After talking about it for months, we finally did the Sibarita Express Cartagena Sunset Cruise when my mom visited recently.  We were not disappointed.  This Cartagena harbor cruise takes you out to the edge of the bay to watch the sun go down over the ocean and includes an open bar.  It’s a fabulous way to do a Cartagena harbor tour.  Read on for a complete review of the Sibarita Sunset Cruise and how you can plan to do it yourself.

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Photo of some people sitting on the front of the Sibarita Sunset Cruise in Cartagena
We had a great time with our front row seats during our Cartagena boat sunset tour with Sibarita. Read on to learn more.

What to Expect on the Sibarita Cartagena Sunset Cruise

This Cartagena sunset cruise takes you out on Cartagena’s Bay to see the sunset over the Caribbean sea at the edge of the bay.  The entire boat tour of Cartagena bay takes about 90 minutes.

It includes an open bar with unlimited rum and coke, rum punch, lemonade, and water.  There are additional drinks and some snacks available for additional charges as well.

Sibarita also offers sunset cruises on their larger boat and dinner cruises (see below for more details).

Review – How Was the Sibarita Cartagena Sunset Cruise?

We decided to do this during my mom’s recent visit and invited Susana’s mom along as well.  While we have gone out on boat day trips tons of times, this was actually the first time we have done a sunset boat tour in Cartagena.  I was excited too because I also got to try out some cool new bamboo and green lens sunglasses my mom brought me.

We had a great time and thought it was absolutely worth it.  You get some good views of the city on your way out as the sun starts to go down, and the view of it setting over the Caribbean is gorgeous!  Seeing the city from the water at dusk on the way back is also very pretty.

In short, I highly recommend this Cartagena harbor tour as a great way to see the sunset, have some drinks, and spend some time on a boat!

View of the sunset during this Cartagena harbor boat tour.
After reaching the edge of the bay, you’ll get to see this beautiful sunset over the Caribbean.

The only drawbacks were there are limited drink options, especially if you’re looking for non-alcoholic drinks.  While there is a cheaper price for children under 12, it would also be nice if there was a cheaper no alcohol price for those under 18 or those over 18 who won’t be partaking.

By the way, for reference, I thought the rum punches were made much stronger than the rum and cokes.  The rum and cokes were like 1 part rum, 5 parts coke, classic open bar trick.

However, the price is pretty reasonable, and unless you have a good friend with a boat, you won’t get to see the sunset on a boat in Cartagena for cheaper.  Even if you’re not trying to get your money’s worth with the open bar, I think you’ll feel you got a good value solely for the sunset from a boat.

There also are not enough tables for every party if it is fully booked.  We got there just before departure and were unable to get a table.  We got some puffs on the front of the boat instead.

This actually wasn’t so bad since we were at the front and had a great 180 degree view (plus we were right next to the bar), but if you want a table, especially on the top level (you will get a much better view here), I recommend getting there a bit early.

The only other thing I’d say to keep in mind is the Sibarita Express boat, the one we took, isn’t that big so you do feel a bit of chop at times.  It’s not too bad, but if you’re particularly sensitive to a bit of rocking, you may want to check out the larger Sibarita Master boat.

Verdict? – Highly Recommended

I was glad we finally got around to doing this.  It was also a great activity to do with my mom and Susana’s mom.  I also think it would be great for families and all ages.  While there was the open bar, it wasn’t a wild booze/party cruise.

So, in conclusion, I’d highly recommend this Cartagena sunset boat tour to anyone during their visit to Cartagena.

Photo of a group of people enjoying this Cartagena sunset harbor tour.
One last shot of us enjoying our sunset cruise in Cartagena’s bay. Highly recommended during your time in Cartagena!

Ready to plan your Cartagena Sunset Cruise?

Sibarita offers sunset cruises on the smaller Sibarita Express (the one we did) and the larger Sibarita Master.

They also offer dinner cruises aboard the Sibarita Express as well as a dinner cruise with sushi option on the Sibarita Master.  Both include 2 complementary glasses of wine.


  • Both sunset and dinner cruises are offered Wednesday through Sunday.
  • The boats depart from the docks diagonal from Cartagena’s Clocktower.
  • The sunset cruises depart at 5:00, while the dinner cruises depart at 7:30.
  • On all of the cruises, you will have to pay a 8,500 peso (approx. $3 usd) dock tax once on board.

Book Your Cartagena Harbor Cruise

There you have it, a complete review and guide to planning your Cartagena Sunset Cruise on the Sibarita Express.  If you are considering doing it yourself, I hope it helped you plan and you have a great time if you do go.

Cheers and Happy Exploring!

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