Most Charming Cartagena Boutique Hotels

With colonial beauty and gorgeous architecture, a boutique hotel in Cartagena, many of which are in former colonial mansions, is a great choice for where to stay on a visit.

Staying in one of the best boutique hotels in Cartagena really allows you to capture the magic of the fascinating history and charm of Cartagena. If you close your eyes, you may very well be able to imagine yourself back in the 17th or 18th century.

Luckily, there is no shortage of Cartagena boutique hotels to choose from to get that full, immersive experience in the charm and romance of the historic city.

If you want to enjoy a truly charming stay during your visit, read on to see this list of the 11 best Cartagena boutique hotels to learn which boutique hotel in Cartagena, Colombia is best for you.

Photo of a street in Cartagena with the Cathedral dome at the end and some of the best Cartagena boutique hotels nearby.
Colonial charm means the many Cartagena boutique hotels are lovely. Read on to see which Cartagena boutique hotel is the best choice for you.

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Best Boutique Hotels in Cartagena – Introduction

If you’re planning a trip to Cartagena, stop and ask yourself why you were drawn to this gem on Colombia’s Caribbean coast?

Perhaps it was the lovely beaches in Cartagena or the nearby Rosario Islands. Perhaps it was some combination of the vibrant culture, the terrific food and restaurants, and the fun Cartagena nightlife.

However, surely the lovely and charming colonial era atmosphere was a part of why you chose to visit Cartagena!

That charm and the vibrant culture is why Cartagena is without a doubt one of the best cities in Colombia for travelers. It’s also best complemented by a stay at one of the best Cartagena, Colombia boutique hotels.

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Photo of an empty street next to the best boutique hotels in Cartagena.
It’s tough to beat the charm of Cartagena’s colonial city! Read on to learn about the best boutique hotels in Cartagena to make your stay as charming as possible!

Cartagena was an important seat of Spanish commercial and military power, as the massive Castillo San Felipe Fort, the city’s walls, and the gorgeous churches like that of San Pedro Claver attest.

Just strolling it’s narrow, historic, and flower draped balcony streets will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time.

Picturesque, flower covered balconies, colorful exteriors, incredibly high ceilings, and lovely tall wooden doors with elaborate knockers characterize the former mansions of the colonial era aristocracy and merchants.

Their former homes are where you’ll find many of the best boutique hotels in Cartagena, and staying in one of the lovely Cartagena boutique hotels is truly the best way to capture the essence of Cartagena.

Photo of a stone watch tower in the wall of Cartagena with the sea in the background near the best Cartagena boutique hotels.
Along with the mansions that house many of the best boutique hotels in Cartagena, the city’s walls stand as a testament to its importance in the colonial era.

Many of the best boutique hotels in Cartagena de Indias not only have that lovely colonial charm and great intimate feeling of a smaller hotel, but some of them are downright opulent.

In fact, you’ll find on this list of the best Cartagena boutique hotels a former home of a count and one owned by an archbishop.

Many of the best boutique hotels in Cartagena not only have gorgeous furnishings but also lovely rooftop pools with amazing views, perfect for enjoying some time relaxing.

Some have a bit more of a modern touch, while others have more of a classic look where you’ll feel transported back to the 18th century.

They all offer an intimate feeling and great, personalized service.

Photo of a girl in the corner of a rooftop pool with the cathedral behind her at a best boutique hotel Cartagena.
One of the best things about many of the best Cartagena boutique hotels are the views and rooftop pools (this is at #2 on the list below).

Most of the best boutique hotels are in Cartagena’s Walled City, while I have also included one more budget friendly option in neighboring Getsemaní, another colonial neighborhood.

That means they are close to most of Cartagena’s major attractions (see lots of ideas for what to do here). You can easily walk to many of Cartagena’s best restaurants and cafes.

They are great for a romantic getaway, a solo trip, traveling with friends, or even families.

I honestly think staying in one of these Cartagena boutique hotels is by far the best choice for nearly all travelers.

Photo of a doorway at one of the best boutique hotels Cartagena.
It’s tough to beat the charm of Cartagena, which you’ll find on display at the best boutique hotels in Cartagena without a doubt.

Regardless, of which of these charming Cartagena boutique hotels you choose for your stay, you’re sure to feel not only pampered like the aristocracy of old, but also feel even more immersed in the colonial charm of Cartagena.

I included only smaller properties on this list. You won’t find any big high rises are overly large hotels here.

If you’re looking for nice hotels with larger properties, you may also want to see this list of the top 11 luxury hotels in Cartagena. If you want a happy medium between slightly larger, luxury style hotels and a Cartagena boutique hotel, check out the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara and Charleston Santa Teresa from that list, both located in former colonial convents (#1 here makes both lists as by far the most luxurious hotel in all Cartagena).

