia. I didn’t file my 2018, but did 2019 and since turbotax for some reason told me I have to mail my return, I did. Tracking shows it was received on April 21. Of course now when I use the tool Get the Payment, I get Info not available message. Assuming it is because they haven’t processed my return yet. Should I re-file and try to e-file? Or now simply waiting is my only option? How long does it take to process paper returns? I read that they didn’t even work on paper returns now. Any ideas? Thank you again so much!

    1. Hi Anya, Ive heard they arent processing paper returns now either but not sure how much e filing will speed it up or not, they do say not to refile. Unless getting the money is very urgent you may just have to play a waiting game.

  207. George

    Hello from Japan!

    I filed my taxes using Turbo Tax Plus and their foreign exemption forms. It did cost $60 USD but I did not want to go through the hassle of sending over paper forms (free). I filed back in March with no problems and a $0 return and cost, so I did not enter any bank info. (I did the previous year(2018)) I had the same problem with y’all with no luck on the IRS portal (tried all caps and the USPS address converter etc.) I would always get an error saying “your information does not match the info in the system”. So I just gave up and looked forward to something happening 5 months later or the IRS using my 2018 account info. However, suddenly a winked envelope with the actual check in it arrived at my address in Japan on May 10, 2020. ITS VERY EASY TO MISS especially if your mailbox gets filled with paper ads like they do here. It had Trumps name on it and everything (just signed by some rep). I just used an online check deposit function on a bank app that I still had open. (Chase) So maybe there are other banks with similar app functions that can be opened form overseas?? So yes. Praying for you all, and I would just suggest triple checking the address you use on your tax forms! It will arrive there eventually! GLHF!

  208. Amy

    I have the frustrating situation of only recently being able to access the system like many because of my foreign address. I left my banking info, I was so happy when I was prompted for that because I live in Peru and the mail system is completely shut indefinitely. I was upset to learn again when I checked that they are mailing the cheque anyway. Grrr. But the USPS isn’t accepting mail to a whole slew of countries at the moment. What will happen to our checks?

    1. Hey Amy, I’m in the same boat here in Colombia. I don’t know, I am assuming they will be returned. What the IRS will do then is anyone’s guess.

  209. Brian

    Hi All, we (EU-based) received our check on May 11 (hoping everyone will be successful!). I last posted on May 1 after we called the IRS. The IRS said that the check had already been sent. We verified the address (same as we entered (but didn’t work) in the get my payment site) and updated to our new address (having moved – thanks to the mailman for sorting us out). They used our 2018 paper filing, not our 2019 paper filing. AGI of less than 10k, so maybe the check was sent the week ending April 24 according to Forbes ( Just checked now and the get my payment site accepts our new address and says our check was sent on May 1. So any where from to ~11-18 days to arrive. Thanks Adam, thanks all! Good luck

  210. Henning

    Hi from an American living in Germany!

    I filed my taxes using turbo tax and paid for the audit protection, which can only be used by people with an address in the USA, so I put my brother’s address (incl. apartment number)
    The IRS payment link says that my check was scheduled to be sent on May 4th.
    My question is, will they be sending it to my brother’s address which appears on the 1040 form, or to my address in Germany which appears on the 2555 form?

    Any help would be super wonderful! thanks!

    1. Hi. I’m not 100% sure, but I would lean towards the address on the 1040, but you may just have to play a wait and see game or you could try calling.

  211. Kenny Cho

    I’m a 17 year old US Citizen living in Korea. My parents are not US citizen but I’m a citizen born in Missouri.
    I haven’t filed any of the 1040 form or any other kind to the IRS in my entire life, even though I have a SSN.
    Is there any way I can get my economic stimulus?

    1. Tony

      Kenny, I suggest going to and fill in the information after clicking “Non-filers: Enter payment info here”. Good luck.

    2. Rick M

      Kenny Cho: Unfortunately only US adults (18+) are eligible for the $1,200 Trump Stimulus check. But perhaps your parents can get $500 for you as a dependent child. Good luck.

  212. Ciro Cerretelli

    Hello everyone, I received my stimulus check by mail and now the only way I can cash it, I guess, is with my mobile banking app. Do my wife and I need to sign the check at the back, does anybody have experience with this? I ask because I never cashed a treasury check before, and there are no signing instructions on the back, there is only a warning not to cash without noting watermark etc with very little space before the line. Also, there are no indication whether I can write below this line, as the space above between the watermark instructions and the line itself is really limited. Thanks so much for your help!

    1. Laura

      Ciro, sign the back. Write “For mobile deposit in at [your bank] account number xxxxxxxx” and then sign.

  213. Ryan

    *May pertain ONLY to Americans working/living in Korea with Korean street address.
    Cut to the chase, I got the stimulus check TODAY in my mailbox.

    My status:
    I filed my 2019 taxes early this year and (like many of you) filed without providing the direct deposit bank info.
    I planned on not receiving the stimulus check via POSTAL MAIL but to add my direct deposit bank info via the IRS website given (
    But like most of you, I couldn’t go past the basic info page, giving me that
    ”There is no match in our record etc. etc., Try again 24 hrs later” message.
    I kinda gave up after a few weeks, but just yesterday I managed to break(?) in!

    What I did:
    1. SSN: 123-45-678 (with dashes!)
    2. BOD: 01/01/1999
    3. Street Address: For my case, I took out the ‘#’ for my apartment number (no capitalization or anything).

    Let me explain to you. My accountant had filed my taxes with the street address below:

    123-#1234, 123, Seoul-ro

    Just take out the ‘#’ and type in:

    123-1234, 123, Seoul-ro (no ‘#’ symbol, no symbols needed I am assuming?)

    4. Zipcode: XXXXX

    After successful log-in, you will get the message saying when your check was sent.
    I had super serious doubts the US gov’t would ever send the check to me, let alone halfway around the world in current pandemic situation. Hope everyone receives their check! GL!

  214. Michelle

    Hi Adam, this past Monday, I received my stimulus check by mail in Ireland. Hope everyone else receives their check as well. I’m glad I found this site. Thanks again Adam and best of luck everyone.

    1. Geoff

      Were you able to cash it in a foreign country (Ireland)?

  215. Christina

    Hi All, I’m based in the UK and just received my stimulus check on the mail. I have a Capital One 360 account and was able to download the app and login using a VPN though I am unable to use the mobile check deposit feature as it still detects I am not in the US. Any one have any advice to how to get the check deposited? I was thinking to just mail the check back to a relative in the US who can login to my account via the app on their phone and then do the mobile check deposit. Or perhaps it’s worth opening another US a bank account that accepts mobile check deposits while abroad? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    1. Hey Christina. Hmm, yea I have been worried about that too if my check ever makes it, I’ve done the mobile check deposit in the US but not tried it with a VPN. Mailing it might not be a bad idea if you have a reliable person back in the US.

      1. David Rich

        Hi Adam, Thanks for posting. I’m in Colombia as well and my stimulus was already mailed as well. Any thoughts? Is the Colombia postal service working right now?

        1. Hey David, just answered your other comment. No idea of the Colombian 472 service is actually operating, but I know there isn’t currently USPS service to Colombia. I think we are stuck playing a waiting game for the time being.

    2. Marv

      Hi Christina, I live in the U.K. as well. Can’t you just deposit it in to your bank in the U.K.? I have A well know U.K. bank and have put a check I received from California. It took 7-10 working days to clear.. £ to $ is pretty good right now.. Take care

  216. colin

    Hi. I receive my social security direct deposit into my bank. My foreign bank. I have not recieved stimuls as of yet. As far as the payment tool…I moved here, Panama, 6 years ago. I have not filed taxed since I have been here. I have not had to file. What address would the IRS have on me.Nothing works on the portal. Same as The Social Security Administratio? Do they communicate with each other?

    1. AnnaM

      I receive my SS directly deposited to my foreign bank account. I too have not received my stimulus as yet. I live in Canada and have not filed taxes for over 15 years as I am retired and do not work. Is there anyone else here who is in the same position as we are? As far as we are told we do not need to do anything that they will use information from SSA-1099 statement. But then again I read here that IRS does not deposit to foreign bank account? So how are we to do nothing if this is the case?

  217. Justin

    I have been following this thread for a while and felt it would be good to provide my information. I am a US/Australian citizen having lived in Australia since 2011. I have filed the last few years of tax returns. The Get My Payment app only started working around last weekend and I only entered my street address (no post code) and it stated my cheque was mailed on 24 April. I just received it in the mail today in Australia.

    1. Nana

      Hi Justin, will you be able to cash your paper stimulus check in an Australian bank? Asking because I live in Italy and am considering having the paper check which was received at my family’s home in the US forwarded to me in Italy (which will only make sense if it is allowed to clear in a foreign non-US bank). Otherwise I have no choice but to open an online account in the US if possible. Thanks for any info you can share!

      1. Justin

        Hi Nana,
        No my wife still has a Wells Fargo bank account that the is on with her mother. I was able to successfully sign the check over to her and then wire it to Australia. You can actually open up a Wells Fargo account online and deposit the check with the app. I had a friend do this from here and it worked. He then proceeded to cancel the account after it was all said and done to avoid feeds. Hope this helps. Cheeers, Justin

    2. Kevin

      Hi Justin, I am also in Australia. It said the same date for me for sending the check but sadly I am still waiting. Hopefully, the Australian Post is just being super slow to get it up to Cairns. I had used an address in Sydney for my 2018 taxes and an address here for 2019 so I am really hoping that it was sent to this address and not the Sydney one. Glad to hear you received it as that means they are slowly moving!

  218. Laura

    I just tried Justin’s tip (NO POST CODE) and it worked for me! Live in UK, check was mailed May 1, haven’t received it yet. Have just checked my USAA accounts and they allow mobile deposit for checks drawn on US banks. Fingers crossed it arrives…

  219. Nana

    Hello to all and thank you for sharing this info. I am a US citizen living in Italy and received my stimulus check via mail at my family’s home in New York; now the dilemma is how to cash it without a US bank account. I can confirm it is not possible to endorse this check to another person’s US bank account unless you are physically present at the counter of the person’s bank to sign it over to them. This was the info given to my relative by the manager at their Citibank in NY. I am presently trying to find out if it will be possible to deposit the check into an Italian bank account if it is Fedexed to me here, despite the fact that it is in US dollars; but I am more concerned about whether or not the US Treasury will allow it to clear in a foreign bank account. Has anyone else had experience with this, perhaps the person who received their check mailed to them in Australia? Thanks for any info. I am also considering opening a digital account with the Capital One and having it deposited in the US, then having an ATM card mailed to me here in Italy, but with the lockdown in Italy for over 2 months now my income is uncertain, and I am not sure I will even be approved to open a bank account in the US under these circumstances as presently unemployed.

    1. Justin

      Hi Nana, see my comment above. If you still have a valid US passport or address/drivers license you can open up a Wells Fargo account online and the app will work from overseas. You can use your check as the initial deposit. Then after transferring to your bank account in Italy you can simply close the account to avoid the fees. I was able to sign my check over to someone else, but I think my mother in law has a very good and long trustworthy relationship with her banker. Hope this helps.

  220. Kris

    Hi, everyone.

    Just wondering: Has anyone received a check in Spain? I just confirmed my address by calling the IRS, but they could not give me any EcoSP information…It even took them a while to find me via my SSN.

    If anyone has been able to get a check here in Spain, I would appreciate knowing how they were able to deposit it (foreign bank, US bank, etc.).

    Thanks and good luck!

  221. Brunp

    Hello everyone,

    I am an American living in Brazil since 2010. I found out through the “Get My Payment” IRS tool that a check has been mailed to my address in Brazil on May 1st. Has anyone living abroad already received a paper check? Thanks

    1. Lucas

      Hello, I am living in Brazil as well and my check has also been mailed on May 1st.

      I have not received it yet (today is May 20th 2020).

      Have you received yours?

