The Amazon isn’t just in Brazil.  The lesser known town of Leticia, Colombia lies along the Amazon river where the borders of Colombia, Brazil, and Peru meet.  Easily accessible by flight from inside Colombia, Leticia makes for a great place to see the natural wonders of the Amazon river and rainforest, and you can easily access Brazil and Peru.  Read on for a complete travel guide to Leticia, Colombia, including why you should visit, how to get there, what to do, and where to stay in Leticia, along with travel tips and a packing list.

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A man in a canoe on the Amazon River, one of the sights you may see if you visit Leticia.
The all mighty Amazon River is the highlight of a visit to Leticia. Read on for a complete travel guide to Leticia, Colombia.

Why You Should Visit Leticia

There’s something special about the allure of visiting the Amazon.  Truly one of mother Earth’s natural wonders, the river and the rainforest call to our wild and adventurous side.  A visit is something to be crossed off your travel goals, life goals, bucket, or whatever you want to call it list.

We have been to Leticia twice.  Susana and I went in July 2016 and we returned recently in July 2019 with my mom, who wanted to go for all the reasons listed above.  We really enjoyed it both times!

While your first thought of visiting the Amazon probably leads you to Brazil, Leticia is also a wonderful option.  Sporting less crowds and a little less tourist development, it offers a bit more of an authentic experience than the more popular destinations in Brazil.  Also, although Leticia itself is not deep in the forest, you can use it as a starting point to tour deeper, where deforestation has taken less of a toll than farther down the river in Brazil.

Even if you don’t choose to rough it and go on a trek deep into the forest, Leticia makes for a great place to visit and offers the opportunity of experiencing the natural wonder of the Amazon River and rainforest.  If you do decide to visit Leticia, read on.  In this travel guide to Leticia, you will learn how to get there, what to do, where to stay, travel tips, and a packing list for Leticia, Colombia.

How to Get to Leticia

Leticia is isolated from the rest of Colombia, sitting at the very edge of the borders with Brazil and Peru.  In fact, in the early 1930s, the area’s populace, feeling disconnected from the rest of the country, actually defected to Peru, setting off a short conflict between the two countries.  While it remains part of Colombia today, there is still no road through the jungle to Leticia.  To reach it, you have to fly from Bogotá or take a boat from Peru or Brazil.

Flights to Leticia

The Colombian airlines LATAM and Avianca both offer daily flights to Leticia out of Bogotá.  While you’ll have to check your dates, flights are usually very reasonably priced.

See flights to Leticia below and compare prices at below: