Where to Get Sunset Drinks? – Top 10 Best Places to Have Sunset Drinks in Cartagena, Colombia

Overlooking the Caribbean Sea, it’s no surprise Cartagena has some stunning sunsets.  Watching the sunset in Cartagena is a must during your visit, and doing it with a refreshing drink is even better, especially after a day exploring in the sun.  Read on for a list of the top 10 best places to have sunset drinks in Cartagena.

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A photo of two drinks on a table with the bay of Cartagena beyond and the sky lit up with the colors of sunset taken from Club de Pesca, on our list of places to get sunset drinks in Cartagena.
You can’t beat a cold drink with a great view! Read on for our list of the best places to see the sunset in Cartagena.

Sunset Drinks in Cartagena

You really can’t go wrong anywhere where there is a view of the sunset in Cartagena.  However, we’ve done some hard work scouting out some of the best places to enjoy sunset drinks in Cartagena.  All are great options.  So in no particular order, here are the best places to watch the sunset in Cartagena with a drink.  One note of warning:  so close to the equator, the sun does go down quickly, so make sure you don’t miss it!

1.  Cafe del Mar


Cafe del Mar, is one of the most famous bars in Cartagena, sitting atop the city’s iconic wall and sporting a terrific and charming view of the ocean.  Really a visit to Cartagena isn’t complete without a visit to Cafe del Mar, and the best time to do it is at sunset.

Cafe del Mar has an extensive drink menu.  I recommend their extra creamy Piña Colada and refreshing Gin and Tonic.  If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic drink, they also have one of the best Limonada de Cocos in the city.

Cafe del Mar also has a rotating food menu with some very good picadas.  If you are there on a day they have the Fantasia del Mar, a mix of seafood al ajillo (butter and garlic sauce), you’re in luck as it is delicious and perfect for two.  Their main picada is also a delicious mix of chicken, beef, and sausage in a sort of Thai peanut sauce.

Do be aware that it is an extremely popular spot to grab sunset drinks in Cartagena, and the best seats along the wall are prime real estate, often even reserved on weekend nights.  So try to get there early or consider making a reservation yourself by calling ahead or doing so via their website.  (Note, I haven’t tried the web reservation, so you may be better off by calling to be safe you get one of the tables along the wall).

If you’re on budget, you can also check out “Café de al Lado,” the section of the wall just beside Cafe del Mar.  Although they’ve cracked down on this a bit recently, you can still find street beers and enjoy the view sitting atop the wall or cannons just outside the bar.

2.  Rooftop Bar at Hotel Movich

Photo of the rooftop bar at Hotel Movich, a great place for where to enjoy sunset drinks in Cartagena, with the cathedral, bay, and skyline.
With views of the ocean, Old Town, Bocagrande, and the bay, Hotel Movich’s Rooftop Bar is another top choice for where to have sunset drinks in Cartagena.

The rooftop bar at Hotel Movich also easily makes the list of best places to see the sunset in Cartagena.  Located a block away from Plaza Bolívar, it is centrally located and not only gives a great view of the sunset but of the bay and all the Walled City.

Movich’s rooftop bar is open to the public, although it is occasionally closed for events like weddings at the hotel and seating is limited, so do get there a bit early.

They have a solid drink menu with a few original concoctions and all the classics.  A bit pricey, the awesome view more than makes up for the premium.  They also have a food menu.  I’ve had appetizers there, and they were great.  However, I haven’t tried any of their entrees, but I imagine they are great as well.

It’s worth treating yourself here as one of the best places to enjoy sunset drinks in Cartagena.  Learn more at their website.

3.  El Muelle

Photo of the sunset over the beach from El Muella, another one of the best places to see the sunset in Cartagena.
From the tables on the beach or the deck, El Muelle offers a spectacular view of the sunset.

Located right on the beach in Laguito, the sun sets directly in front of El Muelle.  That lands it next on our list of best places for sunset drinks in Cartagena.

While you can see the sunset from most places along the beach, vendors and/or paying for chairs can be a pain.  However, El Muelle has tables and lounge chairs both on the beach and on the upstairs deck.  That way you can enjoy the sunset in peace without being harassed

It also has a cool, chill, and traditional Cartagena atmosphereThe seafood is also excellent if you are looking to get dinner after your sunset drinks.  I recommend the Siete Mares seafood soup, the fish filet served in lobster and crab sauce, or the filet served smothered in other seafood.