      1. Jean-Louis Mondon

        Today May 23rd 2020. Hi Lucas, I also live in Brazil and I have not received my check either. This AM I checked to see if the Correios have issued a notice about the suspension of mail distribution from the US due to Covid19. Apparently, they have. (suspensão de postagem, atualizada em 17/03/2020) : The IRS indicated that they are going to start sending paper checks instead of direct deposit which is how I received my SS monthly payment. I have heard that we will receive our payment on the 28th of May. I have a bank account in the US. So one way or the other, I expect it will come. I hope the IRS knows better than sending checks to Brazil if there is a suspension of flights. Note that the norice is dated 17/03/2020. I have not researched further to discover if they have updated because of a subsequent relaxation of rules for airlines. My wife works for Azul and as far as I know, no flight to the US. I hope your check is not suspended somewhere in limbo waiting for a decision of the government.

    2. Jean-Louis Mondon

      Today May 23rd 2020. Hi Brunp. I also live in Brazil and I have not received my check either. This AM I checked to see if the Correios have issued a notice about the suspension of mail distribution from the US due to Covid19. Apparently, they have. (suspensão de postagem, atualizada em 17/03/2020) : The IRS indicated that they are going to start sending paper checks instead of direct deposit which is how I received my SS monthly payment. I have heard that we will receive our payment on the 28th of May. I have a bank account in the US. So one way or the other, I expect it will come. I hope the IRS knows better than sending checks to Brazil if there is a suspension of flights. Note that the norice is dated 17/03/2020. I have not researched further to discover if they have updated because of a subsequent relaxation of rules for airlines. My wife works for Azul and as far as I know, no flight to the US. I hope your check is not suspended somewhere in limbo waiting for a decision of the government.

    3. Elisa

      Hi there, Im living in Argentina, the Get my Payment tool also said that my check was scheduled to be mailed on May 1. Still didnt receive it (May 31). Do you have any idea how to cash it in Brazil ??

  222. Jessica Jurcan

    How long do I have to wait for the status to change from “The IRS will process this information and determine your eligibility for the Economic Impact Payment” into something else? I’ve filed it a month ago.

  223. Artur Grudzinski

    Hi all.
    I knew my check was mailed on May 1st when I called 800 number 2 weeks ago but just for fun, I tried to access Get my payment site today using the same info I was denied access before, and to my surprise, I was in.
    No additional info was given except that check was scheduled to be mailed on May 01, 2020, to the address on file.
    The reason I came back here was that I was wondering how long did any of you wait for the check oversees.
    I live in Poland, been contacted by IRS before and I believe it took close to a month for the mail to get here.
    I was just hoping stimulus would be quicker for some reason.
    Anyway, congrats to those who got it and good luck to those of us who still waiting.

    1. David Torres

      Hi Artur…
      Expat living in France.
      I also got the May 1 mail-out date but have yet to received it…
      France La Poste mail as been a bit behind, so..
      you are not alone 😉

    2. Chris

      Hi, Artur.
      I live in Poland since 2010 and have problems with my stimulus check/payment too. Would be possible to get in touch with you – got couple qs?? Chris.

  224. David Rich

    Hi, I live in Colombia and see that my stimulus was mailed on May 1, 2020. I have received mail in the past from the IRS so I am hopeful my check arrives. Has anyone thought further out how to make a claim on the stimulus check if it doesn’t arrive? Or is this money just lost if the mail doesn’t arrive? Thanks!

    1. Hey David. Good to hear from another Colombia expat! I’m in the same boat, but Colombia is on the list of countries the USPS is not currently servicing (the list linked above in a comment somewhere), so I don’t expect we will get it. What happens once it gets returned to the IRS I don’t know. I’m going to try to check that Get My Payment thing every now and then and see if it at some point it lets me put in a bank account, but I’m expecting it to go something more along the lines of, after everybody elses’s has been processed we will start to look at what to do with these that were returned, so maybe a couple months from now??

      1. Carolina Fonseca

        Hi Ada, thanks for this wonderful resource! I also live in Colombia and “waiting” for my check to arrive although I expect it to actually never make it here. In the meantime I want to e-file my taxes, do you or anyone know if we can do that?¡ I have tried it before (TurboTax) but I always get a message that says I am not eligible for e-filing.

        How have you (or anyone else) done it in the past?

        Thanks again!!

        1. Hi Carolina…i tried omce with Turbotax years ago and couldnt figure it out. You could try the efile links above and see if they work.

      2. James

        Adam, I wanted to thank you again for opening this discussion board. It’s been so useful over the past month. Unfortunately, the IRS misspelled my address in Switzerland, and I’m worried that my check has been returned to the IRS. (Sadly, the day I got through to them was the day the check supposedly went out: 05/01.) I did go to the Swiss post office, and they seemed to think that they could forward it to me even with the error, but maybe they returned it directly to the IRS. I see others in Europe already got theirs last week.

        1. Hi James. Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully it gets to you. As there’s no mail service here in Colombia I really don’t know what’s best once it gets returned to the IRS.

        2. Larkin

          Hey James— any news on your check? I am in Switzerland as well and have not received anything despite the IRS website saying my check was mailed 24 April. Also, how did you know that the address was misspelled? From the phone call? I was able to get through the Get My Payment portal with my correct Swiss address so I am only assuming they mailed it properly. THanks!

  225. Koara

    Just wanted to share, I’m living in Japan and my paper check arrived yesterday.

    1. Reine

      Hi, my I know when was your check mailed out? How long did it take for you to receive your check?

      1. Larkin

        Hey Koara, i would like to know as well when your check was mailed. Mine was supposedly mailed 24 April and it still has not reached me in Switzerland which seems to be an awfully long time for delivery of a simple envelope.

    2. Marc

      Japan doesn’t appear on the list of countries under USPS Temporary Suspension.

      1. Paris

        Do you live in Japan ? My check was scheduled to be mailed May 4th and I still haven’t received anything. Any help?

  226. Earl Boyce

    I am an American citizen living in Massachusetts. I have been collecting Social Security payments for years.
    My wife and I are separated. She has a SS number but is a British citizen and is currently living in South Africa.
    Her US Green Card has expired.
    She has direct deposit in a South African bank for her Social Security monthly spouses benefit based on my Social Security earnings. I’ve received my $1200 deposited in my USA bank account but she has not received anything.
    My question is; Is she eligible for the stimulus payment?

    1. Hi Earl, I’m not sure to be honest. The language used on the IRS site if I’m not mistaken says “work eligible SS #” I’m not sure how that pertains here. I would say she should at least try the Get My Payment tool if she files taxes and if not try the non-filer to see.

  227. John

    Hey everyone. I’m on SS retirement, wasn’t required to file taxes in either 2018/19 and live in Ontario Canada. I still get the ‘ payment status unavailable’ no matter which way I enter my info. SS has my direct deposit info, but from what I’ve been reading the IRS can’t dd into foreign accounts. All well and good, but what am I missing here? I’ve been told not to use the non-filers tool as the IRS will retrieve all of my info from the SSA 1099 form. Any help greatly appreciated.

  228. Kathy Stranz

    Hi, I don’t know if anyone has had a similar experience, but here’s mine just in case someone can help. I’m an American citizen and have lived most of my adult life in Spain. I have always filed my US tax returns up until 2018 when I no longer had to. This year, 2019 isn’t necessary either. So in order to get my stimulus check, I proceeded to fill in the non filers form that they ask you to. When I get to the bank account information part, obviously I can’t put my Spanish bank account number in and I have no account in the USA. Right next to that information, there is a message saying if you don’t have a bank account, they will send you a check. So I leave it blank and send it in . I have done this several times and I always get an error email in return, asking for the bank account information. Any suggestions on what I can do? I should probably give up, but I can’t believe that the system can be so faulty. I’m open to any help anyone can give me. Thanks.

  229. Annalisa

    Hello. My date on the get my payment app was april 24.. but since mail has been suspended here in the philippines i changed my address to one in the u.s. it was unknown bubthe person i called if the check has been returned to the irs. Today i checked get my app and now my data doesn’t match. Does that mean its being sent to my u.s. address now?

  230. AnnaM

    I receive my SS directly deposited to my foreign bank account. I too have not received my stimulus as yet. I live in Canada and have not filed taxes for over 15 years as I am retired and do not work. Is there anyone else here who is in the same position as we are? As far as we are told we do not need to do anything that they will use information from SSA-1099 statement. But then again I read here that IRS does not deposit to foreign bank account? So how are we to do nothing if this is the case?

  231. Rick M

    A follow up: Finally the Get My Payment site recognized my Colombian address… but the news is bad. Payment Status says “We scheduled your check to be mailed on April 24, 2020 to the address we have on file for you”. I am sure they sent it via REGULAR mail to my Colombian address… Now, good luck waiting for 4-72 to deliver the check to me (they take months to deliver in good times). Has anyone in Colombia actually received their paper check?

  232. Rick M

    One more thing Adam…. I am able generally able to access my US bank account with my Colombian IP… I download their Mobile APP using VPN and logged on… no problem… Today, I logged with my Colombian IP and I had no problems… Now, let’s get the check… As far as USPS is not servicing Colombia… My guess, only a guess, that, since it’s an IRS check, they may give it to 4-72… Who knows… Now, when 4-72 delivers it, if at all, is anyone’s guess. Calling the IRS to put a stop payment and provide a US bank account number is unlikely, as IRS agents aren’t all that smart.

    1. Haha, yea I hear you on that last front Rick. What I’m not sure about is if it will even make it to 4-72, and well not sure about 4-72 getting to me either. It’s a waiting game I guess. I’m hoping that once all the checks are processed, the IRS will allow people who had their checks returned to enter a bank account.

  233. Ivette

    Does anyone know how long these stimulus checks are valid for after the issuing date???…By the way I finally received mine which was sent on May 1st…I live in Germany & my neighbor, who is checking my mail, told me it just arrived…but now am in Miami without knowing when I will be able to fly back…that’s why my question about the validity of the check…please let me know, thanks…

    1. Shanon

      I received my stimulus check in the mail yesterday (Calgary, Canada). The issue date on the check is May 1, and reads “Void After One Year”. Hopefully that helps! 🙂

    2. Justin

      Says valid for a year

  234. Stephen Fiyalko

    Hi AnnaM, I am in the same circumstance in Australia & have not received the payment nor have I filed my tax return in many years. I was able to reach someone on the IRS International inquiries desk who told me that I should receive payment through the bank as I would my regular SSA payment. She could not say when or if that might be although some payments were still going out as of last week. The IRS was aware that I hadn’t filed a tax return in some time but that should not affect my eligibility. The point is she didn’t know by looking at my record which had all the correct information in it what was happening or why. The Get My Payment portal still says they don’t have enough information OR I’m ineligible, like I’m either dead or alive. There seems to be no complaints resolution process in place. I offered to file any tax returns that would make them happy, if that would help, but they didn’t know if that would help and the desk that would help me do that is still unmanned.

    1. AnnaM

      Just following up on your post and response to me regarding the Stimulus payment…To date 26 May, I have not received anything driect deposit or mailed. We seem to have the same situation, SSA recipient, not required to file taxes and told that IRS will use information from SSA 1099. However also taking into consideration IRS does not direct deposit to an overseas bank, however SSA does. Have you received your payment as yet?

  235. James

    For those who had their foreign addresses transcribed incorrectly or had the wrong address registered with the IRS, please read this:

    “What if your payment is going to the wrong place?

    If the IRS processed your payment and sent out your money to an old bank account or old address, it will take some time to correct the problem.

    If the money was deposited in a closed bank account — either your own or an account belonging to a tax prep service — it will be returned and the IRS will instead send a paper check.

    If the money was deposited into an open account, you’ll have to track it down. This many require a phone call to your bank to gain access. And if the account belonged to a tax prep service, the service should notify the IRS and return the funds so the agency can send a paper check.

    These paper checks could take up to 20 weeks to come, so you may be waiting a long time. But you should receive the money eventually if the IRS has your correct address on file.

    If the IRS has an old physical address, on the other hand, you’ll want to make sure USPS has forwarding information for you, or the agency may have no way to get in touch to send money at all.

    The IRS has also indicated it will be sending out follow-up letters within 15 days of distributing stimulus payments. These will provide instructions on what to do if there is a problem. If this letter is successfully delivered to you but your payment wasn’t, follow the instructions on it to let the IRS know, so they can get you the money you’re entitled to receive.”

  236. Amy M Mortensen

    Hello, for those of us that are waiting for checks in countries with no mail service, I have started a facebook group so we can share information and hopefully eventually get a solution.
    It’s called:

    Stimulus Payments for Expats – Local Mail System Shutdowns
    Thanks, Amy

    1. AnnaM

      Hi Amy,
      I tried the link but it did not work for me.

  237. Wes.Harrissss

    I’m still having difficulty with the Get-My Payment Application. I was able to change my address to my new American address, but I’m still having difficulty getting through the app. Calling now, just tells me that the wait is to long and disconnects. 1200 is 1200, but I can’t seem to find out how to get it.

    Confused is an issue.

  238. Micah

    Is anyone having trouble trying to deposit the check with a mobile app. The bank I have, Capital One 360 says I am not in the US and it won’t let me deposit it.

  239. Jaclyn Armstrong

    Has anyone received the follow-up letter?

    My check was sent on April 24th and I haven’t received anything. The address I have on file is correct, but the postal service in Vietnam isn’t very reliable. And when I contact the post office here they say with no tracking number there is nothing to do. So contact the sender…

    1. Marc

      Your mail might be delayed due to the pandemic. At your local Post Office, you might want to ask if they are receiving mail from the USA.

  240. Kim M.

    My check, according to the IRS, was mailed out May 1st. I’m in Alberta, Canada. Still waiting. Ivette, from what I’ve read, treasury checks are good for a year. If they expire before you cash it you can have one reissued.

  241. Justin

    For anyone wondering about access to US banks from overseas and depositing. I can confirm that you can open a Wells Fargo account very easily if you still have a US address and drivers license/passport. Unfortunately, the kicker is that you will need a US number as well for text verification. Once the account is open you can access the mobile check deposit overseas and deposit your check.

  242. Kass

    Hi everyone. Thanks, Adam, for the original post and updates and thank you also to all the comment writers. Your information has kept me calm during this crazy time. When I worried that my IRS records were wrong or something was screwed up, your stories reassured me that it was the IRS tool that was the problem. You gave me a lot of peace of mind. Thank you! I am in your debt, truly.

    I am a US citizen living in the Netherlands. We (my American husband and I) filed jointly for 2018 in March 2019 and used our Dutch address. We owed money so did not include deposit info. Like all of you, we couldn’t log in to the IRS Get My Payment tool until it was too late to enter deposit information. Our check was mailed 1 May. The Netherlands mail service is not suspended and I have been receiving things from other European countries without delay. I even received a shipment from China with only a small delay. Interestingly I’ve received letters from my US bank that were mailed on 1 May! But the glorious stimulus check has not yet arrived.

    I am commenting to ask if there is anyone here who lives in the Netherlands who has received their check. I will comment again if and when our check finally arrives.

    Also, if you or a family member has been in the US military, USAA is a terrific bank. They are US-based but used to dealing with US citizens abroad so they have customer service in the UK and EU. They helped us with our car insurance, our banking, even the paperwork we needed to ship our car to Europe. Best of all, you can deposit a US check to their mobile banking without a VPN. You don’t need a US address or a US phone number! They are extremely helpful for US people abroad. Note: I am not an employee of USAA. Just a very happy customer.

  243. Anne

    Hi all,
    To provide some timeline help for those who are waiting for check in Canada – I received mine today (May 22) in Toronto. It was dated May 1.

  244. Vasilios

    Hey ya’ll!

    As an US citizen, living in Greece the past 10 years: I was able to get the application accepted using a friends bank account. Just a FYI to the rest of you who do not have a current U.S. address and or cannot cash checks abroad.

  245. Kass McGann

    Hi everyone,

    Here’s an interesting development. I’m in the Netherlands. Filed US 1040 for 2018. No refund so I didn’t include bank info. Like all of you, my EU address bounced me out of the Get My Payment tool until it was too late and the website said they mailed my check on the 1st of May.

    It is now the 23rd of May. The post just came with a letter from the IRS. Hurrah! But not so fast… Big long letter from whatshisname proclaiming all the wonderful things he’s done for us BUT NO CHECK. A line in the letter states we are eligible for $2400 and will receive it by check/debit card. BUT NO CHECK. Letter is dated May 1st, the day the IRS tool said my check was mailed.

    Is my check lost? Is it coming later? Does anyone know?

    Also no instructions what to do if you haven’t received a check. The phone number to the IRS is just a computer reading the eligibility requirements and you can’t get through to the human. Pushing 0 makes it hang up.

    I am angrier than I think I have ever been. My family is not suffering financially. But for all of those people who really need this money, I am furious!

    1. Joon

      Exactly same situation for me here in South Korea. As far as I understood, we need to wait for another mail with check or prepaid debit card. It looks like the IRS1444 notice letter came earlier than the payment. Let’s hope our payment will be delivered soon.

      1. Michael Arriaga

        Same situation as Joon for me in Mexico. Got the 1444 letter but no check so I am thinking the payment will come later (hopefully in a few days/weeks?) Joon, any updates? did you get the check?

  246. Esteban

    Greetings. I’m expat in Spain. Get My Payment site says my check was mailed May 1. Has anyone in Spain received their check? Still waiting….

    1. LJ

      Esteban – we live in northern Spain. Today we received the letter from the occupant of the White House saying that our check/card was mailed out on May 1 and we should have received it. There was no check/card with this letter. We have not received our payment. We will wait one more week then proceed with an investigation through the IRS. Please comment to let me know if you have received your letter but not the payment. I would like to know (unfortunately) if there are others in this same conundrum. Thank you.

  247. dee

    HI Kass

    I’m an American also living in Holland (Zeeland) and I haven’t received a check either. I’m guessing it’s just taking longer for things to get here through the mail. I also receive a monthly pension by check, usually a day or two before the first of the month, and that hasn’t arrived yet either. So, three and a half weeks late — I’ll just keep waiting. I’ll post here when it arrives. Optimism is a good thing.

    This website and the commets here are the only thing I could find online that wasn’t put up by somebody in the business of making money off expats. Big thanks to the people who put it up and everybody who’s shared their experience. It’s helped a lot.


  248. Kinan

    I am a us citizen based in Dubai UAE and i did not get my check yet due to mail service suspension! Can i get some help how to get my payment

  249. Kinan

    My check btw was mail on april 24 but nothing yet

    1. Marc

      Check again the IRS portal (obviously you have successfully done this before because you know the date the check was mailed). Hopefully it should now read: NEED MORE INFORMATION. According to the IRS Frequently Asked Questions ( Scroll down to the Payment section), here is the link:
      You should now be able to enter a US BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION (Routing number and Account number), Have those ready BEFORE YOU LOG IN to the IRS portal. Then you should be setup for a Direct Deposit into your US Bank Account. If all works out please post the time line so the rest of us will get an idea of how long it would take.

  250. Patrick

    Hi Kass….Amsterdam here. My check was sent out on the eighth and still haven’t received it either. Will post here if and when I receive it. Fingers crossed. Also Adam thanks for maintaining all this info. It’s been a great source the past month.

  251. Brandon

    Hello 🙂
    Right now I live in South Korea.
    Looks like they scheduled my check to be mailed on May 01, 2020
    However, they sent my check to my old address.
    Luckily I called the person who lives in my old address and asked her to hold on to my mail
    If she ever receive it.
    Its been about a month and I still didn’t get my check
    My question is what if she threw it away or lost it?
    Then I lost my money forever? Or is there another way to request my check again?

  252. dee

    Hah! Well, at least we know now that there are far worse than not getting a check. Viz., not getting a check and getting a letter from What’s His Name, oops excuse the caps, what’s his name. So much for optimism. And how fitting that the letter is of no practical use! How could it be with such a nonentity of a signer?

  253. Kim M.

    My check was mailed out May 1 and I just received it today. I’m in Alberta, Canada.

  254. Maria Mortensen

    As of may 26 2020, have yet to receive my stimulus payment. I am retired on social security and non taxfiler for past 8 years, living with my husband (also on ss) in the Philippines. Both of us have direct deposit with a US bank. He uses a US mailing address and received his 1200 stimulus payment on april 30 vis direct deposit. I use my daughter’s Manila mail address to get my ss statements and have not yet received my payment. The Manila address only has a 4 digit zip code. Repeated attempts to use the Get My Payment portal have not worked. Any ideas? Because i am out of them. Thanks.

    1. Marc

      Hi Maria. I too have a Philippines address, and filed my 2019 return electronically on March 23. On May 08, the Get My Payment portal finally worked for me using my Philippine Address and Postal code. I also had to use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS when I input the address.

  255. Kass

    My thoughts exactly, Dee! Thanks to you and Patrick for speaking up from the Netherlands. I know I’m “below the rivers” but it’s strange to get mail from my US bank and the IRS and not get the check. I really wish the Get My Payment tool had worked because I would have given them my direct deposit info months ago.

    Again, thanks Adam and thanks other commentors for your valuable and calm-making information!

    1. James

      Hi Kass! I do know some people in Germany, the UK, Ireland, and France who received their checks around 14/05. (Their checks were printed and mailed on 01/05.) I’m in Switzerland, and I haven’t received either a check or the Trump letter. I had the poor luck getting through to the IRS on 01/05 only to be told that they misspelled my address! They corrected this, but I’m concerned that the Swiss will return my check…and possibly the Trump letter. Like you and others, I wish I could have simply entered in my direct deposit information. According to the man I spoke to at the IRS earlier this month, the problem lay with the entering of foreign zip codes.

  256. Marc

    Well, thanks to all of you for sharing your situation in this platform. Those of us that are on the USPS Temporary Suspension List, will just have to keep checking the IRS portal. For those of you in the Philippines, I am hoping our checks are sitting in Manila, and waiting for GCQ. For me, I’m hoping we will be able to quickly update our DD account, once the check is Returned to IRS. Stay Safe All, Good Luck!

  257. Marc

    I called the IRS number that I found here. (1800-8293903). Apparently that line is for IRS Collection. But after waiting for 50 minutes, I decided to just have the goal of verifying that they had my correct address, and that they received my payment for 2019 (electronic). The second I mentioned EIP check, the guy said he was going to transfer me to someone who can answer me. He transferred me to a recording. The useless phone number, that maybe helps someone. If they now have 3,500 Representatives to help us, could have fooled me.

  258. Annalisa

    Hello. Just wanted to see if anyone here has received a reissued check after changing their address to a u.s. one. My date was april 24th. Im living in a country where mail has been suspended. Im waiting on the line now with irs. I heard that since its been over a month i should put a trace on my check. And maybe it eould take 4-6week to get resent. Has anyone dobe this yet?

    1. Marc

      Hi Annalisa, I’m in the same situation. I just posted a detailed account of my conversation with the IRS. In summary, I was told that once the USPS has the check, it will be mailed to your foreign address (regardless of what the USPS has posted on their website). Keep checking the Get My Payment portal, to see if it says: SENT ON XX DATE. That should happen after the USPS Temporary Suspension is Lifted from your country.

    2. Courtney

      How do you put a trace on your check? Also, @Marc, so you’re saying that the Get My Payment portal should say “sent on __ date”? Mine still says “We scheduled your check to be mailed to you on May 1, etc”, so it’s possible it’s still waiting to go? I’m in Colombia as well, and though several people in Colombia has said there is a USPS suspension here, I didn’t see it on the USPS website. On the hold with the IRS Economic Stimulus line as we speak…45 minutes in after getting to someone who told me they would transfer me to someone else that could help me. I’m not hopeful.

      1. Marc

        Hi Courtney. Please disregard the information I posted about “SENT ON XX DATE”. That was faulty information given to me when I called the EIP hotline. Two days later, the IRS website posted the correct information on the FAQ’S (added on 28 May 2020). Here’s the link (scroll down to the Payments Section):
        After you Log in to the portal, the phrase that you want to see is: NEED MORE INFORMATION
        at that time, you will be able to enter a US Bank Account information to have your payment Direct Deposit. Sorry for any confusion.

  259. Maria S

    We are in Canada and have not seen a check, so we called the IRS today. There was a “problem” with our social security numbers so we have to wait to file our 2020 1040 to receive it. That is over a year from now :O. Unbelievable. US citizens with social security numbers for 35 years. Have filed an paid taxes every year since then. Ugh, we were told we could contact the Tax Payer Service Advocate Office. So not happy right now.

    1. Sorry to hear that Maria. It’s frustrating and I’m with you thinking in 2020 there seems like there should be an easier way. Wishing you the best in teh meantime in these very strange times.

  260. James M

    Greetings from Peru!
    Thank you Adam and comment writers for your helpful and interesting posts.
    For those of you who are receiving Social Security payments through foreign bank accounts and are non-filers, I am in the same boat as you. For over a month I thought that the IRS would have all the information from the “my Social Security” web page such as my address and direct deposit information in order to send my payment. After learning, however, that the IRS does not direct deposit to foreign bank accounts (correct me if I’m wrong), I have been thinking that they would probably mail the payment to me as a check. But then I came to realize that the IRS probably doesn’t have my address from SSA, or my tax returns since I have been a non-filer for many years.
    However, about ten days ago I noticed on this site that there is a link to a page on the IRS website for non-filers specifically designed to help these persons get a payment. So I went there and filled out the form giving my SS number, address and a US bank account number, etc. It is like an abbreviated tax filing form.
    The next day I received an email saying that the IRS had accepted my submission and to wait for further details. Without doing this I don’t believe that the IRS has or would have any way to get the payment to us. Without a US bank account or current foreign address I don’t see how it is possible for the IRS to send a payment to anyone living abroad.
    Give it a try! Cheers.!

  261. Stephen

    I am a Social Security recipient overseas who has not needed to file a tax return in 2018 & 2019. I have not received a payment yet. The Get My Payment portal has said for many weeks that the IRS doesn’t have enough information yet or I am not eligible (which I am). I’ve tried calling the IRS International Line 267-941-1000 for a week and a half and it is either busy or I’m put through a series of questions until I’m told they’re too busy to help and call again another time. Just now, I tried the 1-800-829-3903 number and after waiting 50 minutes I got through to an agent who said he was unauthorised to help and transferred my call to the recorded messages and not another agent. Aside from the frustration and waste of money, can anyone who is a social security recipient overseas through direct SSA deposit (mine is through a European bank) say if they’ve received the stimulus payment and by what means? Or know of an information chatroom sharing website I can contact to get a better sense of what’s going on?

  262. Marc

    UPDATE: I was able to get through on the IRS number (via Skype) +18009199835. It took 25 minutes of listening to the annoying recording, and pressing the numbers applicable to my filing status. After that 25 minutes I started to hear music (like elevator music).

    Then I heard a recording directing me to stay on the line for an agent. Then the recording advising me waiting time will be 15 to 30 minutes. After about 10 minutes an agent was on the phone.
    No personal information was asked, and she told me she can only give me general information. I asked: If the Portal says that you are SCHEDULED for a check to be mailed on a certain date (for me 08 May), that means it was Mailed by the IRS on that day.

    I then advised her my address is Foreign, and currently under USPS Temporary Suspension for Service. She told me that USPS Will Not RETURN TO SENDER the check.

    She also said, that once the USPS Suspension is Lifted, USPS will notify the IRS, that the check was sent to my address. Then, on the Get My Payment portal, the status of my check will show SENT ON XX DATE.

    It’s my understanding based on the above information once the check is in the USPS system it WILL NOT BE SENT BACK TO THE IRS, and I will Simply have to wait until the USPS Temporary Suspension is Lifted., and I should continue to monitor the Get My Payment portal.
    Hope that helps ease some people’s minds.

    1. Marv

      Hi Marc,

      I live in the U.K. The portal says my payment is scheduled for May 15th. It’s 29th of May now. Portal has not changed saying a sent date. There are no restrictions on mail here. Has anyone seen this change on the IRS site? Or are they just having a hard time getting checks out?

      1. Marc

        Hi Marv. You probably (if you haven’t already ) will receive your check in the mail. You can check the USPS website for information on Temporary Suspension for International Mail Delivery. As of this writing the UK doesn’t appear on that list. Consider periodically checking with your local Post Office

    2. Marc
      ***Please refer to the above link for the most current and accurate information****
      Scroll down to the Payment section of the Frequently Asked Questions. I apologise for any misleading information on this subject, I was passing information from the individual who answered the EIP hotline number that day.

  263. STENNY

    Stephen.. I’m in the same boat. living in the Philippines on ssdi non filer with direct deposit for my monthly check. up till this date nothing has shown up and the portal is showing the same for me. my friend here has gotten his check however he files taxes and therefore got his check back in April along with the first 80 million. as far as I can tell these are the only people that received theirs. I guess it’s just a wait and hope for the best..the irs is not making anything easy for us, we are at their mercy. I’ve heard there are pages on fb we can go to cry on each other’s shoulders but otherwise will be of no resource for info I think, therefore I haven’t bothered..I’m not quite to the point that I need a hug or moral just remember the irs is part of the ruling class and we are the ruled..they no longer think they are our (taxpayers) employees.. they don’t owe us an explanation. unless of course we owe them money and that would change everything.. as I’m sure you already know..

  264. Marc

    I choose to believe a posted writing from the IRS; Verses information I was given by a representative. In an earlier Post here, I relayed information from my phone call to the EIP hotline. On May 28, a new FAQ is posted (above link) My (Paraphrased) Summary: Q. * My payment was mailed weeks ago but the Post Office was unable to deliver it. What should I do? IRS (FAQ) Answer:. Check Get My Payment periodically, your status will change to: NEED MORE INFORMATION. At that time we will be able to provide our US Bank Account information for Direct Deposit. My Guess: I’m going to add 6 weeks to my scheduled payment date: In my case Third week of June, to possibly provide DD information. After I saw that update, I was annoyed with the information I was given over the phone BY the IRS Representative, (I now think that those recent 3,500 added to answer the phone might not be actual IRS personnel). I found it odd that I wasn’t asked any personal information (SSN, DOB, etc), and she didn’t state her ID number. I will be trying to call back when I have an hour to kill. I hope this helps, please click on the above link to verify THIS POST. I apologise if my previous post caused any confusion.

    1. Hey, Marc. Great, I hadn’t seen that yet, thanks a lot for sharing! So sounds like eventually we will be able to get it by direct deposit.

      1. Marc

        Yes Adam, that is my understanding. In my case, with a scheduled MAIL date of May 08, I added 6 weeks and came up with an estimated time to expect the PORTAL to change for me on or around 22 June (time for weekends).

  265. Bob

    Good day to everyone, especially Kass. I too have had the distinct and painfully peculiar pleasure (torture really) of receiving that notice letter from the guy in the WH with the over sized signature – but no check! By the time the GMP portal started working for expats with a foreign address – it was useless to me, stating that my check was scheduled to be sent on April 24th, but no way to enter my US bank account information. Actually this was a long series of total frustration and disappointment. I efiled my 2019 in late March in anticipation that the check would be sent and that I qualified. However, somehow the apartment number wasn’t included in my address! And there was no way to include my direct deposit data!I live in Moscow, and the postal service is poor. So, then, I sent an amended return in mid April including my correct address and direct deposit info, which they received on April 14th. However I then discovered they were not processing paper returns!{{{ Then I hound there were other possible ways to make it all easier for the IRS and everyone, seemingly – like the non-filer tool and also an Intuit portal to submit direct deposit info. But the info was rejected in both cases because I had already filed the 2019 return earlier. So the fine IRS couldn’t even be bothered to look at the useful information I was offering and sending time after time! Talk about aggravation and frustration. I also called the collections number given here twice, and both times got through – the first agent was nice but completely unhelpful saying she had been told not to offer any hepin regard to the check, only collections. So I called again and reached another much more pleasant lady and again she asked if I had a collections issue, so this time I said yes and the only thing she was able to do was verify my address and correct it by adding my apartment #. That was early May, and upon getting the GMP tool to work I found that apparently my chech was scheduled for April 24th and the WH notice letter had mt address without the apt #. I have also been in contact with multiple senators and reps to no avail. Then I went to the local post office twice to inform them about a letter being sent without the apartment number and spoke to the delivery agent, who said no problem, he’d deliver it and place it in my box. But no, week after week, day after day, no check – the this past Monday I looked in the hallway community trash mail box and found this utterly useless letter – so my apartment number had obviously been forgotten but the somehow someone got the correct entrance door….So will the real check ever arrive?? My optimism is certainly tumbling. Seems llike the IRS had it rigged from the very beginning to give it to us expats. At every turn I tried to give them the correct info and my bank info to no avail. These people and those who designed the system should be very ashamed….completely useless, as someone who really needs the money, I am angry and crushed…..Kass, please let us all know if do ever receive the check. Most helpful. Thank you all….

    1. Sorry to hear how frustrating it has been Bob. I’m right there with you that this seems poorly organized at best. Hopefully we will get it at some point, even if it’s not until next return season, which probably isn’t much help if you need it now. Hopefully they will have it set up better in the event Congress passes more.

    2. Marc

      Hi Bob. Since you got the “useless letter”, I believe that it’s time for you to call the IRS and have them Trace your check. If you have a Skype account call +1800 919 9835. It’s free. You might want to prepare yourself both physically and mentally, because you’re going to have a long waiting time. I used a blue tooth head phone (fully charged), and Android phone. I also wrote down my key points, so I could stay on topic, in the event that I did get through. I sat for 30 minutes, listening to the annoying recording and pressing the applicable numbers (very important or else you will get cut off). Then, at some point, you should hear what sounds like elevator music, and then a recording of what your wait time is to speak with an agent. When you finally do get through, the person you speak to will not be an actual agent, who can actually help you. Explain your situation, as you have here, and ask them to please transfer you to someone who can actually take down your personal information and get the process started to have your payment check traced. Good Luck and Stay safe.

  266. Marc

    I just got off the phone with another IRS Representative. I’m now convinced that the people who answer the phone (EIP hotline) are either temporary help, or new hires in a training status. Any questions you have, you might as well just look them up yourself on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If I had to guess, I think they are recording our conversations and then the “experts” answer your question through the FAQ’s. They do update them daily it appears to me. I should never hear words or phrases like: “I guess” coming from a representative of the IRS. We can all take a guess. Personally, I will read the FAQ’S, and then read platforms like this one, to gain knowledge from people’s experiences, and tips on what to do/ not to do. Thanks. If I read something of value that will help, I will post it here, and provide the source of the information. Stay Safe and good luck all!

  267. Brian

    Bangkok Thailand here. Neighbor got her after check letter, but no check. I’ve received neither at this point. Ho Hum for us both I guess. She has not filed her 2019 taxes yet, but I did electronically and mine was supposedly mailed May 1st.

  268. athea marcos amir

    Hi, Adam. I’m an expat and non-filer in Mexico with direct deposit of my Social Security into a Mexican bank. Have not received EIP nor any communication from IRS. Today is June 1. Thanks for any info you might provide.

