On December 6, 2021 Colombian President Ivan Duque announced all travelers entering Colombia will need to show proof of vaccination against Covid-19.

However, the requirement was changed in 2022.

Now, most travelers do not need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to enter Colombia, although there are some caveats.

Read on to learn about the new Colombia entry requirements for Covid vaccines, including finding out the answer to the question “Do you need a Covid vaccine to enter Colombia?”

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Clip art showing a vaccine certificate like you will have to show on Colombia entry requirements Covid.
Read on to learn about Colombia’s vaccine requirement to enter.

Is a Covid Vaccine Required to Travel to Colombia? – Colombia Travel Restrictions Update

As of December 14, 2021 yes, all international travelers entering Colombia as tourists needed to show proof of having been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Those Colombia entry requirements for Covid-19 vaccinations were announced by President Ivan Duque via Twitter on December 6, 2021. He stated these new Colombia vaccine requirements were based on recommendations from the Ministry of Health and due in part to a desire to maintain Colombia’s vaccine rate of 73%.

However, more recently, this requirement changed.

See the updated section below to learn what the current requirements for Covid vaccinations are in Colombia.

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Photo of vials of Covid-19 vaccines.
As of December 14, international tourists Colombia needed to show proof of being fully vaccinated to enter Colombia but the requirement recently changed.

Do I have to be vaccinated to enter Colombia?


Beginning in the Spring of 2022, Colombia dropped the requirement to be vaccinated against Covid to enter the country.

This decision was based on relatively high vaccination rates in Colombia and low virus case counts, as well as the desire to continue to promote tourism.

However, there is a bit of a catch, as you can see in the next section.

Photo of a teddy bear after getting vaccinated.
Come on, if Teddy can get vaxxed, so can you!

Do I Have to Do a Covid Test to Travel to Colombia?

Here’s the catch.

If you are vaccinated, you do NOT have to do any form of Covid test before traveling to Colombia.

If you are not vaccinated, you DO have to do a test.

It can be a PCR test within 72 hours before travel, or an antigen test within 48 hours before travel. Colombia is still turning away travelers who cannot show proof of being vaccinated or a test.

A few important notes/caveats:

  • Fully vaccinated means the full original dosages of the vaccines approved by the WHO (usually 2 pokes, or 1 for the J&J vaccine) and completed at least 14 days for travel. Boosters are not necessary.
  • The windows for testing are based on your departure time, not your arrival time in Colombia.
  • If you are not vaccinated or completed vaccines within the 14 days and do not have a test, you can be denied entry to the country.

FAQs for Colombia Covid-19 Vaccine Entry Requirements

Below are some common questions about the Covid vaccine requirement for travel to Colombia.

Are you sure I don’t need a test if I am fully vaccinated?

The original statement from the Ministry of Health was a bit ambiguous on this and it caused some confusion initially on whether fully vaccinated travelers also needed to do the test.

However, the decree here, clearly says you do not need a test if you are vaccinated in section 4.2. So no, if you are vaccinated, you do not need a test.

Photo of one hand holding a vaccine vial and another a test tube.
It is not necessary to have a negative test to enter Colombia if you are fully vaccinated based on the Health Minister’s statement.

Do Children have to be vaccinated or complete a test to enter Colombia?


The rules make clear they apply only to adults 18 and up.

That could change as vaccines become more readily available for children, but for the time being, neither proof of vaccination status or a negative test is required for minors entering Colombia.

Is the 72 or 48 hours for a test based on departure or arrival time?

The decree states departure.

What are the requirements for entry if I am coming on a cruise?

The requirements are the same.

For a while, they had adopted a policy that required a test even if you were vaccinated. However, the more recent rules have dropped that requirement and adopted the same as for entry to the country by air: vaccine or test, not both.

If I am flying to Colombia for a connection, do I have to be vaccinated and/or provide a test result?


The original December 14 decree did not require those that were connecting in Colombia to show proof of a vaccine or test, only those that formally entered the country by passing through immigration.