For something beach front, check out this list of the best beach hotels in Cartagena.

I actually recommend for most travelers, opting to stay 4 or more nights in the city in one of these top Cartagena boutique hotels and complementing it with a stay of 1-3 nights at one of the best Rosario Islands hotels. It gives you the best of both worlds, being in the heart of the charming historic city and close to everything and getting out and enjoying the nicer beaches of the islands.

Photo of a balcony with flowers on it like you might see at a best boutique hotel Cartagena.
Cartagena’s lovely colonial era flower covered balconies go perfectly with these hotels boutique in Cartagena.

11 Best Boutique Hotels in Cartagena

So, without further ado, let’s get to this list of the top 11 best boutique hotels in Cartagena, Colombia!

This is a top 11 because, well, everyone does top 10s, 11 has a special significance for Cartagena since it declared its independence on November 11, 1811 (11/11/11), and I think you deserve just a bit more.

1. Casa San Agustín – The Best Luxury Boutique Hotel in Cartagena

The Casa San Agustín also kicks off my list of best luxury hotels, but it deserves to top the list of the best boutique hotels in Cartagena as well.

It is bit larger than some of the other places on this list since it is located in what used to be 3 large former colonial mansions.

However, it still feels like a small, intimate property. And, it is absolutely gorgeous and considered the not only the best boutique hotel in Cartagena’s walled city but the best hotel in Cartagena period.

The rooms here are absolutely gorgeous and the restaurant Alma is one of the best in the city (and is worth visiting rather you stay here or not).

This is the absolute finest hotel in Cartagena so if your budget permits it, this should definitely be your first choice for a Cartagena boutique hotel.

2. Casona del Colegio – Blend of Historic and Modern and Good Value

Casona del Colegio is in my opinion one of the best values in Cartagena.

It has a luxury quality that is very close very close to or even equal that of San Agustín, however at much more reasonable prices.

Susana and I actually treated ourselves to a little staycation here, and absolutely loved it (read a review here).

The room was gorgeous with a unique decoration (every room is decorated after a particular element of Colombian geography and culture), there is a great rooftop pool, and the drinks and food at the restaurant were top notch. Service was great as well.

For an especially romantic stay, consider booking one of the corner suites with private balcony jacuzzis at this boutique hotel in Cartagena. For prices similar to what you’d pay for a standard room at the very top end, “settling” for staying in one of those is well worth it. I can’t imagine a better and more romantic place to stay in Cartagena. If I could have changed the room we booked, I would have changed it to this one.

In short, I really think that this belongs as the second best boutique hotel in Cartagena, and it’s a much better value than San Agustín.

3. Hotel Quadrifolio – Another Opulent Cartagena Boutique Hotel

Next up on this list of the best boutique hotels in Cartagena is the Hotel Quadrifolio.

Set in a historic mansion, it still feels like one with its luxurious furnishings. You’ll feel like an aristocrat in its elegant rooms.

The architecture of this entire Cartagena boutique hotel is beautiful with high ceilings and windows that overlook the beautiful courtyard.

You can also enjoy the rooftop jacuzzi, and the hotel even has its own speedboat you can rent to visit the Rosario Islands or party it up at Cholón Island.

All of that combines to land it a deserved spot near the top of this list of best Cartagena, Colombia boutique hotels.

4. Casa Pestagua – Stay in a Count’s Former House

If you want to really feel like an aristocrat, why not stay in a house formerly owned by a Count?

The Casa Pestagua Relais Châteaux is set in a mansion built for the Count of Pestagua in the 18th century, during the late colonial period.

There are only 11 suites here, all of them with lavish furnishings truly fit for a count. The small size of this boutique hotel in Cartagena’s walled city also mean it has a very intimate and private feel.

You can enjoy the pool in the courtyard or the lovely spa, all while sipping champagne and snacking caviar and imaging yourself a true aristocrat.

This classy property is a more than worthy choice for a top boutique hotel in Cartagena and would make for a great stay.

5. Casa del Arzobispado – Former Home of the Archbishop

If a mansion where a Count lived doesn’t do it for you, how about one where an Archbishop lived?

The Casa del Arzobispado was once the colonial Archbishop’s residence. However, this church official didn’t appear to be one to give up worldly comforts and live in poverty.

There’s a beautiful courtyard here with vine draped balconies, and a lovely little pool that feels like an oasis in the heart of the city.

The rooms are also gorgeous with luxurious furnishings. It’s a charming place and another worthy choice for one of the best boutique hotels in Cartagena de Indias.