  269. Stephen

    After a couple of weeks I finally got through on the IRS International Help Line 267-941-1000 (Options in sequence #1, #4, #1 or #2) to someone who at first couldn’t get any information out of my file. I’m an SSA recipient in Australia who hasn’t filed my 2018 & 2019 tax return. The on-line IRS Interactive Tax Assistant had confirmed that I didn’t need to file. The agent who was experienced and helpful but couldn’t get into my record at first. The agent played around with my information, got in only to my SSA record and found I was eligible. The IRS program had frozen, possibly because they could not locate any IRS records for me and confirm my details. Regardless of the reason, the Care Act said I should be paid, but, it seems that instead of a flag going up on my file the program had locked at that point and done nothing, no payment issued with the message on Get My Payment being “We don’t have enough information yet (we’re working on it)”. The agent had not seen this kind of circumstance before, wrote an inquiry to the supervisor and said to call back in 2 to 3 weeks and hopefully some resolution to the problem or at least better understanding could be found. The agent pointed out it was a new program and bugs were still being found. I suspect more people are having that problem as there is a new Frequently Asked Question regarding that message which said it meant they didn’t have bank account details. I think there is more to it than that. Anyway, I was so grateful to have found someone sympathetic to talk to who was willing to dig a bit further. The agent was very grateful to hear me say that (and appreciation for the hard & difficult job they have been asked to do) and I think we made each other’s day. So, don’t give up with your inquiries and being gently persistent can help as the nature of the problem may be a mystery on both sides of the phone. I might yet see that payment after all.

  270. Marc

    United States Postal Service International Temporary Suspension List UPDATE:02 JUNE 2020. CONSIDER BOOKMARKING This link for those of you living in a country on this List.
    If the country where you live does not appear on this List, it might be worth your time/effort to check with your local Post Office and ask if they are currently receiving US Mail.

  271. Megan

    Hey all,

    I’ve been keeping up on your comments, which have given me some semblance of hope. To pay it forward, I wanted to share that my partner and I are both living in Vietnam and file (and pay) self-employment taxes every year to the U.S. Because of this, I had assumed our direct deposit information would be on file…after all, if they can take my money, shouldn’t they be able to deposit it as well? Long story short, this wasn’t the case and I was only able to access my information in the portal after a paper check had been sent out (May 1st). The Vietnam Post is notoriously terrible, but my partner somehow received his check just a few days ago (even though it had entered Vietnam on May 11th). I’m still waiting wistfully for mine, and have had the same useless experiences trying to call the IRS. Fingers crossed that the rest of us lost boys/girls eventually receive the same postal mercy!

    1. Jaclyn

      Megan, where in Vietnam are you located? I’m in Hanoi and havent recived my check yet. IRS says it was mailed April 24th 🙁

      1. Megan

        Hi Jaclyn,

        I live in Ho Chi Minh City and still haven’t received mine. I’m contemplating contacting the Vietnam Post to see if there’s some recourse to locating it. I live in a big apartment building and most of the time they won’t deliver things to my mailbox…instead they usually call first and have me collect it personally. However, my phone number won’t be attached to the check so maybe it’s sitting in a ‘lost mail’ bag somewhere in the depths of the post office?

  272. Kevin

    I have been following the thread for a while, made a few comments over the weeks as well. I am currently living in Australia and am still waiting on the check. Based on the “Get My Payment” tool, my check was scheduled to be mailed on April 24th. I knew mail was running because I had just received a new credit card to this address a few days before I finally got into the tool (credit card was mailed around the 24th and received before the 30th). Today in the mail I received the letter about the check, which I read online would be mailed 15 days after the check was sent. So based on that information, I should have received the check about 2 weeks ago. I guess the good news for me right now is since I got this letter that means the check should go to the correct address. But now I am thinking one of two things happened. I am thinking either they have not actually mailed the check even though it said it should have been mailed weeks ago. OR maybe it was in the mail and somehow got intercepted somewhere. Either way, I do not know of anything to do right now. I already filled a missing mail with the USPS I am not sure what the proper link is for this site since I am on the login page but a quick google search should help you find out how to file this. I also looked on the Australian Post website but from what I can figure out with them I will have to wait 90 days before I can file a missing mail request… I would like to do sooner but without knowing enough information about the check that is the best I can find on when I can file a missing post request. I am hopeful that it will randomly show up in the mail, I honestly thought maybe this was finally it today but sadly no. If anyone else has any other ideas on what I can do I would love to hear, otherwise, I guess I will keep the waiting game going…

    1. Hey Kevin, thanks for sharing, something tells me you’re not alone with that happening. I hope you manage to track it down. Maybe best case honestly is that it was returned to the IRS and you’ll be able to put a direct deposit account in within the next few weeks.

    2. Kass

      Hi Kevin,

      I know the official word from the IRS was that we would receive a letter 15 days after the check was mailed. But I do not think Trump’s vanity letter is that letter. The reason I think this is that, number one, the date on my letter was May 1, the same day the Get My Payment tool said they sent my check, not the 16 May, which would be 15 days later. Number two, the confirmation letter was supposed to provide information on how to report your check lost if you hadn’t gotten it. The letter I got said nothing about how to report a check lost. So I don’t think the check you and I got means our check was sent and lost.

      Also I’ve heard that Trump wanting his name on all the checks and this vanity letter significantly delayed the printing of the checks. So maybe they were scheduled to go out on the 24 April or 1 May but didn’t. We’ll never know.

      So I’m waiting. The post to the Netherlands (where I live) hasn’t been delayed at all. I’ve received letter from my US bank mailed on the 1st of May and i received the vanity letter. But I know they didn’t send the checks 1st class mail, as letter usually ship. So they could just be on the slow boat. I’d be more worried if more Europeans here got their checks, but they haven’t.

      For my money, I don’t think your check is lost. I think you’re in the same position as me. I don’t know why it’s so delayed, but many people here live in countries with no mail problems and they haven’t gotten them either.

      It is completely ridiculous that the Get My Payment tool wouldn’t work for us until it was too late. Surely it is cheaper to direct deposit than print and mail millions of checks.

      Hang in there. She’ll be right!


    3. Michael Perez

      Same situation here man. In Mexico, sent the 24th of April. Haven’t received it yet

    1. Hi Kass, thanks for sharing. I need to get around to a general update to this post and will include this!

  273. Marc

    Hi All:
    Has anyone had to “verify their identify” on the IRS GMP Portal? According to one of the FAQ’S, (Title: Enter Your Direct Deposit Information); It states: “You should provide your bank information [ Routing and Account numbers], ONCE YOU HAVE PROPERLY VERIFIED YOUR IDENTITY (CAPS used here to emphasize that part of the statement).
    I can only imagine that when (or if) we are able to provide our Direct Deposit information we might need to have a COPY of our Tax Return (2018 or 2019) readily available, to be able to “verify your identity”. In some places, there might be strict Quarantine Measures in affect, where you would not have access to a printer. I can only suggest that some (if no personal printer at home) Start Writing All pertinent information on their applicable Tax Returns (AGI, additional address information, etc. Anything that you think the IRS could possibly need to verify your identity. Many of us, have waited so long, we might as well anticipate another inconvenience.

  274. Marc

    USPS holding Mail for 30 Days, as a result of Covid 19. Here’s the link for verification:
    That USPS, policy has been in affect since April 20,2020. With all of the publicity regarding the IRS sending sending out the Paper Checks using USPS International Mail Service, I have to question IF the IRS was notified by the USPS of this change? IF the answer is Yes, my next question could be:. Why doesn’t the IRS simply STOP Mailing to affected International Mailing Addresses? Aside from wasting Taxpayer money, affording those who are currently in this situation, the opportunity to provide their DD bank information NOW could save the IRS: Printing, Mailing, and the cost of using resources for Tracing lost /stolen checks. Perhaps, if many of us start asking this question on the EIP hotline, maybe IRS leadership will eventually RECONSIDER the current policy of Mailing Checks to International Addresses and afford the opportunity to input DD information for those who have not had their Checks processed yet. Maybe using common sense is asking too much?

  275. Kass

    Here, here, Marc. Seconded. Here, here!

  276. Kass

    To Marc concerning what info from your tax forms you will need to verify your identity. From the IRS FAQ on Get My Payment:
    “If you receive “Need More Information” and proceed to enter your direct deposit information, you should enter the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) and Refund Amount or Amount You Owed exactly as it appears on your joint tax return.
    The AGI can be found on Line 8b on your 2019 Form 1040 or 1040-SR, or Line 7 on your 2018 Form 1040.
    The refund amount can be found on Line 21a on your 2019 Form 1040 or 1040-SR, or line 20a on your 2018 Form 1040.
    The amount you owed can be found on Line 23 on your 2019 Form 1040 or 1040-SR, or Line 22 on your 2018 Form 1040.”

    There’s also this tidbit:
    “If you have not received your payment within 14 days of the payment date, check Get My Payment periodically. If the IRS receives your payment back because the Post Office was unable to deliver it, we will update your payment status to “Need More Information,” at which point you will be able to enter your bank account information.”

    My check was scheduled to be mailed 1 May and the Get My Payment tool still displays this date. Two things. I live in the Netherlands. I think it normally takes about 14 days to get a letter from the US. So add another 14 days onto that. Still it’s taking too long. I have received letters from my US bank and the Trump vanity letter, both of which were dated 1 May. So I have no idea why I have no check yet if they mailed it on the 1st.

    However, I note that Get My Payment says “We scheduled your check to be mailed on May 01, 2020 to the address we have on file for you.” That does not mean that the check has been mailed. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, it has been reported in the press that Trump’s letter and his insistence to put his name on the checks (a thing the IRS itself opposed because they are meant to be apolitical) delayed the sending of checks. So the checks that were scheduled to go out 24 April, 1 May, et cetera may have not posted yet at all. Or all the expat checks got delayed en masse.

    1. Marc

      Thanks Kass, your information is very helpful! I also want to remind you and everyone else reading this that in the event we are able to provide our Direct Deposit information on the GMP application, it will not be an overnight process. Under the Payment Status section of the EIP Frequently Asked Questions: HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR MY PAYMENT STATUS TO CHANGE? IRS ANSWER: Any day before noon on Tuesday (Maybe EDT?). Payment date should be available the following Saturday in the GMP application. If you input your DD information AFTER TUESDAY NOON (EDT?) The payment date should display a week after the upcoming Saturday (11 DAYS LATER). Here’s the link for exact wording:.
      Hope this helps. 😀

      1. Kass

        Good info! Thanks Marc.

        1. Marc

          @ Kass. I recall you mentioning that you are in the Netherlands. I just saw an update on the USPS website Regarding Temporary International Mail Service Suspension. Scroll down to RELATED LINKS (way at the bottom). You will now see a link titled ALTERNATE TRANSPORT: SIXTH AIR TO SEA DIVERSION – Destined for the Netherlands. It’s a .PDF file that you will need to Download, in order to read it. From what I saw, I believe that a cargo ship with MAIL is scheduled to arrive at the port Rotterdam, Netherlands on 23 June. You and others from the Netherlands might want to take a look:.
          Hope it helps 😊

    2. James

      Kass, as I mentioned in an earlier reply, I do know some US expats in various countries — Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, France, Germany, Ireland, and the UK — who received their stimulus check within the correct 14-16 day time-frame. Some of those recipients later received the Trump letter within another fortnight, but a good number never did, which I find intriguing too.

      Clearly there remains a sizable percentage of expats who have not received anything — I’ve received no check or letter in Switzerland, and the portal says it was mailed out on May 1st. The problem isn’t with the Swiss Post as letters to/from the States arrive in about 9-10 days. (They’re very fast just like our Swiss trains!)

      I think you’re on to something though…I have wondered too if the delay has to do with the schedule of printing checks…I think the Trump letter has played a role too.

      Curiously, in mid-April, The Washington Post reviewed an IRS internal memo in which it detailed how it would be sending out paper checks starting on April 24th:

      “The IRS plans to issue and mail about 5 million checks each week and will send them based on the taxpayer’s earnings:

      *Earning $10,000 or less – April 24th
      *Earning $20,000 or less – May 1st
      *Earning $30,000 or less – May 8th
      *Earning $40,000 or less – May 15th
      *Earning $50,000 or less – May 22nd
      *Earning $60,000 or less – May 29th
      *Earning $70,000 or less – June 5th
      *Earning $80,000 or less – June 12th
      *Earning $90,000 or less – June 19th
      *Earning $100,000 or less – June 26th

      The schedule continues in the same rate – increasing to those earning $10,000 more each week. This continues until the final checks, to joint taxpayers who earn $200,000 or less, on September 4th.” (Read more here:

      I’m not sure whether or not the IRS has followed this schedule based on income and/or if this even affects expats…but I wanted to share it, nevertheless.