You should absolutely check out El Muelle if you’re looking for where to have sunset drinks in Cartagena.  Learn more at their website.

4.  Terraza Mirador La Heroica

Photo of a girl standing at the corner of the terraza with a palm tree beside her and the sun setting over the city behind her taken from La Heroica Terreza another one of the places where you can get sunset drinks in Cartagena.
Susana enjoying the sunset at La Heroica Terreza, the next place on our list of places to have sunset drinks in Cartagena.

Located on the rooftop of the Hotel Monterrey, straight across the promenade from the Clocktower in Getsemaní, the La Heroica Terraza offers an incredible panoramic view of the Walled City and the plaza in front of the Convention Center.  Therefore it’s no surprise it also offers an incredible sunset view, landing it on our list of best places to have sunset drinks in Cartagena.

While the pool is only open to guests, the bar is open to the publicThe view is one of a kind in the city.  The sun does disappear behind the Convention Center near the end of its descent.  Still, seeing it on the way down and the city from this angle is absolutely worth it.

Learn more at their website.

5.  Club de Pesca

Photo of the bay with high rises across the water with pinks, reds, and blues of the sunset that make Club de Pesca one of the best places where to see the sunset in Cartagena.
Although the sun goes down behind the high rises, the beautiful colors of the sky and the bay still make Club de Pesca one of the best sunset views in Cartagena.

This one is maybe cheating since the sun’s final descent is blocked by buildings.  However, the view over the bay and the colors you’ll see in the clouds during sunset are as beautiful as any of the places you can get sunset drinks in Cartagena.

Club de Pesca is located next to the marina in Manga.  The restaurant is built on a corner of the colonial fort San Sebastián de Pastellito.  That adds to its charming atmosphere.

Although pricey, the food is top notch, so you could opt to stick around after sunset for dinner.  The cocktail prices are actually pretty reasonable.

You might want to make a reservation, especially if it’s the weekend.  If you’re going as a couple, try to get one of the two tables that are in the old cannon placementsThey are super exclusive and make you feel like you are having a private dinner as well as being right on the water.  (The picture at the top of the post is from one of these tables).

Learn more about Club de Pesca at their website.  They also an Aquabus, a private boat.  Rentable by the hour for groups, you can also have drinks and/or dinner here as well.  Of course if you plan to do it, sunset would be a great time!  Learn more about the Aquabus at this page.

*Club de Pesca also lands on our list of the best places for a romantic dinner in Cartagena.  Be sure to check out the full list at the link.

6.  El Baluarte

Photo of the bar at Baluarte, another top pick for where to catch sunset with drinks in Cartagena, with a domed lookout tower built atop the wall and the sun setting behind some clouds over the sea.
Atop a corner of the wall, El Baluarte is another great pick for places to catch sunset with drinks in Cartagena.

Less well known, and usually much less crowded, than Cafe del Mar, El Baluarte also sits atop the wall and makes a great place to see the sunset in Cartagena.  It also has slightly more reasonable prices, especially for food if you’re planning to have dinner after sunset.  There is also occasionally live music in the evening.

Located on the corner of the wall across from Hotel Charleston Santa Teresa and near the Naval Museum, El Baluarte is another great option for where to enjoy sunset drinks in Cartagena.

Learn more at their website.

7.  Santa Isabel Food Trucks

Photo fo the sun setting above buildings across the by taken from the Santa Isabel Food Trucks, another one of the best places to see the sunset and have drinks in Cartagena.
Right on the bay, the Santa Isabela Food Trucks are another one of the best places to have drinks and see the sunset in Cartagena.

The Santa Isabel Food Trucks have become one of our new favorite spots in Cartagena.  Located on Calle Arsenal just down from the Convention Center, they are located right on the bay and have a spectacular view.

There’s a perfect view of the sunset over the baySeeing the bay and Old Town lit up in orange and pink makes this one of the best places to see the sunset in Cartagena.  (It’s also one of our budget recommendations on our list of best places to have a romantic dinner in Cartagena).

For drinks, there’s a truck serving up beers and cocktails.  However, I’d recommend going for the sangria at the sandwich and wine truck next to it.  Enjoying the refreshing sangria is a great combo with the sunset!

For food, there are burger, pizza, seafood, Mexican, sushi, and sandwiches on offer.  Everything we’ve tried there has been good and fairly reasonably priced.  Santa Isabel is a great place to catch the sunset, have dinner, and do some pre-gaming before hitting one of the nightclubs along Calle Arsenal or elsewhere in Getsemaní.

Note that the food trucks are closed on Mondays but open at 5 pm the rest of the week.  You can learn more about the Santa Isabel Food Trucks at their facebook page.

8.  Selina

Photo of the sun setting over Cartagena's bay taken from Selina, another place on our list of where to see the sunset in Cartagena.
Selina’s view of the bay makes it another great option on our list of places to see the sunset in Cartagena.

Another hotel rooftop, the terraza bar at Hotel and Hostel Selina is also a great spot.  On Calle Larga in Getsemaní, it is another option for where to have sunset drinks in Cartagena.

Selina is part of a chain of hostels, hotels, and lodges aimed primarily at world travelers and digital nomads.  They offer a co-working space in addition to dorms and privates.  Therefore, if you’re working on the road, it would also make a great place to stay.  Or just spend a day working before unwinding with a drink at sunset.

Regardless of if you stay there, the rooftop bar is open to the public.  It’s a great place to have a relaxing drink and conversation with friends while watching the sunset.  In addition to drinks, there is also food available.

Learn more about Selina at their website.

9.  Townhouse

The sun setting behind some buildings at a photo taken from Townhouse, next on our list of best places for sunset drinks in Cartagena.
Despite being lost behind buildings at the very end, the sunset at Townhouse is still beautiful.

The rooftop bar at Townhouse Hotel is in a brilliant central location inside the walled city.  Since it’s not the tallest building, you will unfortunately miss the final descent of the sun behind other buildings, but it’s still a great spot to see its early descent and enjoy the cool dusk breeze and colors in the clouds.

The bar is very cool and has some very cool cocktail concoctions.  In addition to the creative mixes and great names, each one has a funny little graphic on the menu.  I like the Power Couple blend of bourbon and rum, but the Bananarama also looks great.

There’s also food on offer here.  While we haven’t tried it, we’ve been very tempted by the smells coming from neighboring tables.

To go with the very cool atmosphere, you can even use the small pool if you spend 50,000 pesos (less than 15 USD).  Named one of 2018’s Top 10 Hotel Bars in all the Americas it definitely qualifies for our list of best places to have sunset drinks in Cartagena.

Learn more about Townhouse’s rooftop bar at their website and their facebook page.

10.  Casa de la Cerveza

Photo taken from Casa de la Cerveza, another place on our list of where to see the sunset in Cartagena, with the sun setting behind a pirate ship.
The view over the bay from Casa de la Cerveza also puts it on our list of the best places to see the sunset with drinks in Cartagena, especially when you get lucky enough to see the pirate ship pass by.

Atop the colonial fortifications that overlooked the entrance to Getsemaní, Casa de la Cerveza (Beer House) has a brilliant locationIt overlooks the city’s main bay on one side (the side where the sun sets) and the inlet leading up to the Castillo San Felipe Fortress on the other.

However, the prices here are exaggerated at best.  A standard Aguila or Club Colombia will set you back nearly double where you can find them elsewhere (and more like 3 times what you’ll pay in a tienda or on the street).  There are a few Colombian craft beers available, but again the prices are higher than elsewhere.  (If you’re really looking to sample good beers, check out our post on places to get craft beer in Cartagena).

That being said, if you want to enjoy the sunset in Cartagena with an overpriced beer but a very nice view, Casa de la Cerveza might still be worth the visit.  Enjoy the view, have one beer, get your beautiful picture or selfie, then head elsewhere, like the aforementioned Santa Isabel Food Trucks or Selina for more reasonably priced drinks and grub.

You can learn more about Casa de la Cerveza at their website.

There you have it, our choices for the top 10 places to have sunset drinks in Cartagena.  If you have a favorite, or feel like we’ve left a place off, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Ready to plan your sunset viewing excursion to Cartagena?

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