6. Casa de Alba – Where Francis Drake Stayed in Cartagena

We have already seen the home of a Count and an Archbishop on this list of the best hotel boutiques in Cartagena. How about one of a famous sailor (or pirate depending on who you ask) that was knighted by Queen Elizabeth of England?

Ok, maybe that’s cheating. Casa de Alba is located in the home where Francis Drake stayed when he occupied and sacked the city in 1586, not his actual home.

The home did belong to one of Cartagena’s wealthiest early merchants though.

Today, this former colonial home willingly opens its lovely inner courtyard with pool to paying guests. It has a great location in the heart of the Walled City, and the rooms are luxurious.

That makes it another great option amongst the best boutique hotels in Cartagena.

7. Bantu Hotel – Another Classy Boutique Hotel in Cartagena

Bantu Hotel is located in another gorgeous colonial era mansion. One of the unique things about this boutique hotel in Cartagena is that you can see the still exposed stone in its pretty and well furnished rooms.

The colorful decor here mixes well with the historic charm of the city and is sure to brighten your stay.

Upstairs, there is a nice size rooftop pool, while the inner courtyard has a pretty garden. Rooms are also very pretty.

That makes it another great choice for a boutique hotel in Cartagena.

8. Casa la Factoría – Good Value Boutique Hotel in Cartagena

Located not far from the Plazo Santo Domingo, Casa la Factoría is located in a gorgeous former home with pretty balconies overlooking the street below.

In fact, I think the photos from the balconies at this Cartagena boutique hotel in the Walled City are among the prettiest you can take. Perfect for a great memory or just filling your Insta feed with photos that make your friends and family jealous.

This area tends to be a bit quieter than the heart of the Walled City but is still within a short walk of plenty to do and see.

The rooms here have an elegant, modern decor to go with the colonial architecture of the building. There is also both a courtyard pool and a rooftop jacuzzi. Prices are also pretty reasonable.

Overall, it makes for a good value option for a boutique hotel in Cartagena, Colombia.

9. Casa Cordoba – Elegant Cartagena Boutique Hotel

The Casa Cordoba is set in a gorgeous colonial era home, complete with an amazing library. This boutique hotel in Cartagena will surely make you feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine.

I imagine sitting here and enjoying a coffee or a drink with the majestic book cases behind you will surely make you feel like you’re living the fine life. It would also make for some neat photos!

In addition to classily furnished rooms, there is a nice rooftop pool with a great view here.

It definitely deserves a place on this list of the best boutique hotels in Cartagena.

10. Casa Claver Loft – Amazing Rooftop Pool View

The Casa Claver Loft might have the neatest view of any rooftop pool in Cartagena.

It is located just beside the San Pedro Claver Church, and you can take in the pretty towers, rooftop, and dome of the cathedral up close from the pool.

The rooms are also pretty and cozily furnished.

Several of them are loft style apartments complete with full kitchens, making this a good boutique hotel in Cartagena for those who want apartment style accommodations, and may make the best boutique hotel for families in Cartagena.

You can’t beat the location of this boutique hotel in Cartagena either. So, especially for those traveling as a family or group, this makes a terrific choice for the best boutique hotel in Cartagena for your stay.

The Casa Lola Deluxe Gallery has a bright and lovely ambiance. In fact, this entire Cartagena boutique hotel doubles as an art gallery, which also sets it apart as one of the more unique boutique hotels in Cartagena.

It’s also a pretty good value. The rooms here are bright and lovingly decorated, each a piece of art in its own right. They aren’t quite as large or lavishly furnished as places higher on this list, but they are still absolutely charming to come home to after a day out exploring the colorful streets of Cartagena.

This is the only hotel on this list of the best Cartagena hotel boutiques that is located outside the Walled City. It is just outside it in the historic neighborhood of Getsemaní, and would definitely be my choice for the best of the Cartagena boutique hotels in Getsemaní.

And not to worry, there is a pretty decent rooftop pool here as well.

The combination of charm, uniqueness, and value, combine for this boutique hotel in Getsemaní to take the final spot on this list of the very best boutique hotels in Cartagena.

Photo of two people holding drinks up close with a rooftop pool at one of the best Cartagena boutique hotels and the cathedral in the background.
No matter which of these best Cartagena boutique hotels you choose, you’re sure to think it’s charming! So cheers to you!

Ready to book your stay at a boutique hotel in Cartagena?

There you have it, a guide to the top 11 boutique hotels in Cartagena.

You really can’t go wrong regardless of which Cartagena hotel boutique you choose.

I hope it helped you plan your stay, and I’d love for you to let me know which Cartagena, Colombia boutique hotel is your favorite in the comments below.

Cheers and Classy Exploring!

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