      1. Marc

        Hi James,
        Thanks for sharing! I agree with both you and Kass’s probable causes for delay in receiving the EIP. I have come to the conclusion that USPS simply can’t deliver mail anything on time DUE TO THE AVAILABLY OF AIRLINES, ACCEPTING THIER CARGO. The USPS WEBSITE also acknowledges certain countries where they absolutely cannot deliver at this time. Even though the country where you live, is not listed on their [USPS] site, I believe that the USPS, MIGHT BE considering Land and Sea alternatives On A Daily Basis; therefore, not listing countries in South America, or Europe. I think the USPS Might be Utilizing places in Asia, where there are US Military Bases, to deliver mail via US Military Aircraft.

        1. James

          Marc, that is a really interesting supposition, and I suspect it is true too. It did surprise me that some expat friends in East Asia received their stimulus checks super fast whereas those of us in Europe and Latin America have seemingly had little, if any, in the way of luck. I know one couple in Tokyo who received their checks on May 1st!

      2. Kass

        Thanks James

        1. James

          My pleasure! Thanks for all the good links and advice you’ve shared too. It’s most appreciated.

  277. Bob

    Oh Kass, thanks so much for your viewpoint and optimism…I’m holding on to hope, praying you’re right! I’m in the same boat…And Adam, thanks so very much for this site – has been very helpful and reassuring the entire journey so far….much appreciated!

  278. Kass

    Adam and fellow expats,

    I’m sorry for seeming to flood the comments lately, but I keep finding more information that I think will be of help to my fellows here.

    This article appeared last week on the tax help site, myexpattaxes. I do not have any relationship to this website or the company that runs it. I simply found the article when searching for information on the stimulus checks send to US citizens living abroad.

    This article includes interesting information because My Expat Taxes conducted a survey of expats about who got their stimulus checks, who didn’t, who filed 2019 tax returns,… all the possible permutations.

    It doesn’t answer the question of when we might get our checks, but I found it reassuring to know that only 29% of expats have received their checks. So at least we here are not alone.

    In any case, give it a read:

  279. Tod Pearson

    Good Morning, we are an American family living in Brazil in Fortaleza Ceara. I have not see a comment from any expats living in Brazil in this comment section concerning stimulus payments. My wife and I filed and sent our tax forms to the Austin Tx office( which is the irs int office location) on April 8th via Dhl and it was received and signed for on the 15th of April. We have a 15 year old son we we declared as an dependent. All three of us have ssn#s. I have been receiving ss benefits since last year electronically in my Brazilian bank account. So my bank act. info is in the system. Is the IRS making stimulus payments to foreign bank acts and if not how come social security can?(Cashing a check in dollars here in Brazil and being paid in Reals one loses 10% to 15% on the exchange rate. We are waiting for $2900.00 from the US Govt and are not sure if and or when we will get our money. I enter the get my payment section daily and get the same daily response that most people get on this portal of not enough info. Now that almost all mail to Brazil has to come via sea since the middle of last month, Who knows what is going to happen. Any suggestions? Have called the American Embassy without much luck.

    Thanks Tod Pearson

    1. Hi Tod. I think (think) I shared a link from a comment here somewhere up in the post where it says that the IRS cannot do direct deposit to a foreign account. Why that is while SS can go to one, honestly I don’t know, it doesn’t seem to make sense, I guess there are different agencies/mechanisms for handling the payments.

      I would, however, think that even though it’s been over a month, they probably haven’t processed your return yet if you are getting the not enough info on the portal. My understanding is that they stopped processing paper returns in March, but if they have started back up again I’m not sure. I do know that they can still send them out as late as December, and worse comes to worse, you can ask for it with your return next year. I know that might not be much help if you need it now, but here’s hoping it gets sorted sooner rather than later.

    2. Russell

      I live in Brasil, and have not yet received either the letter or the check.

      1. Russell

        The check was scheduled to be sent May 4, and today is June 29.

  280. Marc

    Hey Adam, I would like to personally say Thank You, for maintaining, This Very Useful Platform. I also thank all of the people who take time to actually assist others and share their knowledge and experience, regarding EIP. We All can use financial assistance at this time. Regardless of where we live, this Pandemic has affected Every Human Being Worldwide. So many of us, regardless of our financial situation, more than likely have have helped our family and extended family members in need. Governments worldwide, have destroyed their economies, to fight this Pandemic. As US citizens living abroad, we know that the EIP, right now is unsurpassed by any government worldwide. Please correct me if I’m wrong. At this time I personally feel that I not only contribute to the US economy, BUT YOU DO ALSO. I will continue to Post here on areas that might be helpful to others in my situation. I don’t receive a SS pension; therefore, I can’t speak on that subject. I highly encourage those that do, share and Post their knowledge and experience regarding the EIP. Thanks again to all, and to you Adam. Stay safe and hang in there, the sun will still rise tomorrow! 😀

    1. Couldn’t agree more Marc, and yes, I’m so glad this has been helpful for people and thanks to you and all the other commenters that have made it even more useful for people.

  281. Annalisa

    Hi just wanted to update you guys. I live in the philippines where there mail suspension. My check date was april 24. I changed my address to a u.s. address on may 22. Then on may 27 i put a trace on my check. My check was sent back to the irs may 29. I called today and talked to an agent who said that my check was reissued and was sent to my u.s. address on june 1. I’ll be receiving a debit card.. hopefully my family in the states will receive it soon.. the agent said 2-4weeks mailing. The information on the get my payment app was never updated still says april 24.

    1. Marc

      @Annalisa, And anyone else who has (or might be thinking about) Changed Their Mailing Address to the USA, to receive EIP. I found a recent article that explains the Debit Card:
      Scroll Down to the subtitle: HOW TO USE THE PRE PAID DEBIT CARD.
      Within the article, it has a link that describes the details of how to set it up for your use (ACTIVATE THE CARD). IF you plan to somehow have it delivered by FedEx, etc., To your overseas address, you can expect: ATM fees (if out of network) which will most likely be the case. International Transaction – Currency Conversion Fee and Cross Border Fee. International ATM Withdrawal Fee: $3.00. ATM withdrawal Limit: 1,000 per transaction per day. In my case, I would have to make several transactions to get 1,000 from an ATM in the Philippines. * BPI ATM is the exception, allows Php 20,000 withdrawal and Php 250.00 transaction fee, that’s BEFORE the Fees are added by the issuing card company. My suggestion, have a family member withdraw all of the money stateside and Deposit in your bank account in USA, (if possible) or use a service like Western Union. 😀

  282. Reine

    Hi Annalisa, I am also in the Philippines. may I know what number did you call to have your address changed? And how did you put a trace on your check? My check date was May 1st.

  283. Marc

    Thanks Annalisa! 😀. That news is very helpful to me, because I’m also in the Philippines. I chose not to change to a US address, because I’m not certain how to get the check /or debit card to my address here. Maybe FedEx or DHL? I’m currently waiting for the IRS portal to say NEED MORE INFORMATION, so that I can provide my US Bank Account information. May I ask you what number you used to contact the IRS? I will still be trying the EIP hotline and hope to have the same result as you did. Thanks again!

  284. Marc

    Hi again to all 😷
    I’m not trying to monopolize the conversation here. I just thought I’d remind everyone, that while we Love and Trust our Family Members Stateside, They Too might be going through Financial Hard times. Some people who you ask to assist you, with the EIP MIGHT put you in an awkward situation like asking you for a loan, or Reminding you that you might owe Them for something that happened many years ago…. Just something to think about when you’re deciding WHO you ask to help you get your payment. 😀

  285. Marc

    IRS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS UPDATE: JUNE 05 2020: If the Get My Payment application says: You’re receiving a check, YOUR PAYMENT MAY COME AS A DEBIT CARD. Debit Card Payments come in a plain envelope, from: MONEY NETWORK CARDHOLDER SERVICES.
    In a previous POST HERE, I provided a link of an article from CNET (05 June 2020) that asserted the Debit Card will be mailed to US Residents. Be aware, that the writer of THAT ARTICLE, might not have considered those of us with Foreign Addresses. It might be another blanket statement, that needs further clarification by the IRS.
    😷. P.S. on the IRS FAQ page, scroll down to Q46.

  286. Annalisa

    Hi. Updating again. I called the eip hotline number. After pressing 1 for english just wait fir the music to play. If its still giving automated info hang up and call again. When a live rep answers say u want to put a trace on your check.. then the rep will transfer u. Waited about 2hours in hold.

  287. Annalisa

    I new update. Just checked my get my payment app. I can now enter with my us address. I also have the option to put in bank info. But since im receiving the debit card. Im not going to enter any dd. When the card is received in the states. Ill just get my dad to withdraw everything and money tranfer to me here in philippines. Hope my updates help everyone here

    1. Reine

      Thank you so much Annalisa! I will call the EIP hotline late tonight and do same as you did. I will have my address changed to my dad’s address in the US.

      1. Marc

        @Reine. My fingers are crossed for you (luck)😀. I think this might be your week to receive positive news from the IRS, based on your scheduled payment date, and the 30 day hold by USPS. For me, I have to wait another week because I believe that my check is still with the US Postal Service, and maybe will get sent back to the IRS this week. Until that happens, for me it might be a waste of time [FOR ME]. Please post the results of your experience, to let us know if you had any luck with information from the IRS. 😀

    2. Marc

      Yes Annalisa 😀! Your post was very helpful to me (and apparently others). I certainly agree with your decision on how you will be receiving your payment. Because of your post, I now have a new hope that the IRS is working on the problem of the USPS delay. I look forward to seeing any new updates pertaining to the final conclusion of receiving your payment. I would also suggest that you might consider entering your Direct Deposit information for a US Bank Account, in the event of a Second Stimulus payment, or a future Tax Refund. It might save you and your family, future grief. Thanks again for your time 😊

  288. Bob

    Hi, I called the EIP help line Friday for the 2nd time, this time after the recorded information it will say to hold the line for more information without pressing anything, and after holding will eventually connect with a help line agent – apparently it’s best to call before 12 EST. The vanity Mr. T letter is the post 15 day notice letter, known as the Notice 1444, and if you have that and/or a scheduled to be sent date from GMP which is early enough, i.e. mine, April 24th – and haven’t received the check – you will be transferred to yet another IRS agent after holding even a longer time. This agent then confirmed that my check was actually mailed on April 24th to my Moscow address without the apartment number and placed a trace on my check and told me it would take 6 weeks and if it was found to be cashed, then sometime of special package would be sent and I’d have to complete that – and heavens only knows how long that process would require. If the check is found to not have been cashed and is lost, then and only then will another check be re-issued. So add another 2-4 weeks for mailing and hopeful receipt – total time about 8-10 weeks. The agent said that I had missed the deadline for adding direct deposit info, and I replied of course I had as the GMP portal only began working for expats with foreign addresses in early May and by then many of us had already missed the opportunity to add the banking data. So there you go, helpful but not helpful, no flexibility in the system and a complete and utter failure as far as helping those in need. Because I couldn’t receive the help this check would bring, i will probably have to move out of my present flat and thereby miss the check yet again when and if it finally arrives. But, there’s only hope….Thanks again for all the help and insight this site has provided Adam.

  289. Marc

    USPS UPDATE:. Might be helpful to US Citizens Living in: Netherlands, Spain, Poland and Switzerland, to name a few countries listed in the latest memo posted on the USPS website:
    SCROLL DOWN TO “RELATED LINKS” (way at the bottom of the website page). You will see a LINK TITLED : Alternate Transport : SIXTH Air to Sea Diversion- Destined for Netherlands (According to the memo, other countries will also be served by that shipment). It’s a .PDF FILE, YOU WILL NEED TO DOWNLOAD. Here’s the link to get you started:
    Maybe some of you should check your mailbox around July 08 (?). 😀😷

    1. James

      Marc, thanks so much for this. That’s just so bizarre to me that it would take so long to get to Europe….and then by boat!? Like Kass and others, I have sent mail to the States during the epidemic, and it took maybe three days longer than usual to reach my recipients. Swiss has even maintained two weekly flights to Newark from Zürich during the lockdown and Trump’s travel ban, but I don’t know if they were permitted to take on mail as they usually do. (I suspect they were.) All so curious…

      For those curious about information regarding Brazil, see this:

    2. LJ

      Marc – the link you posted is the biggest help of all

      If visiting this link on via laptop or desktop, you find the shipment by sea info in the right sidebar. By phone or smart device the info (as Marc stated) is at the bottom all the way down.

      We received our Vanity Letter today June 9 here in northern Spain. It says that our check should HAVE arrived 2 weeks ago. Of course, it has not. Since the letter was sent on a plane and the payment is chugging along on a ship, we expect to see the payment sometime in July. Also, this answers the question of where is the Macbook Pro that we mailed via USPS international mail from the U.S. that cleared through Miami on April 29. It’s gotta be on the same ship.

      1 if by air and way 2 long if by sea.


  290. James

    Ok, so I checked mail this morning, and I did receive something in the mail from the IRS (address still misspelled but whatever). Unfortunately, it was only the Trump letter. It was curiously dated May 1 and listed as “First-Class Mail International.” I will call the IRS later tonight and see if there’s a way I can either give them my direct deposit information or give them my mother’s address in Florida. (Thanks for the idea Annalisa!) She could hypothetically deposit it for me. I will let everyone know how it turns out.

    I found this article too on tracing one’s check:

    1. James

      Oops! Sorry — Kass shared the same link earlier. Good stuff is in that article though!

  291. Kass

    I don’t know if I posted about this before, but I just saw this update (28 May) on the Get My Payment FAQs:

    “My payment was mailed weeks ago but the Post Office was unable to deliver it. What should I do?
    “If you have not received your payment within 14 days of the payment date, check Get My Payment periodically. If the IRS receives your payment back because the Post Office was unable to deliver it, we will update your payment status to “Need More Information,” at which point you will be able to enter your bank account information.

    “If you don’t provide your bank account information, the IRS will hold your Economic Impact Payment until we receive your updated address. To update your address please see: Address changes.”

    My payment was schedule to post on 1 May and I have not received it yet in the Netherlands (although I have received other mail from the US mailed 1 May as well as the vanity letter). Mail service here is not suspended at all. When I check “Get My Payment”, I still get “We scheduled your payment to post on May 1, 2020.”

    I am checking Get My Payment everyday and hoping it will change to “Need More Information” soon so I can input my bank information. I advise you all to do the same. Perhaps we will get our money before the end of this year.

    1. Marc

      Yes Kass, 😀. I certainly agree that IF YOU are afforded the opportunity to provide your Direct Deposit information to a US Bank Account, you should take advantage of that opportunity. I recently replied to You, about a USPS memo. IF THE IRS IS TELLING YOU: “NEED MORE INFORMATION”, It IS my understanding that the USPS, Returned your check to them. Of course, human error can occur, and YOU could even end up with 2 Payments, one DD, and 1 Paper Check. Return the Paper Check. It might sound like a ridulous scenario. I can assure you that I have watched a YouTube video, saying that this thing has actually happened, apparently MORE Than Once. We have read of Dead people, receiving checks, so my assertion isn’t that far off. 😀😷

      1. Kass

        Yeah, I don’t think you’re wrong, Marc. Thanks!

  292. Hailey

    Hey everyone! So I’m living in Czech Republic, and once I was finally able to get on Get My Payment, it said that my check was scheduled to be mailed out on April 24th. No check yet, but I’m honestly not surprised since mail to CZ is being delivered by boat now and it is slow. Anyway, I checked Get My Payment today, and this info about the mailed check is gone and now it’s saying I’m eligible for the check and they need my direct deposit info. Based off the FAQs there, I’m assuming my check was unable to be delivered or something, whatever I’m fine with direct deposit. But when I put my banking info, it says that it doesn’t match their records and I’ve gotten locked out. It absolutely matches their records as I received my 2018 tax refund there. Anyone else run into this problem? I also had troubles for weeks to even sign into the system, so maybe this is a similar situation but it’s incredibly frustrating. This page is great though, and I hope someone can help me here 🙂

    1. Marc
      @Hailey. You might have already seen the USPS memo (link above), so you’re already aware of the slow boat thing. You received a 2018 Tax Refund through Direct Deposit to your US Bank Account. The IRS should not have even considered you for a Paper Check. Just a pure guess, it’s possible that the IRS incorrectly entered your Bank Account information (Routing number and Account number). I’m assuming that you already filed your 2019 Tax Return electronically, and nothing has changed (Bank /Mail address). I can only suggest that you call the EIP hotline. If you have a Skype account +18009199835 (it’s free). You probably have read other comments about the long wait time. Were I in your shoes, that’s what I would do. 😀😷

      1. Hailey

        Hi Marc,
        Thanks for the reply. Yeah I’m aware of the slow mail, have been waiting for a package from home since April lol that’s all interesting info, thank you! I’m assuming they used my 2019 tax return info for the check since I filed before all the covid situation, and my direct deposit info wasn’t on that one, hence the mailed check. But they definitely have all my bank info, so I don’t know what the problem with the portal is. I’ll try calling the number today though and see what happens 🙂

        1. Marc

          Hi again Hailey 😀. The IRS used your 2019 Tax Return. I’m assuming that you were not owed a refund, therefore, your bank account details were not required. If you did owe, and paid already (as I did) through ACH Transfer, THAT INFORMATION, IS NOT BEING USED, for Direct Deposit, nor is the information from your 2018 Tax Return. *The IRS application GMP, is having current problems (I posted earlier on this topic). I hope you post the outcome of your phone call with the IRS, because I will most likely have the same problem you are experiencing right now. Good Luck and Stay Safe 😀😷

  293. Reine

    Hi, just to give an update. After multiple attempts trying to get connected to someone, I was able to speak to a nice lady. I put a trace on my check and was told that it hasn’t been returned. So I’m guessing it’s still on its way or somewhere. LOL But I will check tomorrow at our local post if there’s any mail for me. I had my address changed to my dad’s address in the US in case it gets returned. I will give an update when I get back from our local post. Stay safe everyone!

    1. Marc

      @Reine. Thanks for the update 😀! Consider calling the IRS again towards the latter part of the week. You called on a Monday, and maybe they did receive your check, but their internal office processing (just guessing). If you already changed your mailing address, (08 June); according to the FAQ’S the GMP application might be updated on Saturday (Eastern Time), so you should check around 9PM Saturday. I know it’s very frustrating and time consuming, but the Finish line is in sight for you. 😀😷

      1. Reine

        @Marc. I went to Philpost yesterday to check if there’s any mail for me. Unfortunately, there isn’t. The guy from the post office said that it MIGHT be already be in Manila. They said that no mail deliveries came from Manila since ECQ here in Pampanga where I live. They asked for my number to give me an update if ever they receive something for me. Still hoping that it’s just in Manila waiting to be distributed to provinces, rather than having to wait for IRS to re-issue the check and to wait another 4 weeks for it to get to my dad’s address, also saving my dad the hassle of sending it to me here in the Philippines. I don’t have the option having it DD as I no longer have a US bank account. If only they can DD to a foreign account that would be easier.

        1. Marc

          @Reine. Thanks for the update. A few weeks ago I did the same thing with my local Post Office here (Cavite). I was told same as you. I keep an eye on the USPS website. I will post if there are any changes.😀😷

        2. Marc

          @Reine. Hi again, I don’t think our EIP checks ever left the USA. I think the IRS Mailed them as scheduled, but were placed on a 30 day hold, by the USPS, because of the temporary suspended International Service to the Philippines. Based on the timing of the suspension, and Annalisa’s posted information, that’s why I think this. I think the IRS will (any day) will receive your Returned Check and Reissue you a check to the US address you gave them. I too hoped it might be in Manila, but I gave up that possibility because of Annalisa scheduled payment date. 🤔😷

  294. Marc

    @Adam. Within the USPS website after further digging, I found that some countries could be entered into a application embedded within the website. I scrolled through the countries listed and found information for Columbia’s Mail Delivery status. I did come across a link pertaining to 4/72. The website is in Spanish but might give you a clue about what’s going on there regarding mail delivery (?)
    It seems we now have to become Cyber Detectives to get answers from Government. 😀😷

    1. Haha. Thanks Marc. I will look into it tomorrow. Appreciate you sharing so much.

  295. Marc

    IRS FAQ UPDATE: After my daily ritual of checking the GMP application, I took a quick glance for any FAQ updates (Link Below). SCROLL DOWN TO “Payment Status”, and look at “How long will it take for my payment status or payment date to change”? [My] SUMMARY: Some people who entered their BANK INFORMATION more than TWO WEEKS AGO, may Not Have Received a Payment Date. (* CAPS used for emphasis)….We are working to resolve these issues. Keep checking the GMP application…Blah, Blah,Blah. Here’s the link:
    Nothing surprises me anymore 🤔 😷

  296. Brian

    In Bangkok…have not received anything regarding my stimulus check. I did, however, just receive my primary absentee ballot that was supposed to be returned to the US by May 19th! It seems the mail is running just a bit slow……..

    1. Brian

      Update: Received the special letter today. The IRS somehow sent it to my filed 2018 street address and my 2019 city and zip code. It went to the old street address. Kudos to the Thai post for figuring it out. Check is still out there somewhere.

      1. Ingrid

        Hi Brian, I am also in Bangkok and received my special letter today but no check. It was sent out May 8th. Guess I’ll have to keep waiting! What do you plan to do with the check here in Thailand? I am hoping I can scan and deposit through my bank app but happy to know if you have any other suggestion.

        1. Brian

          Hey Ingrid,

          I will use my Wells Fargo app. Ive already tried it with a bank draft and it worked no problem. And, my GMP changed today from mailed on May 1st to enter bank info. Something went wrong with that though, so Ill try again tomorrow.

  297. Kass

    More new info on the IRS site:
    “Get My Payment shows that my payment was issued but I never received it. How do I get a new one.
    If Get My Payment shows your Payment was issued but you have not received it and it has been more than 5 days since the scheduled deposit date (or more than 4 weeks since it was mailed by check (6 weeks if you have a forwarding address on file with the local post office; 9 weeks if you have a foreign address)), you should initiate a trace on your Payment by calling the IRS at 800-919-9835 or you may submit Form 3911 (PDF). If you call, please be advised that you may experience long wait times or recorded assistance due to limited staffing. If you submit the form and you are Married Filing Joint, both spouses must sign the form.”

    So they’re finally addressing those of us with foreign addresses! So if your check was mailed on 24 April, expect it 26 June. May 1st = July 3rd, etc. Well, I guess that something at least… :/

      1. dee

        Hey Kass

        That’s a really helpful bit of knowledge. Thanks a million.

    1. Marc

      @Kass😀. Very encouraging for those of [us] with a Foreign Address. I agree at least the IRS is addressing problems with Foreign Addresses! Unfortunately, for me (and many others) who live in a country on a USPS Temporary Suspension of International Mail, will have to wait for the check to be RETURNED TO THE IRS, before any action can be taken. Hopefully by now, those with scheduled payment dates April 24, May 01, and May 08, are now within the “window” to have a Trace started, or afforded the opportunity to provide our Direct Deposit information on the website application. *But even that seems to have it’s own New Wrinkles. 🤔. Good luck to all, and please keep posting your experience with the EIP / IRS (good and bad), so that we can learn a little more from eachother. 😀

    2. James

      Thanks Kass! This is similar to what the representative told me over the phone and now it makes sense — I was advised that while I could place a trace on my check, I should give it a little more time. (She insinuated until the beginning of July 2020.) I was told to keep checking the portal for further information as well.