However, the more recent decrees clearly reference that it also applies to those only entering Colombia for international connections.

Photo of a hand holding a passport in an airport.
Travelers connecting to other destinations also must abide by these vaccine requirements for Colombia.

Are there any other requirements to enter Colombia?

The only other Covid related requirement is the Check-Mig form (which can be accessed here), which asks about exposure to Covid.

This form is notoriously problematic, but your airline will certainly ask to see it.

Lots of people have problems with it, so I recommend not waiting until the last minute (for example, we have been in the airport and Susana has had to do it on my phone since it wouldn’t save on hers).

It’s frustrating, but I don’t have any better advice than to try it before hand on multiple devices if necessary. There is also an alternative link to the Check-Mig form here if the main site is down (many thanks to reader Charles Meador for sharing this link from the US embassy site!).

Other than that, there are no other special travel requirements to Colombia from Covid aside from normal ones, like if you are from a small handful of countries that you need a visa from to visit as a tourist.

Clip art of a passport for entry requirements to Colombia Covid vaccine.
In addition to your vaccine proof or test results, you also need to fill out the Check-Mig form to enter Colombia.

Are there other restrictions in Colombia right now due to Covid?

Practically everything is open and operating at full capacity in Colombia.

Mask mandates have been lifted in most outdoor and public spaces in Colombia.

However, depending on case counts there are some mechanisms that still allow for renewed masking requirements in certain places like banks and supermarkets, although enforcement is generally scant at this point.

Airlines in Colombia are also still likely to require masks.

My advice is when in Rome, do as the Romans, or I guess when in Colombia, do as the Colombians. If most locals around you are wearing the mask, probably just better to wear it.

Photo of a mask with a syringe and vials on top of it.
Mask mandates have been lifted in most places in Colombia.

Colombia Covid Vaccine Entry Requirements Summary

A quick review of the new requirement to be vaccinated to enter Colombia:

  • All travelers can show a vaccine certificate completed 14 days before travel to enter the country. In this case, a test in not required.
  • Unvaccinated travelers, or those that have not completed vaccination 14 days before travel can show a PCR test 72 hours before travel or an antigen test 48 hours before travel.
Clip art of a person holding a Covid vaccine certificate on their phone to meet the Colombia Covid Vaccine requirement for travel.
You must be vaccinated or complete a test to enter Colombia.

Covid Vaccination Requirement to Enter Colombia Conclusion

So, at least for the time being, vaccination against Covid-19 is not required to travel to Colombia.

However, if you are vaccinated, you can avoid the unpleasant swabbing for a test. Should some radical new variant or wave strike (please, no!), it’s possible this will change, but fingers crossed that won’t be the case.

Cheers and Safe Exploring!

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  1. Tim

    FYI the vaccine card need to be PHYSICAL, not a photo of your card. Airline just turned me around because of that.

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    I find it ironic that individuals would encourage others to take anything without knowing what is actually in the vaccines. The drug manufacturers themselves won’t fully release what is in the vaccines for 50 years! So much for informed consent. I will say this, the devil certainly has many willing to do his bidding, “for the greater good,” such evil words, just like, “I’m from the government I’m here to help…” I fear only God. Now I have to cancel my trip to Colombia, this should be fun, hopefully the insurance takes care of everything. Brazil, here I come!

    1. Adam McConnaughhay

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      1. Frank

        This is a very weak argument, and I fail to understand why people attempt to utilize it ad nauseam. No one is asking anyone to use Gillette deodorant or Calphalon in order to live their lives. There is no comparison between those things and the mRNA injections.

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      Totally agree with you. A lot of very places anyways.

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    Yes support medical apartheid , and become a slave . Most of the people getting sick in hospitals in Israel 99 percent vaccinated are vaccinated. So they say trust in science. So you ask where is the science. Pfizer says it’s sealed for55 years to know what’s inside these things.

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