  298. james culloton

    I am a Social Security pension recipient living in Mexico. My direct deposit is with Bank of America in the U.S. Where´s my payment now says that they are still waiting for more information. Several weeks ago, I sent an email to the IRS using their site. The site said that I would receive a response in 96 hours. I am still waiting. I sent an email to one of my senators asking for help. That was two months ago and I am still waiting. Today I left a voice mail for my other senator. I doubt if I get a response.

    1. Marc

      Hi James Culloton. This might sound like a little play on words here. Please hear me out. I think you mean “Get My Payment” (GMP) application on the IRS Website. Now, here’s where the exact wording matters. Does the GMP APPLICATION say exactly: “Need more information”? If your answer is Yes, then that means that the IRS, is asking YOU to provide your Bank of America Account Information. [ROUTING NUMBER AND ACCOUNT NUMBER]. I thought that the IRS was supposed to get that information from the SSA automatically, but I’ve read so many different stories about problems with the IRS and US Postal Service. Another option for you is to call the EIP hotline: +18009199835. I recommend that you use Skype, because that’s Free. But, be prepared for a long waiting time, up to 2 hours.

  299. Lala

    I learned on the phone the reason I have not received the economic impact payment is that IRS declared my SS# “not eligible for employment” or “invalid” . Kind of funny, because I am a US citizen, and I did work in the US using my SS#. I am now in Europe, there are no IRS offices overseas since 2015, the US offices are virus-closed.
    No IRS agent was able to tell me on the phone where to complain, how to rectify the error in the IRS database.

    SSA said that my # is all right with them, but I could file for a new #. I would hate to do this, because it would
    destroy my good, several-decade-long credit history.

    Any idea from the kind readership of this blog?

    1. Marc

      @ Lala: Below is a link to the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Outside the US:
      SCROLL DOWN TO: Other Items of Potential Interest; [SUBTITLE] INTERNATIONAL TAXPAYER ADVOCATE. There you might find TOLL FREE NUMBERS, and speak to someone about your specific situation.
      Happy Hunting 😎😷😁

  300. Marc

    @Lala: Based on the info you provided, I’m going to assume: You were not able to login to the Get My Payment (GMP) application; And you filed your 2019 Return by mail. *I’m assuming this because your SSN# is REQUIRED for GMP, and Electronic Filing (to be accepted by the IRS). The IRS has not provided a date they will begin to process paper income tax returns. I have read a couple of posts, articles and IRS FAQ’s, where the IRS has acknowledges that they have database problems, and are working to fix them. I agree with your decision regarding changing your SSN number and after your call with the SSA. This clearly sounds like [to me] an IRS Database problem. I can only suggest 3 possible solutions for you: Try calling again (2 weeks), and ask to speak to a Supervisor (maybe an internal inquiry might be started). Correspond by mail, providing a copy of a 2018 Return through the Taxpayers Adovacate’s Office. * I went that route before, and they were very helpful. CONSIDER (as a last resort) Identity Theft procedures. With a little more details about your situation (No Personal Information), maybe we can collectively refer you to a better option. Looking forward to your reply. 😀😷

    1. Lala

      Thank you for your help , Marc !
      This is what I have filed so far, all electronically.
      10/14/2019: 2018 return, accepted
      03/09/2020: extension to 2019 return, accepted.
      04/16/2020: non-filers’ : accepted.
      It must have been a mistake on my part, but I wanted to communicate my banking number.
      05/13/2020: 2019 return, rejected, “already filed” (since the non-filers’ generated a dummy 2019 return)

      I planned to file an amended 2019 return on paper to show them that I was much below the upper limit for the economic impact payment.
      But I learned during my 10th phone call to IRS that they do not want to pay since they deemed my SS# “not eligible for work in the US”. If I were in the US AND the IRS offices were open, I would just show my passport in the office. But I am in Europe.

      1. Marc

        Hi Lala, thank you for your reply 😀. I too attempted to (in April) to use the Non-Filer tool, in hopes of getting my Bank Account information to the IRS quickly. I was Rejected, because I had already filed my 2019 Return electronically, and here we are today. I believe that your situation needs Urgent Attention by the IRS. I think you might have a better chance with the Taxpayer Advocate Service, even though they too might give you a long waiting time on the phone. I hope they resolve this quickly for you, because this is their fault. Good Luck, and let us know what they say about this. 😀

  301. Michael

    I am a case 4 retiree living in Japan receiving SS monthly deposit to my US bank account but have yet to receive payment

    1. Kass

      I don’t think you will automatically receive the stimulus payment to your bank account even though your monthly SS goes to that bank account. You have to submit your bank information through “Get My Payment”. Other SS recipients in this thread have had the same problem. Even though they have your bank information, the IRS requires you to submit it either through a tax return or through the Get My Payment tool. Otherwise, you’ll get mailed a check.

    2. Marc

      Hi Michael 😀. Hopefully, by now you have received your Economic Impact Payment (EIP), by Direct Deposit or by Mail. IF your answer is NO, then please read on. You didn’t mention if you successfully logged on to the “Get My Payment ” (GMP). It’s my understanding that the IRS will use the information on your most Current SSA 1099. So, that’s the address you should use to login to the GMP (ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, and No Symbols #). Japan is not on the USPS International Mail Service Suspension List and More IRS Employee’s are returning to work (that’s the good news). After reading your post, I believe Question 57 (Q57) on the EIP Information Center FAQ, applies to you. Here’s the link:
      MY SUMMARY: To get your payment of 1,200, You Don’t need to do anything else. IF YOUR SPOUSE DID NOT Receive Federal Benefits in 2019, AND IS NOT Required to file a Federal Income Tax Return for 2019/2018 You May Provide Additional Information using the “NON-FILERS : ENTER PAYMENT HERE tool to Get Your EIP of 2,400 for you/ spouse plus Additional Amount IF YOU HAVE QUALIFYING CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 17.
      Another option is to call the EIP hotline* 18009199835. A Toll Fee call Might not be free in Japan; Therefore I recommend using Skype adding (+to that number) ie. +18009199835. Waiting time has improved. *Note that the first live person you speak with is a representative that will ask the Reason for your call. I suggest that you simply say: You would like to put a Trace on your payment, to get a quick transfer to an IRS Employee (that can actually help you). If the Representative asks, say that you were due a payment on 24 April, (and don’t mention SS Recipient, Until you speak to an IRS Employee). Hope this helps you, or anyone else.😀😷

      1. Marc

        **CORRECTION:. Last night I called the IRS hotline ( Wait time 1.5 hours). The difference was: THE PERSON WHO FINALLY ANSWERED WAS NOT A REPRESENTATIVE. This was an actual IRS Employee. She used her FULL NAME and EMPLOYEE ID NUMBER. *A REPRESENTATIVE will tell you NOT TO GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION, before they [the Representative] will transfer you to the IRS Employee. I just don’t want anyone to lie, and be put in an awkward situation over a tip that I posted. 🤔😷

  302. Bob Greite

    Shockingly good news and a very pleasant surprise today! As advised I’ve been checking my payment status on the GMP portal almost every day to see if my payment status had changed from the “we scheduled your payment to be mailed on April 24th…”, well today I checked again expecting the same old let down – but hey ho – a week and and a half after initiating a trace on my check with the IRS and being told it would take 6 weeks – the status changed to ‘We need more information” and allowed me enter my US bank direct deposit information!!))) Which I did so without hesitation or problems! It did ask for the AGI amount on my return and if I owed anything – and as it says on the FAQ site if you didn’t owe or get a refund, checked the I owed option (which I did not and then entered 0 for amount owed or refund amount – and my banking info – and presto – success!! So there is hope after all))))

    1. Kass

      Great news Bob! Thanks for letting us know.

    2. Marc

      @ Bob Griete. Thank you 😀! Your Post was Encouraging and Informative. You are the SECOND person with the same schedule date on the GMP PORTAL (or application) to confirm that it took a little over 7 WEEKS for the IRS to handle the USPS Temporary Suspension for International Service. Now that you have Successfully entered your DD information on the GMP, according to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), your status should change on the GMP and show a scheduled Bank Deposit Date on: Saturday 20 June. *I posted on this topic June 05. I’m not trying to Dampen your spirits; But be aware, that the IRS has already acknowledged THAT THERE ARE DELAYS IN DIRECT DEPOSIT. *I posted on this topic 10 June. Your information was Very Helpful Regarding the AGI /AMOUNT OWED TIPS.😀. *Another commenter [KASS – 04 June] provided us (in a reply to me), with more details on this topic. Thanks again for your time and help 😀!

  303. Una

    Living in Ireland…trying to check my status on the Get My Payment and not working. How do I enter my street address, I live in the country so there is no real street addresses to enter. I have a social security number and receive social security benefits into my bank directly but haven’t received anything yet. Please help!!

    1. Marc

      Hi Una. Your Social Security benefits (as you stated), are being Deposited into your U.S. Bank Account (?). Somehow, you are able to withdraw the money from that Bank Account. How exactly does the ATM card get to your address, when it expires? If the SSA provided your information to the IRS; then theoretically, the IRS would have the same address as your US Bank does. Another option (very time consuming, but might be necessary). Call the EIP hotline. +18009199835 (use the + sign if calling using Skype, it’s Free). When you get through to an IRS Agent, ask to verify your mailing address, as well as any of your other concerns. Good Luck 😀😷

    2. vasili0s

      It takes a few weeks for the aforementioned page to actually get updated accordingly, after process. Mine kept showing the ‘unable to find payment’ up until 2wks in, when a deposit date was ultimately published.

      My father being an SSI recipient and living in Greece has also, not received their direct deposit (hasn’t filed taxes in years). These groups just have to play the waiting game (per the irs website). Patience, its the federal gov’t after all 😀

  304. Kass

    Hi Una,

    I’m not sure how to handle this, but the address the IRS is using to check you identity is the address you used on your 2019 tax returns (or 2018 if you haven’t filed 2019 yet). So however you entered your address and post code (not town name) on that return would be what they’re looking for. If you didn’t file 2018 or 2019 taxes, I have no idea. Sorry. But someone here will be able to advise you I’m sure!

    If you are a SS recipient, you will not get the stimulus money in your bank account even if you get social security that way. The only way you’ll get the money in your account without having to do anything is if you got a tax refund in 2018 or 2019 and they direct deposited it into your bank account. Otherwise, you have to give them the information. And for most of us Expats here, by the time we were able to login to Get My Payment, they’d already mailed our checks (although we haven’t gotten them yet).

    If you take a look up the comments, I know some Social Security recipients have commented. I’m sure their information would be valuable to you. Also the FAQs here may give you more information:

    1. Marc


    1. Marc

      **Please be aware that the previous link published by the SSA, requires you to download a . PDF File.**. You might be better off getting more accurate and updated information on the IRS Economic Impact Payment, Frequently Asked Questions Page, for ease of readability. 😀😷

  305. Marilyn Dunning

    Thank you for posting all this valuable information! I do have an issue that seems unaddressed here: my request to receive the stimulus payment has been systematically rejected 8 times because it says that my date of birth does not match their files! I tried calling the IRS (from France on 1 800 829 1040. I was initially on hold for 10 minutes and then got to explain birth date rejection problem. He told me this has happened quite frequently and told me he’d transfer my call to someone who could help me investigate the problem. I remained on hold for 32 minutes…and then was simply disconnected. I also tried calling the Soscial Security Administration on 1 800 772 1213. Again on hold for over 10 minutes, I spoke with a man who took down my phone details an told me they were registered in the system & that someone would call me back in an hour’s time. 12 hours later, no one has called me back. I do not make a lot of money. I file French tax returns and have been told I am not obliged to file US tax returns because of agreements between the two countries. I believe the last US tax return I filed goes back to the late 80s. I am hiding nothing, just following tax advice I’ve been given. And so, I used the IRS non-filer’s online application…and the only problem is I cannot find out what birth date they seem to have on record for me. Can you help with this issue please?

    1. Hi Marilyn. Unfortunately, it sounds like you may just need to keep trying to call. I understand it is possible to get a tax record from the irs site but you have to have a US phone for a text confirmation. Try calling and hoping for a helpful person and shorter wait. Good luck!